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Online campaign


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Online campaign

  2. 2. An Internet marketing strategy is necessary to effectively compete in today’s business/political/social environment Internet Marketing eMarketing • Allow you to easily manage individual or mass communication • Assist you in managing your Image • Create and present your identity • Generate People trust and loyalty
  3. 3. I already have a web site… isn’t that enough? Internet Marketing is More Than a Web Site… • Building a web site is a great first step • Internet Marketing is necessary to generate buzz and traffic • Traffic generates business • Business brings profits!
  4. 4. A Gas Station in the Forest A web site without effective marketing is like building a gas station in the middle of a forest! Marketing Your Web Site Traditional Marketing • Television • Radio • Newspapers • Magazines • Billboards • Direct Mail • Word-of-Mouth Internet Marketing • Video sharing web sites • Blogs, Micro-blogs • Social Networks • Widgets • Search Advertising • Direct Email • Word-of-mouth
  5. 5. ORM Search Engine Marketing Virtual Seminars Viral Marketing EDMS, SMS Campaign Social Media Marketing Chat Blogging Services Vision loyalty of profitable customers customer centric digital marketing program Direct Marketing Rich MediaSEO & SMO Word-of-Mouth Marketing • People buy products and services from companies they trust • People are more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation than to trust an ad • Positive word-of-mouth increases credibility
  6. 6. ORM Search Engine Marketing Virtual Seminars Viral Marketing EDMS, SMS Campaign Social Media Marketing Chat Blogging Services Vision loyalty of profitable customers customer centric digital marketing program Direct Marketing Rich MediaSEO & SMO How Can Social Media Help You? • It can connect you with customers, vendors, and potential business partners • Spread the word about your business • Increase your credibility and relevance on the Internet Where Content is King… • Social Media is all about: – Content Delivery – putting it out there – Content Visibility – letting some people see it – Content Virility – broadcasting it to EVERYONE!
  7. 7. SMM, SMO, OR M 2.0 ECOSYSTEM Advergaming, vir tual events Microsite, Vlogs & Podcasts UGC, Community, Mashups Mobile Marketing SEM, SEO 2.0 ECOSYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION SCOPE
  8. 8. The Social Media Landscape
  9. 9. The Social Media Landscape We do not want to be one among the crowd, we want to be THE ONE. Our Focus will be on……..
  10. 10. Political Image Build Up Product – Oriented Party Electoral goal: vote production mobilization • Ideological • Representing social movement • Unresponsive to social change • Electoral success not an objective in itself Sales – Oriented Party Electoral goal: persuasion • Ideological • Intra-organizational choice of policies, leadership • Using market research, advertising, comm unication techniques to sell itself, its policies Market – Oriented Party Electoral goal: adapting to the market • Using market intelligence to identify voter demands • Assessing deliverability of demanded policies • Assessing intra-party acceptability of policy changes • Designing product (party manifesto, leadership selection, etc) accordingly Blog Mobile Print Road Shows TV & Radio Reach mobile blog Pull Campaign Push Campaign Campaign 360
  11. 11. Candidates Use the Internet and Mobile • Web site promotion and blogging • Fund raising • Email Marketing • Online ads • Webcasts of events • Blogs and podcasts • Take polls and surveys • Communicate with press • Television ads on the official site • Campaign web video on other sites • Participate in social networking sites • Opposition research • Manage field operations • Text messaging • Voice messaging Candidates are leaving in Internet and Mobile Age “The Internet is some thing fundamentally different. It will change our world the same way as the invention of the printing press and the coming of the industrial age.” - Bill Gates Voters Use the Internet and Mobile • Find out about all candidates and issues • Contribute to candidates • Organize for and against candidates and issues • Tell their friends/family about political issues • Post their own opinions in blogs • Post video and audio related to candidates • Rate posted videos • Create their own sites • Use social network sites Voters are leaving in Internet and Mobile Age
  12. 12. Proposed Trend: Open-Source Campaigning Technology Typical use Open source Website • Post candidate profile, give ability to donate • Allow users to make own web page, collect donations, and get voter call lists; buy local web ads Online video • Post candidate ads online • Allow users to make their own ads and post online (in contest format) Text/Email message • Send messages to campaign staff • Users RSVP to events, register to vote, send viral messages to friends Social Networking • Post profile, collect friends • Recruit volunteers, target voters, allow volunteers to run, create own network Blogs • Write blog • Create network of supporter blogs, feed videos to blog- osphere
  13. 13. Role of mobile and online campaign? • Online campaigns are no longer just having the coolest web site on the block. In current environment design matters but content and functionality is the king – content and functionality • The Internet component of the campaign needs to be integrated into the entire effort, not just a stand-alone piece. The focus should be on engaging on-ground execution, mobile communication and Internet – interactivity • The web site can serves as the hub of the campaign, but a campaign needs to leverage the strengths of the Internet and digital technology to spread its message. – effective utilization of Mobile and Internet platform You cannot miss online and mobile presence . Mobile and Online Campaign is Must
