Research Checklist


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Research Checklist

  1. 1. Prepare yourself for the journey that is research.
  2. 2. Research is a Journey It can take you to unexpected places - places where you have never been before. As with any journey to exotic lands, it is best to have a packing list to make sure you are prepared. This tutorial will provide you with a research checklist in the form of a packing list to point you to some tools and strategies that will lead to success.
  3. 3. Plane TicketThink of your assignment as your plane ticket. It will tellyou your final destination. Look through it carefully. Highlight the important elements of the assignment, like when it is due, the length, what needs to be included, and what specifically the assignment is asking of you. Think about the time it might take you to complete the task. Just as you would never go on a trip without knowing your departure date, where you were going, how you were getting there, the same is true for research.
  4. 4. Check out the Deciphering Your Assignment tutorial on our librarywebsite.You can find this by clicking on Getting Research Help tab, thenclick on Tutorials link
  5. 5. Passport Simple – your student ID and password is your passport to our library. Once you are logged into the student portal or your online classroom all you have to do is select the Library link. Your login information will transfer over. Our borders are open, and we love visitors.
  6. 6. Tour Guide/Travel AgentThere are times when you need one-on-one interactionto help you plan your journey. It is valuable to contact someone with insider information before and during your trip. You know, someone who can point you to the local hangouts, best places to grab breakfast, and the “can’t miss” sites. Your friendly librarians are ready to assist with your research travel needs. Remember, we are here to help you, whether you are completely lost or just need someone to ask if you are on the right train (of thought). We are happy to point you in the right direction.
  7. 7. Guidebooks, maps, and phrase bookIf you are unsure or get lost, we have tutorials and tipsheets to guide your way. Some good library resources to get you started are our handy Databases by Subject list (click on the Find Articles & More tab and select the Databases by Subject link), or the Developing a Topic and Searching for Articles tutorials (click on Getting Research Help tab, then click on Tutorials link). Make sure you know where to find our tutorials and database tips and tricks, and have them handy for when you are ready to embark .
  8. 8. Travel Plan and ItineraryAfter you have reviewed you assignment, you need to think abouthow you are going to accomplish those goals. Think of your specific topic. What about that topic is interesting to you? With this you can create a plan. Come up with search terms or keywords that sum up the ideas of you research, and then come up with synonyms of those terms. Check out our Generating Search Terms tutorial (click on Getting Research Help tab, then click on Tutorials link).
  9. 9. Be Flexible and Adaptable Remember to be flexible because, as with travel, you may spot something interesting that changes your plans. If you are too rigid you may miss something spectacular. A good traveler is always prepared, but also prepared to adapt.
  10. 10. Aspirin / painkillersSometimes you will hit a snag in yourresearch, and that can give you a ragingheadache.Your friendly and helpful Ashford librarianscan provide you with some relief in the formof research assistance. To get a hold of us, check the Questions? Contact us! box on the right side of the library webpage for real-time library help. This box will list our chat and phone hours, and library phone number. You can also send us an email anytime at We will do our best to lessen your pain.
  11. 11. Give Yourself Enough TimeAnd of course make sure you are ready to leave early! Younever know when bad weather or a flat tire will strike. When you are rushed you always forget something and unexpected roadblocks or bumps are bound to happen. When traveling even in the world of research, preparation, flexibility, and a positive attitude can turn any potential disaster into an adventure.
  12. 12. Questions? Email: Phone: (866) 685-8089 Chat: On the library website
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