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Patterson PR Plan


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Patterson PR Plan

  1. 1. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONS1. Executive Summary 1.1 Company Overview At Olympus Public Relations, we focus our attention and skills in helping athletes andathletic corporations achieve and maintain an image as high as the gods. Our drive is to helpclients such as yourself accomplish professional and personal short-term and long-term goals.We offer you our services we have perfected since our company began, and you will find, Mr.McGwire, that these services cannot be matched. Our familiarity with sports media, fans,philanthropy, and entertainment will be at your fingertips. We are an extremely successful firm,and you will not doubt that the future of your image and reputation are in good hands. 1.2 Career Overview Mr. McGwire, your remarkable professional career began, following your place on the1984 U.S. Olympic team, when you were drafted 10th overall by the Oakland Athletics in the1984 Major League Baseball Draft. As a rookie in 1987, you hit an impressive 33 home runsbefore the All-Star break and were a unanimous choice for American League Rookie of the Year,finishing with 49 home runs, 118 runs batted in, and a .289 batting average. In the following three seasons, Mr. McGwire, you hit 32, 33, and 39 home runs, and werethe first Major Leaguer to hit over 30 home runs in each of your first four full seasons. In 1988,you hit game-winning home runs in the 16th inning of games on both July 3 and 4. Your mostfamous home run came soon after in Game 3 of the 1988 World Series against the Los AngelesDodgers in the bottom of the ninth inning, which brought the only victory for the OaklandAthletics in that Series. In addition, you won a Gold Glove, an annual award given to playerswho displayed signs of superior individual fielding performances at each fielding position, in1990. In the 1992 season you hit an impressive 42 home runs; the highest of your career up tothat point. Your spectacular performance helped the Oakland A’s clinch the American League 1
  2. 2. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSWest Division title in that year; their fourth in five seasons. In 1996, you impressed fans with 52home runs in 423 at-bats, also hitting a career high .312 batting average, while leading the leaguein both slugging percentage and on-base percentage. These great accomplishments were just apreview of what you had in store for Major League Baseball. In the 1997 season, you were traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. Following this trade, youthen led MLB with 58 home runs. At the end of that season, you signed a contract to stay in St.Louis. As the 1998 season progressed, you, along with Ken Griffey, Jr. and Sammy Sosa werecompeting to break Roger Maris’ single-season home run record. After an intense rivalry, youfinished the season with an astounding 70 home runs, four ahead of Sosa’s 66. You are alsocredited with “saving baseball,” along with Sammy Sosa, for the incredible performances thatencouraged younger and older fans to attend games after the famous 1994 MLB Strike. Youended your career in 2001 with 583 home runs, which was the fifth-most in history. In 2009,you joined baseball once more by accepting a position as the hitting coach for the St. LouisCardinals.2. Situational Analysis 2.1 Situational Analysis Mr. McGwire, throughout the late 1990s you were unfortunately under suspicion of usingthe performance enhancing steroids. During this time you continually refused to talk about yourinvolvement or admit to any usage of these substances. This in turn caused rumors to circulateand your silence seemed to confirm your usage to your fans and other individuals. In 1998, youbroke the record for single home runs in a season and this accomplishment in particular drewmore attention to the possibility of steroid use. Although you continually denied using steroids,in 1998 you did admit to taking the muscle enhancer androstenedione. Even though 2
  3. 3. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSandrostenedione wasn’t yet banned by Major League Baseball, your use of this drug did not helpsupport your previous statements of non-steroid use. Then in 2005, Jose Canseco released a book that contained personal testimonies ofprofessional baseball players using steroids, and claimed that you had used performanceenhancing drugs since the 1980s, and that he had personally injected you with them. In thissame year you, Mr. Canseco, and nine other MLB players and executives testified at acongressional hearing on steroid use in professional baseball. On March 17 you made atestimony, under oath, that neither confirmed nor denied your use of steroids. Later, in October2009, the St. Louis Cardinals offered you the position of hitting coach. After accepting thisposition, you admitted to using steroids during your playing career, including your infamous1998 season. However, your confession also contained claims that your usage of steroids was torecover from injuries rather than for performance enhancement. Your recent failures to attainelection into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 have been said to be dueto the infractions associated with the use of steroids.3. Planning 3.1 Objectives & Goals Our goal is to repair your reputation as one of the greatest baseball players of all time andhelp you obtain a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. McGwire, you were a phenomenalbaseball player and have continuously demonstrated your knowledge and passion for baseball byyour work as hitting coach for your former team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Your name is stillsynonymous with baseball and home runs, but dealing with the stigma that comes with youradmitted steroid use has kept you out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. We suggest you continueyour positive involvement in Major League Baseball, and additionally focus your efforts oncommunity involvement and philanthropy. This will favorably change your persona and gain 3
