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Patterson Campaign & Plansbook

  1. 1. “Saved by Secure IT”SecureIT Campaign 1
  2. 2. Executive Summary Table of Contents Memorandum To: SecureIT Executive Summary pg. 03 pg. 12 Creative Execution From: Team Butterly Mafia Campaign Brief pg. 04 pg. 18 Media Brief Subject: New Campaign2 swot pg. 05 pg. 20 Media Schedule We were asked to redesign the campaign for SecureIT, Michigan State University’s safe computing re- source within the Computer Services Center. You were struggling to grab the attention of your audi- 3 ence, resulting in students, and the rest of the MSU community to have gaping holes in their knowledge Target Market pg. 06 pg. 21 Budget of safe-computing. Many students have never heard of SecureIT, don’t know how to detect a phishing attempt or know the many risks of downloading music, movies and games. Research pg. 08 pg. 22 Evaluation Our goal is to spread the word about SecureIT and everything you endorse, including risks of file shar- Creative Brief pg. 10 pg. 23 Team Butterly Mafia ing, phishing and sharing passwords. We want students to recognize SecureIT’s name and to use you as the one and only resource for computing questions, computer checks and computer safety.
  3. 3. Strategy Campaign Brief Use Humor to gain attention to SecureIT as a non- threatening ally for the Michigan State University community and their computing experiences through SWOT Analysis Weaknesses - Downloading is free and easy. - SecureIT ads don’t attract readers - copy a fun and interactive campaign. Strengths heavy, not attractive. - A lot of different messages for audience MISSION - Difficult to generate interest among students To make SecureIT a recognized name among the Creative Objective - SecureIT advocates many safe-computing topics (phishing, illegal sharing, strong passwords, etc.) - Located on campus. MSU community, indluding students, staff and To reach our audience through humor, using faculty. We want the MSU community to habitually practice the safe-computing tactics that SecureIT characters that our audience can relate to or enjoy. We use an aesthetic style that is visually - SecureIT gives students fair warning when they’ve been caught file sharing. - Student love and wear promotional items, sporting Opportunities endorses. attractive to our audience as well. - Students don’t want to get computer the SecureIT logo.4 5 viruses - Free computer checks - Inform students of safer and legal alter- natives - Give prizes at events, like iTunes gift card, to promote legal programs. - Make website easier and more functional. Threats Master Media Objective - Students don’t care to learn To reach our audience through the mediums - “It won’t happen to me” mindset. they most use and enjoy - online, social events - Students may have a virus protection and free stuff! software and think they are safe from viruses.
  4. 4. Target Market Target Audience: MSU Community (students, staff and faculty), with focus on Underclassmen. Meet “Steve,” an 18 year old incoming freshman at MSU. He downloads music and movies, just like his friends, and has for years. Steve knows that there are legal conse- quences, but he chooses not to think about that, because he has an “I won’t6 7 get caught” mentality. He has a virus protection program so he feels safe from all computer hack- ers. He doesn’t know what phishing is. Like Steve, our target market has developed unsafe computing practices. Once a habit is formed, it’s hard to crack. We want to reach incoming students too, while they’re transitioning to a new life- style, before they’ve developed college habits and who are impres- sionable and somewhat naive about college culture.
  5. 5. Do you, or have you ever, Have you ever been a Reasearch illegally downloaded music/ victim to identity theft? movies/video games/etc? 5% of our audience has had their We believe that many more than 60% down- identity stolen. load files. These people may have been skeptical to admit their illegal activities. Do you know what phishing is? Over half doesn’t know what it means.We researched students of allclass levels and adult staff. Have you heard of SecureIT? No. Only 26% of students and employees8 9 have heard of SecureIT. Would you get your computer checked for free at the MSU Computer Center? Do you know what File Sharing is? Most people do know what file sharing Have you ever shared Do you know the risks of is, but 35% of your audience still has no a password? file sharing? idea. Most people share their pass- They know there is a risk, but they words. With boyfriends, girl- don’t think it will happen to them. “No- friends, parents, etc. body I know has been caught...”