  14. 14. What is your online strategy? • What is your campaign message? – is it reaching the voters on time • What audiences are you trying to reach? - your vote bank • Is your communication interactive? - Speak to them • Are you promoting yourself 360? - Promote your site within campaign collateral • Is your site or blog working ? - Create promotion plan – Search engine optimization – Search engine marketing – Links to your site – Interact with your voters – Promote positives and counter negatives in media • Are you using Viral Marketing? - Engtertain your voters • Have you created different levels of involvement for your supporters? - Engage your voters You should have a interactive and engaging political blog . Develop a Strong Online Campaign
  15. 15. The Community Aspect • blogs provide a sense of community that used to be the lifeblood of traditional news organizations – especially newspapers • The Internet has become an ideal medium for fostering a new type of community in which people have never met, and may not even know each other's real names, but who share certain views and opinions about the way the world works Attitudes and Beliefs • many people want the news delivered to them in the context of their attitudes and beliefs - that doesn't mean they only want reinforcing views (although some do) • they see their news consumption as something that takes place within their community, to be fit into a pre-existing framework of ideas that may be challenged but that must be acknowledged Should they be Trusted? • All news needs to be evaluated within the context in which it was produced • it is considered bad form to not disclose who you are writing for or working with - especially if someone is getting paid Political Blogs – Benefits
  16. 16. Components of a campaign website : • About the campaign • About the issue(s) • Why you should care • Join an e-network • Take Action (petition, action centre, etc) • Viral marketing (tell-a-friend about the campaign, post to social networking) • Fundraising • Resources for Media • Media Stories on the campaign • Campaign Blog • Connect supporters together (comments on blog, forum, etc) Campaign Website for Political Mileage
  17. 17. Email • Effective campaigning email is not just rehashing press releases - more personal “email to a friend” • Email should be urgent and rapid – follow closely behind a news story on the issue • Must be relevant to audience • Should follow public mood on the issue – there will be a point when the supporters will think “enough is enough” • Effective imagery and campaign slogans can get to the heart of complex and confusing issues • Report back on success Email Campaign for Political Mileage Email is the simplest and most readily available form of online communication. A mailing list is an automatic message-sending programme that stores a list of email addresses for all the people who need to be linked into the campaign. In order for the list to work effectively, the people on it must all have a common purpose and be committed to using email regularly, and it must have a facilitator who is responsible for updating everyone.
  18. 18. Mobile Campaign for Political Mileage Mobile phones plays a key role in stimulating and organizing the protests – using voice communications, and short text messages (SMSs) sent from one phone to another, or from one phone to many others. Mobile phone, first can be used to send political jokes; later they spread the word on where demonstrations were being held.
  19. 19. Online Presence / Community platforms Ongoing engagement Positive Information Flow Brand Building Online Reputation Management Image enhancement WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE EXECUTION Web community development for image promotion Content Proliferation across the internet- News, Photos, Videos, P PTs, Polls, Contests, Fee dback Presence & participation at top forums, blogs where relevant audience visit Moderation & reputation management Viral Campaigns for reach and engagement
  20. 20. APPENDIX
  21. 21. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Visibility, Awareness & Lead Generation We ensure our customers are able to best leverage the search engines Understanding SEO • All our SEO resources are seasoned SEO professionals. Relevant Traffic • Its not about rankings, its about relevant traffic and conversions. Understanding Market • Conduct “Marketing driven SEO promotions” rather than “optimization driven SEO promotions”. Measurability • Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making.
  22. 22. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements (PPC) Lead Generation We ensure our customers get the best traffic at the lowest per-click costs to meet their growth objectives Google Adwords • All our PPC resources are Google Adwords certified. Landing page experts • Our experts ensure your ad- copy as well as landing pages are best suited for causing conversions PPC Optimization • Use Google adwords and multiple other PPC alternatives (MSN, Yahoo, Miva, Baidu, nich e search portals, Ad-Networks) for best ROI. Measurability • Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making.
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Interactivity, Engagement & Brand Promotion We help our customers reach their targets and build branding Customer Communication • Define the “right customer communication” Define message • Develop virality in the message and Promote message in the social media world Blogging is must • Develop corporate blog, build communities and leverage existing forums, blogs Build brands • Build & leverage a corporate brand, as well as brand for key individuals in the company Measure SMM • Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making.
  24. 24. Engage with potential and existing customers • Be as authentic as possible Your opportunity to set record straight - •Accept the negative feedback and consider it as opportunity to improve your product or service Integrate ORM as part of customer service •If you like us, tell others. If you don’t, tell us experts for content seeding •Community backfire can be very strong don’t talk negative in other forums. • Promote providing negative feedback to you only ONLINE REPUTATION Engagement & Brand building Bad Customer Experience Unsolved Issues Bad Reputation Lost Revenue Solution? PublishConnect CollaborateDiscover