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  1. 1. Distributor
  2. 2. Distributor Distributors distribute information about movies to the public, they promote and create a buzz between the audience in order to gain popularity for the movie. Distributors are also responsible for distributing the movies to the audience, they make deals with cinemas for screening and also providing home screening by selling DVDs, Blue ray and on Demand. The 6 major film distributors are Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney. These companies also have their own production group. A well known independent movie distributor is Lionsgate who also produce produce movies. An independent distributor doesn't’t own any business other than distribution, many of the major distributor like 20th century fox have other medias such as News. Lionsgate have been successful with their distribution and is the top independent distributor, however many of the mini major distributors are bought by major companies in order make more revenue and have less competition.
  3. 3. Choice of movies for distributors Major distributors are more focused towards profit maximisation, for this reason they are likely to distribute movies which have wide audience such as action adventure movies which is related to teenagers and adults. Our movie is more focused towards drama which makes it less popular in the mainstream, for this reason distributors are less likely to choose our movie for distribution.
  4. 4. Our film We believe that our movie is appeals to audience in UK and other western countries. This is because of the setting we filmed in which is a an natural setting, many countries have parks like the one where we filmed. The characters clothing are mostly worn in western countries like UK and USA, scenes where they play football and use their smart phone are very relatable to teenagers. Even with all the style of clothing and location the root of the story line is about 2 character’s friendship, this will relate to almost anyone.
  5. 5. Marketing strategies Our film being more related to teenagers, promoting our movie by social media is the best way to gain attention and to create a buzz. We provide exhibition in colleges and host filming lessons for media students which will promote the movie. Hosting interviews and going to talk show will give us the ability to gain a wider audience. Releasing trailers on YouTube and having television ads will help to get possible audience interested.
  6. 6. Self distribution If you lack of contacts or friends to help distribution then self distribution is the best way to get attention from investors. By attending film festivals and screening your movie to possible investors there is chance that you might interest the right people. The pros of self distribution is that you will have full right to the movie and all its income however it can be a full time job trying to chase buyer and investors. Having full rights would mean you can do what you wish the film title and the movies, being self distributor would make it harder to strike deals because many buyers want to own a part of the movie and you would have to be strict and careful of what your signing.