  6. 6. Creative Brief Creative Execution Why a Zombie and The tone of our campaign is to use Background of Creative Campaign humor to portray SecureIT as a trust- worthy and friendly resource. his buddy? Zomies are slow, unthinking beings and our zombie As stated on the previous page, character subtley represents a student who is naive the zombie is the naive stu- about safe-computing and doesn’t bother to think dent, who doesn’t think through about consequences of unsafe computing. Objectives unsafe-computing practices as well as knowingly performing10 - To make SecureIT’s name well known to the MSU community. - To encourage safe computing tactics (recognize unsafe practices. His roommate and friend is the ‘face of Secu- reIT,” who corrects the zombie 11 when he tries to share things phishing attempts, legal alternatives to downloading that shouldn’t be shared or fool files, virus protection, safe passwords, etc.) people into thinking he’s someone else. this human represents Se- cureIT as a friend to its users, as well as a resource to learn more Target Audience about safe-computing. We want to reach the entire MSU community, with a focus on underclassmen and a secondary focus on up- perclassmen, staff and faculty.
  7. 7. Posters Video Creative Execution File sharing Video The human roommate is running late and meets the zombie in the cafeteria, tired and hungry. Try- ing to friendly the zombie offers him some of his special “meat” sandwich. We get a good look Hey. Yes! You Want a I am so lucky! shouldn’t be allowed online... at the sandwich; it doesn’t look This Nigerian Prince is bite? gonna make me appetizing. Would you want to rich! share food with a zombie? HUMAN runs in to caf- ZOMBIE: It’s ok dude. Close up of sandwich. HUMAN looks disgusted. eteria to join ZOMBIE You want a bite of my Gray bits falling out, HUMAN: I think I’m good. for lunch. He’s out of meat sandwich? mysterious red liquid ANNCR: Some things aren’t breath. oozing out. worth sharing. Downloaded HUMAN: Hey... sorry ZOMBIE: It’s taaaasty. music and movies aren’t man. I woke up late and worth jail time. Visit us didn’t eat breakfast. I’m online at Se- starving. cureIT Saved by SecureIT.12 Sharing can be good. Sharing Avoid phising. Online scams are all over the place, with Phishing Video The zombie roommate gets dressed up to take a photo for his human dating site profile. His human roommate is skeptical that 13 illegally downloaded files such as movies and music is not. predators looking to get “Saved By SecureIT” he will be able to fool anyone into “Saved By SecureIT” your personal information. Penalities could include mas- If it sounds too good to be thinking that he isn’t actually a sive fines and even jail time. 555-555-5555 555-555-5555 Don’t file share. true it probably is. zombie. This video takes a little different approach than the cor- responding print ad but it is to ZOMBIE taking photos of himself, ZOMBIE: I signed up for a human HUMAN looks a little worried. HUMAN and ZOMBIE look at ZOM- achieve a more humorous effect. dressed up nice. dating site. I want to look my HUMAN: Did you say a human BIE’s dating site profile. HUMAN: What are you doing? best in my photos. dating site? Hm... HUMAN: Dude... I don’t think you’re fooling anyone. File Sharing Phishing Password Sharing Password sharing video ANNCR: Don’t fall for the fake stuff. Avoid phishing. Visit us online at tech. SecureIT Saved by SecureIT. The poster looks at the idea of Phishing is explored in this ad in The zombie roommate has ac- file sharing more literally as we a very direct way as we see the cessed some “personal” photos The human has given his zombie roommate his email password so see the zombie and his human zombie nearly fall for phishing on his roommates computer, he could quickly check infor- roommate sharing food in a attempt in his dorm room. We because his roommate shared mation for him. The human in campus cafeteria. However the take advantage of examples of his password. The zombie smirks other room is confident that the human looks justifiably disgust- real world phishing seen in the at the camera. zombie will simply get the infor- ed by the zombie’s sandwich. ad, which we hope viewers can mation and log off. Little did he relate to, and find humor in. know that the zombie wanted to use those passwords to look into We see ZOMBIE typing on a ZOMBIE sees something shock- HUMAN in kitchen. Behind HU- ZOMBIE smirks. Computer some “personal” files first. laptop. ing on the computer. MAN, we an see ZOMBIE typing screen blurs raunchy photo on laptop. ANNCR: Watch who you let HUMAN: Are you done yet? I in. Computer passwords are only gave you that password to passwords for a reason. Visit us check my email. There’s a lot of online at SecureIT um... private stuff on there. Saved by SecureIT.
