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Visual Resume


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Visual Resume for School and Potential Employers

Published in: Career
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Visual Resume

  1. 1. u  My  greatest  accomplishment  so  far  in  my  life    is  gradua5ng   High  School.  I  graduated  6  month  early.  November  15,  2010.   No  one  in  my  family  has  graduated  High  School  and  College.   So  I’ll  be  the  first  one  to  do  so.      
  2. 2. u  My  inspira5ons  are  these  two.  My   u  My  other  inspira5on  is  my  en5re   grandpa  and  Papaw!  I  never  knew  my   family.  I  am  the  oldest  Great-­‐ father  so  these  two  were  the  closest   Grandchild.  I  want  to  show  my  cousin   thing  I  have  to  a  father.  My  life  goal  is   that  you  can  do  what  you  set  your   to  one  day  be  able  to  take  care  of   mind  to.  Don’t  give  up  on  your   them  as  they  did  for  me.     dreams.  They  WILL  come  true.  It   takes  hard  work  ,  a  lot  of  energy,  and   the  will  to  make  it  happen.  But  you   can  do  it!  
  3. 3. u  I  have  worked  at  Sears  as  a  Cashier  in  Men’s  &  Hardware.  
  4. 4. u  As  you  can  see,  I  come  from  a  musical  family.  My  aunt  and   uncle  sing  country  music  for  a  living.  When  it  came  to   choosing  a  degree  for  college,  Music  was  the  only  chose  for   me.  I  grew  up  around  it.  I  love  it.  I  love  everything  about   music.    
  5. 5. u  Full  Sail  University  is   where  I  am  aSending   for  Music  Business   Bachelor’s  Degree!    hSp://  
  6. 6. u  My  aunt  has  always  told   me  to  work  hard  to  get   what  I  want  in  life.  Always   take  the  road  less  traveled.   If  you  work  hard,  you  will   have  great  Success!    hSp://  
  7. 7. u  Even  though  my  childhood  was   not    all  that  great,  I  tell  myself   everyday  to  keep  pushing  and   moving  forward.  Music  is  my   dream.  It’s  my  life.  I  don’t  have   to  let  what  I  went  though  define   who  I  am  and  who  I  am  going  to   be.  I  can  and  will  be  beSer.    
  8. 8. u  I  am  from  Toledo,  OH.  This  are   the  two  places  that  I  grew  up  in.   This  is  where  my  love  of  music   began.    
  9. 9. u  Everyone  tells  me  I  have  a   memory  like  an  elephant.   Having  a  good  memory  helps  in   the  music  industry  with  various   things.  Lyrics,  Music,  Chords,   Programs,  ETC  
  10. 10. u  I  was  a  honor  roll  student   though  school!  I  take  it   seriously.    
  11. 11. Anything  to  do  with  Music  is   what  I  am  all  about.  I  cant  tell   you  how  many  5mes  a  day   there  is  music  playing  in  my   house  or  my  aunt  and  uncle   are  learning  new  music!    hSp://  
  12. 12. u  I  try  to  go  to  as  many   concerts  as  I  can.  I  feel  that   when  I  see  an  ar5st  live,  I   can  understand  more  and   learn  more  about  the   business.  Its  even  beSer   when  I  get  the  chance  to   actually  meet  them  and  talk   to  them  directly  about  their   experiences  and  what   they’ve  learned!  
  13. 13. Email:  Facebook:  TwiSer:  @AshRoseOSU  
  14. 14. *All  pictures  except  on  slides  6,7,  &  12  belong  to  me!