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EDUC-W200 assignment

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World studies

  1. 1. Ashley Gilbert
  2. 2. Maps Europe South America Asia Africa Australia and Oceana North America AntarcticaClick on names of continent to go to mapClick on stars to go to page
  3. 3. Europe Languages49 languages are spoken in the Continent of Europe. This siteshows a list of languages and where they are spoken. Manydifferent cultures and traditions grace the European lands aswell. Countries and their Cultures115 different types of cultures are alive in Europe. This linkwill allow us to explore them. Back to Maps
  4. 4. South America LanguagesThere are more than 10 different languages spokenthroughout South America. Let’s take a look. Countries and thier CultureCulture of South America is very rich in families. ManySouth American people tend to be very close with theirfamily and spend a lot of time with them. Let’s see whatelse makes up the culture of South America. Back to Maps
  5. 5. Asia LanguagesLanguages spoken throughout Asia are some of thehardest to learn. See what languages are spoken in the50 different countries that make up this continent. Countries and their CulturesThere are 50 countries that make up Asia. Let see whatthey are and what their specialties are. Back to Maps
  6. 6. Africa LanguagesThere is an abundance of languages spoken in the countriesof this continent. What are they? Countries and their culturesThere are many different cultures and native tribes on thecontinent of Africa. What kind of cultures can you think ofthat are embraced by these countries? Let’s see what they are! Back to Maps
  7. 7. Australia and Oceana LanguagesAustralia is a mostly English speaking continent, butwhat about Oceana? Is that the same? Are there anyother languages spoken in Australia? Countries and thier CulturesWhat kind of cultures do you think these continentshave? What makes you think that? Back to Maps
  8. 8. North America LanguagesEnglish is the primary language in our country. Otherlanguages may be spoken amongst individuals of foreigndecent. Spanish has also become quite commonly seen inNorth America because of the neighboring Mexico border. Countries and their CultureAs we know, North America is the melting pot of cultures andtraditions. We do, however, celebrate exclusive holidays suchas 4th of July, and Thanksgiving, Labor Day, President’sDay, Martine Luther King Jr. Day, and so on. Back to Maps
  9. 9. Antarctica Since there is no civilization (other than research stations) on the continent of Antarctica, there is no true language or cultures to review. Instead, we will look overs some facts about the icy continent. Back to Maps
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