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Agenda 3rd event

The agenda of the 3rd event

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Agenda 3rd event

  1. 1. The 3rd StartupQ8 Event (Agenda)   Date:  15/12/2012   Time:  7PM  –  9PM   Venue:  Global  Investment  House  Building,   Kuwait  city,  Kuwait  
  2. 2. AgendaStarts  at  7:00PM    7:00  -­‐  7:30        Early  Stage  Funding  with  Abdulaziz  Al  Loughani  7:35  -­‐  8:00        Let’s  learn  from  Hong  Kong  with  Hoi  Wan  (A  Skype  Call)  8:05  -­‐  8:30        Interview  with  Dr.  Naif  Al-­‐Mutawa  the  founder  of  Teshkeel  8:30  -­‐  9:00        Networking    Ends  at  9:00PM  
  3. 3. Session#1: Early Stage Funding (30min) About  the  Session  How  to  raise  money  for  your  startup?  What  type  of  investors  will  invest  on  you?  Who  are  they?  What  do  they  want  from  you?  What  do  they  expect  from  you?  What  are  they  looking  for?  How  much  they  are   going   to   invest,   and   in   which   stage?   All   of   these   quesaons   and   more   will   be   answered   by   Abdulaziz  during  his  session,  below  is  an  outline  of  his  talk:  -­‐Overview  on  financing  for  Startups:   -­‐  Early/late  stage  venture:   -­‐  Zooming  into  Kuwait:  •  Accelerators     •  Debt/equity  finance   •  Entrepreneurial  ecosystem  •  Angel  investors   •  Capital  structure   •  Funding  opaons/Soluaons  •  Early  stage  /Late  stage  venture   •  Control/Timing   •  Going  forward   About  Abdulaziz  Al  Loughani      Abdulaziz  B.  Al  Loughani  is  currently  a  Vice  President  in  Global  Capital  Management,  the  alternaave  investments  arm  of  Global  Investment  House  “Global”.  He  has  played  a  major  role  in  managing  key  investments  within  the  Private  Equity  Group  of  Global.  Abdulaziz  currently  serves  as  a  member  of  board  on  a  number  of  companies  within  the  MENA  region  in  the  banking,  consumer  finance,  food  &  beverage  and  real  estate  sectors.    Abdulaziz  is  also  an  acave  angel  investor  in  Kuwait;  He  was  the  Managing  Partner  of  unal  late  2010  where  he  managed  a  full  exit  of  the  Company.  Abdulaziz  holds  a  double  major  degree  in  Informaaon  Systems  &  E-­‐Commerce  from  the  University  of  Toledo  and  an  MBA  degree  from  London  Business  School.  
  4. 4. Session#2: Let’s learn from Hong Kong (25min) About  the  Session  Kuwait  and  Hong  Kong  are  very  similar  yet  very  different!  Everyone  in  Hong  Kong  knows  how  to  invest  in  Real  Estate  and  in  stocks,  just  like  Kuwait.  Investment  companies  and  financial  insatuaon  are  the  best  place  to  work,  just  like  Kuwait.  Yet,  there  is  a  transiaon  happening  now  in  Hong  Kong,  and  Startups  are  driving  this  change.  So  what  is  exactly  happening  there.  Hoi  Wan  will  give  us  a  closer  look  to  what’s  going  on,  and  below  are  some  of  the  quesaons  we  are  going  to  ask  him:  •  What  is  like  to  be  an  entrepreneur  10yrs  ago  compared  to  now?  •  How  is  the  startup  scene  in  Hong  Kong?  What  is  good  and  what  is  bad  about  it?  •  Does  the  government  and  universiaes  give  any  support?  How?  •  What  is  the  funding  and  investment  situaaon?  How  does  a  startup  gets  funding?   About  Hoi  Wan  Hoi   is   considered   one   of   the   early   Tech   entrepreneurs   in   Hong   Kong.   He   have  more  than  10  yrs  work  experience  in  technology  with  a  special  focus  on  Mobile.  Previously  working  with   Nokia   (both  in  Sopware  and  hardware).  He  is  the  co-­‐founder   of   Stepcase   a   Mobile   photo   soluaon   Apps   with   more   than  10M   downloads.   He   is   also   the   Co-­‐founder   of   Chaopin   (a   Fashion   App  targeted   to   Chinese   market   and   a   finlaist   at   TechCrunch   Disrupt   –  Beijing).  Moreover,  he  is  recently  working  with  his  team  on  a  new  startup  called  
  5. 5. Session#3: Interview with Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa (25min) About  the  Session  Dr.  Naif  (founder  of  Teshkeel  Media  Group)  is  one  of  the  few  Kuwaia  entrepreneur  that  went  through  all  of  the  stages  of  a  successful  startup.  His  story  and  the  challenges  he  went  through  are  astonishing.  We  are  fortunate  to  have  him  with  us  to  learn  from  his  experience.  Below  are  some  of  the  quesaons  that  we  will  use  during  the  interview:    •  How  did  it  all  started?  •  How  did  you  manage  to  raise  money,  gather  the  team  and  start  all  of  this  in  the  US?  •  What  are  the  main  challenges  you  faced  being  a  Kuwaia  entrepreneur?    •  Did  you  get  any  support  from  Kuwaia  government,  companies  or  individuals?  •  What  is  your  advice  for  a  Kuwaia  entrepreneur  that  is  dreaming  to  create  a  first  class  global  company?   About  Dr.  Naif  Al-­‐Mutawa  Dr.  Naif  Al-­‐Mutawa  is  the  Founder  AND  CEO  of  Teshkeel  Media  Group,  for  whom  he  created  THE  99,  the  first  group  of  comic  superheroes  born  of  an  Islamic  archetype.  Recently,  Forbes  named  THE  99  as  one  of  the  top  20  trends  sweeping  the  globe  and  most  recently,  President  Barack  Obama  praised  Dr.  Naif  and  THE  99  as  perhaps  the  most  innovaave  of  the  thousands  of  new  entrepreneurs  viewed  by  his  Presidenaal  Summit  on  Entrepreneurship.   Al-­‐Mutawa  has  a  PhD  in  Clinical  Psychology  from  Long  Island  University  where   he  also  earned  a  Masters  Degree  in  Clinical  Psychology.  He  holds  a  Masters  in   Organizaaonal  Psychology  from  Teacher’s  College,  Columbia  University  and  an   MBA,  also  from  Columbia  University.  
  6. 6. VenueAddress:  Global  Investment  House,  Hilalli  Street,  Kuwait  City,  Kuwait  (As  wriqen  in  Google  Maps)      A note from the organizersDon’t  be  late:  We  will  start  at  7PM  even  if  the  speaker  himself  is  late  Dress  Code:  Wear  something  casual.  We  recommend  that  NO  one  wears  a  formal  dress.  All  of  our  speakers  and  organizers  are  requested  to  wear  something  casual.  ParFcipaFon:  This  is  a  unique  and  a  different  kind  of  event.  Everyone  is  welcomed  to  paracipate  by  asking  quesaons,  adding  comments  or  giving  feedback  before,  during  or  aper  the  event.  
  7. 7. Partners  and  sponsors:  Paracipants:   Support  from  Kuwaia  Startups:  
  8. 8. Organizing Team Mohammed Al Meer Mshari Al Onaizy @MrMMM   @Mishaymish   Abdullah Al Shalabi Abdulaziz Al Loughany @a_alshalabi   @aballoughani     Abdullah Al Mansour Mijbel Al Qattan @a_almansour   @MijbelF   Mohammed AlSuraye @malsuraye