  4. 4. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSyou positive media coverage, in hopes of swaying the votes of the Baseball Hall of Fame votingboard. 3.2 Target AudienceTarget Audience Description of AudienceMales and Females, Ages 14-24 Aspiring Middle School, High School, and College athletes who would benefit from a lecture series about steroid use in sports.Males and Females, Ages 35+ Audience who were and/or are fans during your career and especially the 1997-2001 HR record chase with the St. Louis Cardinals.Baseball Writers Association of America These individuals are member of the voting board that determine your entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame. 3.3 Strategies 3.3.1 Fan Relationship At Olympus Public Relations, we believe it is important to continue the positiverelationship you have with your fans. Your fan base increased during your home run race withSammy Sosa, as MLB had just come off the player’s strike in 1994. You essentially helped toreestablish the fans’ enthusiasm for the sport again. It is essential, to keep these fans and garnernew ones by answering fan mail, signing baseball cards, and even mentioning your appreciationfor them in an interview before or after a St. Louis Cardinals game. We feel that your decisionto return to MLB, and your former team, as a hitting coach was a very good move, and was adefinite step forward with your fans, as they gave you a standing ovation prior to the Cardinals’home opener on April 12, 2010. It is important to show a kind of “Fan Appreciation Day,”everyday. When your fans see that their support matters to you, it will continue to grow. 3.3.2 Associations Even though your use of steroids were for health reasons, were not banned in MLB, andwere available over-the-counter (meaning it was legal and safe), they still carry a negative 4
  5. 5. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSstigma. Now that you have openly admitted the use of steroids, it is important that you sever allties with those affiliated with the use of the drug. This includes former and current athletes, andespecially Jose Canseco, who accused you of illegally using steroids in his published book.What we advise is further enhancing your relationship with revered individuals in the world ofbaseball. One such person is former MLB player, Ken Griffey, Jr. Throughout his major leaguebaseball career, Mr. Griffey was a popular player and fan favorite around the league. Hispopularity reflected well upon professional baseball. Griffey has been called one of the mostprolific home run hitters and is fifth on the list for most career home runs. Home runs are not allyou have in common; Griffey recently retired this past year, but still works in professionalbaseball as a special consultant for the Seattle Mariners. He, like you, is also a big contributorto philanthropic endeavors. Associating yourself with Mr. Griffey will highlight yoursimilarities and all of the positive accomplishments you have achieved. 3.4 Activities 3.4.1 Educational Engagement One way to improve your image in the public eye is by lecturing to middle schools, highschools, colleges, and especially student athletes, about the dangers of the use of steroids and thepositivity of sportsmanship. Seeing as you have first-hand experience, we suggest showing yourgoodwill by telling others your story, and encouraging young athletes to shy away from any use.This will also allow you to tell your side of the story and why you regret using steroids, becausethe audience will be able to hear it in your own words, rather than obtain a skewed version froma third party. Beginning at local Missouri middle schools and high schools for free can enhanceyour image. Then you can move on to finding an agency, such as The College Agency, that willdesignate you an agent that can book you at colleges and universities and showcase your lecturesat conventions, such as the National Association for Campus Activities, NACA. The College 5
  6. 6. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSAgency is a reputable organization and has been a nominee for Agency of the Year in 2007,2009, and 2010. It is used by colleges and universities all over the country for their variousspeaker and lecture series’. You will be able to tour throughout various locations during theschool year because the baseball off-season correlates with Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters ortrimesters. We at Olympus Public Relations will create press releases and pitch letters to send tolocal, regional, and national media outlets in order to garner good press regarding your efforts toeducate youth. Some of these media personnel will include reporter T.J. Quinn of ESPN, whoreported a great deal on performance enhancing drugs and is a member of the BWAA; New YorkTimes sports journalist, George Vecsey, who wrote about your home run record chase againstSammy Sosa; and many great writers at Sports Illustrated, including “America’s BestSportswriter,” Gary Smith. 3.4.2 Community Involvement Your current work at the Mark McGwire Foundation for Children to support agenciesthat help children who have been sexually and physically abused is a wonderful philanthropicendeavor. Because this foundation was created before your admittance to using steroids, webelieve that you would also benefit from adding to your community involvement by workingwith the St. Louis Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Initiative. More community involvementwill build your public image and fan morale, which is essential to your long-term success. TheSportsmanship Initiative is a series of programs implemented by the Sports Commission to makeSt. Louis a model community for good sportsmanship and to create more positive environmentsfor kids to play sports. It hopes to reinforce the ideals of respect, civility, integrity, and fair playat all levels. Not only will your image benefit from donating your time, but also by adding totheir known scholarship fund to create more college scholarships for graduating seniors in the St.Louis area. Your participation in this organization will show the community your stance on 6
