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Let's learn from Ghana


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That was a short introduction about MEST before a Skype call we did with Michael Szymanski

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Let's learn from Ghana

  1. 1. Let’s Learn From Ghana (with Michael Szymanski – @triple_line)
  2. 2. Quick comparison• Area: 240,000 Km2 • Area: 17,800 Km2• Population: 24M • Population: 3M• GDP per capita: US$3,300 • GDP per capita: US$43,000• Education Index: 148 • Education Index: 91• Life quality Index: 95 • Quality of life Index: 55
  3. 3. Who is MEST? MEST stands for “MeltwaterEntrepreneurial School of Technology”
  4. 4. What do they do? Phase 1 2 years School Phase 2 6 months Incubator Phase 3 Ongoing Mentorship
  5. 5. Phase 1:The School (2 years)Is a two-year, full-time program to learn about software development and entrepreneurship
  6. 6. Phase 2: The incubator (6 months)They help graduated students to start their own Startups. They Provide : 1- Funding (up to US$300,000) 2- Office space 3- Mentors and advisors 4- Global Network
  7. 7. Phase 3: The Mentorship (Ongoing)Continues support with international mentors who serve as board members or company advisors
  8. 8. ResultSaya Mobile is selected as one the top 7 startups in TechCrunch – Disrupt 2012 (San Francisco) Nevahold is selected as one of the top 15 Startups in Europe, ME and Africa region - WebitExpo 2012
  9. 9. Let’s Learn From Ghana (with Michael Szymanski – @triple_line)Use Twitter to write your question followed by #startupQ8