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Bullseye or The Testing Wheel


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One of my recent endeavours has been to create a "career model" for the testers within my organisation. I sat in my office at home and designed "the testing wheel". I wanted it to be simple, inclusive and offer questions but few answers.

Careers are long and winding. My own career has not been a linear progression, so building a linear model seemed wrong to me. But, this brought me into conflict with the ideas of others.

My experience report will show the highs and lows of this model after introducing it into the wild. People still tried to measure and rank with it, got mad people got when I refused to answer the questions it posed. Finally how it spread and entered battle with wider organisations career models.

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Bullseye or The Testing Wheel

  1. 1. Ash Winter Short stuff here: @northern_tester Long stuff here:
  2. 2. Bullseye!
  3. 3. Problem… •Hire loads at once, lose loads at once. •“Pushing tickets”
  4. 4. Careers - weird & swirly… Models are linear…
  5. 5. A new new model… • Whole career • Open many doors • Known unknowns • Questions not answers
  6. 6. Definitely not… • Complete • Comparative • Immutable • Only career model
  7. 7. Friday afternooner… • Core of a tester • Circles not lines • Outer segments bigger • Less job titles
  8. 8. First contact… • Job titles • Shit taken literally • Tell me what it means!
  9. 9. Another go… • No job titles • Made it prettier • Moved stuff around a bit
  10. 10. Try again… • Painful defining of things • Genuine discussions • Lets try it in One to Ones…
  11. 11. Measuring madness… • Scored selves • Scored each other • Comparing
  12. 12. Straight lines… • Only working in one area • Trying to “fill in” segments
  13. 13. Also big positives… • Security as a specialty • Tool Assisted Testing CoP • Front End Performance CoP • Overlapping versions for other disciplines…
  14. 14. Big team workshop…
  15. 15. Wider organisation… • Other managers got confused. • ”How do I measure people with this?” • HR got mad. • “This isn’t a competency framework!?!”
  16. 16. Personal learning… • Lots of me • No topics change • More skills than behaviours • Take ownership of career tools…
  17. 17. Questions?