  7. 7. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSsportsmanship, and your love for athletics. You will ultimately be recognized as a goodcommunity citizen by supporting a program that improves the quality of life in the community.Any events your foundations are a part of will be promoted to the media via a media alert that wewill create at Olympus Public Relations.4. Administration and Evaluation 4.1 Staffing 4.1.1 Personal Assistant Mr. McGwire, being the iconic baseball player that you are, while also holding theposition of the St. Louis Cardinals’ hitting coach, you will require additional staff to help youthroughout your day. In order to maintain positive relations with the fans and media, aprofessional personal assistant is imperative. Your new personal assistant will assist in simpletasks, such as sorting various fan -mail, managing and updating your schedule, keeping track ofall invoices and emails, and running personal errands as needed. We highly recommend, Mr.McGwire, that your personal assistant be male, primarily in his mid-twenties to mid-thirties, andhave at least obtained a Bachelor’s degree. He should have extensive experience as a manager orassistant in, yet not limited to, the sports industry. Desired qualities for your assistant include anextremely responsible, flexible, accountable, detailed, respectable professional who maintainsthe utmost confidentiality throughout his work. We will oversee the preliminary selection ofpotential candidates, but of course, you will make the final decision in the selection process.Your assistant is a gatekeeper; he will organize all aspects of your professional and personal life,therefore making it easier for you to keep track of everything and act accordingly and timely.Thus, during the baseball season, the ability to focus on your success in coaching will beimproved, thanks to your new personal assistant. 7
  8. 8. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONS 4.1.2 Event Coordinator Hiring an event coordinator will further improve your balance between coaching andpositive relations with fans and media. A professional event coordinator will assist in planningevents for your charity, educational speeches or visits, and all other fundraisers or occasions thatwill arise. Mr. McGwire, at Olympus Public Relations, we know how difficult it will be to findequilibrium between family life, your career, and the interactions you will encounter with thepublic. Along with your personal assistant, your event coordinator will work behind the scenes toallow you to focus on balancing these three aspects of your life. The coordinator’s main job isestablishing a budget, scheduling dates, times, and locations, setting up transportation, and hiringsupport and security if need be. Your event coordinator will manage every fundamentalbackground element of fundraisers or events, while also listening to any input from yourself, andtherefore will allow you to not worry about these background details and focus more on yourstatus and positive attitude throughout the events you attend. We feel the most appropriate eventcoordinator for you, Mr. McGwire, will be a highly driven individual with at least a Bachelor’sdegree. It is ideal that your event coordinator will have a degree in Communications, Marketing,or Entertainment Management, but this is not a requirement. Your coordinator must have abackground with other high-profile athletes or celebrities, and he or she must have a positivereputation throughout the industry. He or she will work around the St. Louis Cardinals’ scheduleand will set up school visits and charity events on off-days, the off-season, and post-game, ifpossible. Your event coordinator will add numerous events to your schedule, providing manyopportunities for you to enhance your relationship with your fans. 4.1.3 Personal Coach Lastly Mr. McGwire, we believe that maintaining connections throughout the communityof Major League Baseball is the most vital aspect of amplifying your Hall of Fame eligibility. 8
