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Software strategy for startups


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Brutally, "at the edge of crime", simplified overview of the Wardley Maps technique integrated with Lean Startup and Strategic Domain-Driven Design. Presented at A2B Accelerator, Jerusalem on April 20 2017.

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Software strategy for startups

  1. 1. Software Strategy for Startups Do you have it? Do you need one? Asher Sterkin A2B Accelerator April 20, 2017
  2. 2. About Myself ● Close to 40 years of experience in the software technology field ● VP Technology, Chief Technology Advisor Group, NDS (2010 - 2012) ● Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO, Cisco Engineering (2012 - 2016) ● Today CTO at IRKI ● Focusing on software product line strategy ○ Lean Startup ○ Wardley Maps ○ Strategic Domain-Driven Design ○ Cynefin ○ Promise Theory ○ ...
  3. 3. Do you have a software strategy? Do you need one?
  4. 4. Cisco Confidential© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Cisco Confidential© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Lean Startup Something to Start With
  7. 7. Lean Startup Strategy
  8. 8. Business Model Canvas Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer Segments Key Resources Channels Cost Structure Revenue Streams ?
  9. 9. Value Proposition Canvas to Risque?
  10. 10. Complex Adaptive Systems
  11. 11. Cause-Effect are Coherent Only in Retrospect
  12. 12. Cisco Confidential© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 13 Unpredictable Irreproducible How one could have any strategy then?
  13. 13. Business Model Canvas … the end of long road
  14. 14. The Strategy Cycle Source: “Wardley Maps: Topographical Intelligence in Business” Could help with avoiding gravest mistakes, but by no means guarantees a success.
  15. 15. Everything Evolves ● Definition of Stakeholders ● Understanding of their needs ● System capabilities (features) ● System components ● Data ● Knowledge ● Operational practices Co-evolution of:
  16. 16. VM Ware AWS Dynamo DBCassandra as a Service Evolution of NoSQL DB CAP Theorem BASE vs ACID Google BigTable Dynamo DB Paper Cassandra DB Netflix Cassandra Ring on AWS G C P U AWS EC2......
  17. 17. AIaaS Productize (e.g. MobileEye) Some Typical Forms of a Startup Strategic Play Apply (e.g. 3D scan and print for Art) G C P U Innovate (e.g. AR, VR, 3DP, …) FaaS PaaS IaaS Custom Internals Commoditize (e.g. Waze) Improve (better mouse trap) Substitute (e.g. iPhone) Mature Product/Service
  18. 18. It Was Not Predictable, Yet Anticipatable AWS - winner Netflix - neutral + DataSax - loser(?)
  19. 19. Future Points of War (How Soon is Soon?)
  20. 20. Know Thy Domain “Not all parts of a large system will be equally well-designed” Maintaining one, “rule ‘em all”, model would be impractical if possible at all
  21. 21. Strategic Domain-Driven Design Vernon Vaughn, “Implementing Domain-Driven Design” Prefer utility AIaaS Prefer product or utility SaaS Major effort Pull up useful abstractions Proper timing for API Push down support and generic stuff; control through OSS contributions
  22. 22. AI into Context People Things Interaction Adapters VR, AR, VA, V2T, T2S, NLP, Video Application Services Dynamic state machines Domain Services Classifications Complex Event Processors Anomaly Detection Customized AIGeneric AI
  23. 23. “Consensus is poisonous for innovation”, D. Snowden