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The 2nd StartupQ8 Event

This is the agenda of our 2nd StartupQ8 event

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The 2nd StartupQ8 Event

  1. 1. The 2 nd StartupQ8 Event (Agenda) Date: 7/11/2012 Time: 7PM – 9PM Venue: Global Investment House Building, Kuwait city, Kuwait
  2. 2. AgendaStarts at 7:00PM7:00 - 7:30 What is the Lean Startup methodology? with Mijbel AlQattan7:35 - 8:00 Let’s learn from Ghana with Michael Szymanski (A Skype Call)8:05 - 8:30 Interview and Q&A with Sulaiman AlTarrah the Co-founder of 965flowers.8:30 - 9:00 NetworkingEnds at 9:00PM
  3. 3. Session#1: What is Lean Startup? (30min) About the SessionBackground: How did “lean startup” started-Step 1: Vision (start, define, learn experiment)-Step 2: Steer (leap, test, measure, pivot)-Step 3: Accelerate (batch, grow, adapt, innovate)-Q&A About Mijbel AlQattanMijbel F. AlQattan is a founding partner at Cubical Services, wherehe provides advisory and incubation services for startups (bothtechnology and traditional). His areas of expertise include businessmodel development, business plan analysis and financial analysis forstartups. has an extensive background in the finance andinvestments industry, and is a CFA charter holder.Mr. AlQattan has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineeringfrom Virginia Tech.
  4. 4. Session#2: Let’s learn from Ghana (25min) About the SessionGhana is now considered one of the best startup hubs in Africa. They accomplished a lot insuch a short period of time. We are going to do a Skype interview with Michael Szymanski tolearn from him how did they do that. Below is a sample of the questions we are going to ask:• Tell us a bit about the startup scene in Ghana? (How did it look like 2-3 years ago and how does it look like right now?)• How did things changed to the better? (who made the change?)• What do you think is the components of a healthy startup ecosystem?• What do you think we should do here in Kuwait to get things moving? About Michael SzymanskiMichael Szymanski leads the investment committee of theMEST seed fund, and Business Development at the MESTincubator in Accra, Ghana ( MEST hasinvested over $1M in 11 tech start-ups in Accra, many of whichare now cash-flow positive, or are in negotiations with VCs andangels for their 2nd round of funding.
  5. 5. Session#3: Interview with 965flowers (25min) About the SessionThis is going to be an interview with one of the Kuwaitis Startups. The interview will be withthe Co-founder of 965flowers Slumain AlTarrah. Below is a sample of the questions that wewill probably going to use during the interview:• How did it all started?• How did you build your product? Was there any difficulties?• How did you fund your startup?• What was the most challenging things that happened to you during your journey establishing an online business in Kuwait? About Sulaiman Al TarrahGraduated with a BSc in Accounting from Kuwait University.After graduation, I joined the Kuwait State Audit Bureau as an assistant auditorin November 2003 for a period of one year, after which I joined KIPCO AssetManagement Company (KAMCO) Corporate Finance team on November 2004.At present, Im a partner in Gulf Connect Capital .I have carried out different valuations, due diligence exercises, mergers &acquisitions, capital raising, IPO’s and financial restructuring tasks. Im aCertified Investments and Derivatives Auditor and currently hold an MBAdegree from the University of Portsmouth, UK.
  6. 6. VenueAddress: Global Investment House, Hilalli Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait (Aswritten in Google Maps) Sponsors: Participants:
  7. 7. A note from the organizersDon’t be late: We will start at 7PM even if the speaker himself is lateDress Code: Wear something casual. We recommend that NO one wears a formaldress. All of our speakers and organizers are requested to wear something casual.Participation: This is a unique and a different kind of event. Everyone is welcomedto participate by asking questions, adding comments or giving feedbackbefore, during or after the event.