  9. 9. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSThroughout your years as a successful slugger, you have created relationships with managers,coaches and teammates. It is important that you uphold all positive relationships that you havemade throughout your tenure within Major League Baseball. It is essential for you to have apersonal coach, or mentor. Many athletes, celebrities, and social icons have turned to mentorsduring times of need or personal advising. Mr. McGwire, it would be ideal if this mentor were highly regarded, as well as connectedto the Major League Baseball organization and community. Conveniently, you already have astrong history with Tony La Russa. He was your manager for the Oakland Athletics from 1987 to1995, and your manager for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1997 to 2001. Mr. La Russa is areputable manager known throughout the league, and has great potential to be a Hall of Famemanager. Not only is he a respectable in those aspects, but he is also a respectable man who isliked all throughout Major League Baseball. You need a mentor who has integrity and a strongpersonality, and Mr. La Russa possesses both characteristics. Although you have a highlylikeable personality and reputation, it is our job to increase awareness of these characteristicsthroughout the league, thus furthering your chances to be voted into the Hall of Fame. If youcontinue your positive relationship with Mr. La Russa, he will act like a spokesperson for you,being more apt to speak positively of you to the media. He will be your confidant and rolemodel. He is someone you can trust, and who will, in turn, trust you. We cannot stress enoughhow important it is to maintain constructive contact with Tony La Russa. Also, positive relationswith players such as Ken Griffey, Jr., Albert Pujols, and Matt Holliday, who have large fan basesand respected careers, will enrich your public standing. The relationships you currently possessare key aspects in safeguarding your reputation throughout the world of baseball. 9
  10. 10. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONS 4.2 TimetableToday 6 Months 12 Months 36 Months 10 Years• Fan • Associations • Philanthropy • Educational • Baseball Hall Relationships •We will help •You will further Lectures of Fame•You must start you attain your •You will begin •Our ultimate with assocations with involvement in work on a goal is to have maintaining well respected your current lecture series you inducted relations with individuals in foundation, as that will help into the your fan base in the MLB well as establish further your Baseball Hall of order to garner community that yourself as part agenda of Fame which positive media will further your of the St. Louis educating young will be the for yourself and positive image Sports athletes about epitome of your the St. Louis with current and Commissions sportsmanship success in MLB. Cardinals. potential fans. Sportsmanship and the dangers Initiative. of steroid use. Joining The College Agency can build your credibility as a serious speaker. 4.3 Tracking & Monitoring Progress In order to keep track of your progress, we at Olympus Public Relations will continue to poll the public to monitor their opinions of you as an individual and as an athlete. By monitoring their opinions of you we will be able to see which tactics for improving your image and reputation are working. We will also track the number of votes you receive each year for the Hall of Fame. Any decrease or increase in votes will help us determine where to adjust our 10
  11. 11. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSapproach accordingly. Any good media awareness garnered by your philanthropy efforts will aidus at Olympus Public Relations in tracking the increase in your image and reputation.5. Budget 5.1. Bottom Line As your public relations firm, we will advise you on ways to make the most of yourcurrent financial aspects in your personal and professional life. You will find our suggestions areflexible pending your personal interest, but are emphasized due to success they have had forother clients in the past. 5.1.1 Hitting Coach Salary As the St. Louis Cardinals’ current hitting coach you obtain a steady and generous salaryas personal funds. We suggest you consider setting up savings accounts for you and yourfamily’s future. You might be interested in looking into investments that can not only increaseyour revenue, but can also show support for the businesses and organizations in which youchoose to invest. 5.1.2 Celebrity Endorsements Mr. McGwire, it is our goal to obtain various endorsement deals for products and servicesthat enhance your positive image. Though we believe most of these offers will come after youobtain entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame, we will strive to acquire them immediately. If thereare certain products, services, or organizations you feel strongly about representing, we willwork to meet your preferences. At Olympus Public Relations, your image is our first priorityand we do not want you to endorse something you do not believe. 5.1.3 Philanthropy You have already taken the first step of creating your own charity, the Mark McGwireFoundation for Children. Donating your time and money are equally important in keeping this 11
  12. 12. OLYMPUS PUBLIC RELATIONSfoundation alive. We also suggest you work with an organization that is sports-related, whichwill further highlight your positive reputation. The St. Louis Sports Commission’sSportsmanship Initiative is a perfect vehicle to do so. Your participation in this organization andespecially through contributions to their scholarship funds, will only further strengthen your fanbase in the community of St. Louis. 5.1.4 Staffing As we stated previously, acquiring a personal assistant and event coordinator is anintegral part to our plan. They will ultimately make your life easier, but both require a set fee tobe negotiated at the time of hire. You must also keep in mind that working with The CollegeAgency will require you to give a percentage of your contractual fee to your agent associatedwith that company. 5.1.5 Olympus Public Relations Fees As a leading public relations firm in our field, we charge $25,000 a month, plus expenses.It would be in your best interest to invest in our firm’s skills and resources, including ourphenomenal staff and our contacts throughout the industry and media. We will be with you andconstantly monitoring your success and achievements in every step you make toward reachingthe Hall of Fame. 12