  8. 8. Promotion Ambient College students love free stuff. So naturally we want to give it to them. Mouse pads, USB drives, and mice are great computer related items to give Comp r always away. We personify dieing? Free computer checks at MSU the “locking” and “se-14 15 Computer Center cure” aspects of Se- 517-555-5555 cureIT with bike and laptop lock giveaways. Water bottles, T-shirts, The zombie is everywhere! Zombie characters are “lurking” over sling bags and Frisbee’s the tops of computer screens in the library and computer labs. are also much coveted While the overall look of the cutouts remains the same the text SWAG. In a partnership in his speech bubble will vary, either giving students a warning with Sparty’s we could about file sharing, phishing, or password sharing. also create SecureIT It is important to reach our au- coffee sleeves. Also, dience while they are actually these items will always computing. Every student needs include campaign re- to plug their laptop in and we Free stuff! Like we mentioned lated images depicting have created zombified electrical college kids love it. Free con- our zombie character outlets which would be placed in Protect Yourself doms? They love them even from Viruses and of course the Se- lecture halls, the library, and resi- more! With this humorous ap- cureIT logo. dence halls. proach Secure IT offers more than safe computing…
  9. 9. Sparticipation SecureIT should continue to participate in Sparticipation, offering information Events Big Fall Concert Partnering with UAB/RHA/ASMSU for the Fall concert will help keep SecureIT and free Zombie make-up. SecureIT could hire local salons or art clubs on cam- within its promotional budget, and help to promote its name in a big way. Be- pus. The Zombie make-up will help start the recognition of a Zombie-theme along cause Vampire Weekend is a newer musical group that features indie rock music, with the SecureIT name. they fit great within the target audience. The band’s name also helps continue the new promotional theme of SecureIT, because it is a theme-related title. U-Fest U-Fest, taking place in MSU Union, features activities sponsored by local busi- nesses and on-campus groups. SecureIT would benefit by becoming a bigger sponsor, and get the SecureIT logo on the “big giveaway” that is featured each year. SecureIT can offer free Zombie make-up and sponsor a zombie game, such as the Call of Duty: Black Ops. A good way to get students to sign up for a list- The Haunted Union: serv or text alerts, would be to offer a raffle of the Call of Duty games. Co-sponsor with UAB a Haunted Union event on Halloween weekend, featuring a “Haunted Computer Lab” and giveaways. Setting a portion of the budget for promotional events such as this is important, because it is interactive and fun. UAB would take care of a large part of the planning process, making it a rela-16 17 tively easy event to put together. Campus Center Cinemas The UAB and RHA Campus Center Cinemas is a great place to promote SecureIT and its new theme. SecureIT can feature ads at the start of any movie as well as sponsor zombie movie double features, such as Dawn of the Dead/Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later. This inexpensive and easy sponsorship would also get your logo on the UAB table tents on every cafeteria table. Humans v Zombies Sponsor the popular campus-wide game, Humans vs. Zombies, a giant themed game of tag. Zombies and humans compete to be the ‘surviving’ team. MSUFCU Partnership - Decorate boards in Residence Halls This event is one of the best that ties in with this promotional campaign. Secure- - Identity Theft protection - Paper/Computer IT could give away a set number of bandanas and nerf guns (required) with their logo on it. This game garnered immense popularity the 2010-2011 academic year, and is a great opportunity for SecureIT to further promote its brand. Live On/Residence Hall Partnership - Sponsor a FREE laptop check once a month in each Residence Hall
  10. 10. Media Brief Newspaper/CCC Ads Using the three creative ads featured in this plan book, a great place to advertise is in The State News and the Campus Center Cinemas slideshow before every movie Objective show-time. These two ve- hicles are widely accessible to the MSU community and are18 Social Media 19 The objective of this campaign would be to well-known for their advertis- use the best media vehicles that fit within ing effectiveness. Though the the target audience. newspaper ads would only be The most influential and most used media vehicle to- day is social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). We a flighting schedule and run propose creating both Facebook and Twitter pages during the beginning of each to help relate better to the target audience of stu- semester, the Campus Center dents. These vehicles will keep SecureIT at the fore- Cinemas would be a continu- Media Mix front of students’ mind, because they are constantly using these sites. This would also be a great way to ous form of advertising that would run throughout the ac- Table Tents feature weekly or monthly contests for students to ademic year. The cinema ad is The weekly cafeteria table tents are an excellent media vehicle to A combination of the preceding advertising win SecureIT swag and stay informed about all Secu- relatively cheaper in cost, and promote SecureIT. Because of the price of these tools, a flighting channels will be employed to meet the pro- reIT has to offer for the MSU community. can be used to easily measure schedule should be adopted and used to promote SecureIT’s promo- motional objectives of the campaign. The out many individuals see the tional events or at the start of each academic semester. Survey right mix is the one which best reaches the Another form of social media, texting, should be ads from the total atten- research has found that table tents are the most effective advertis- target audience, and the following vehicles used to reach users. Texting alerts on current phish- dance of screenings. ing tool used on campus to get the word out about an event. will do just that. ing attempts to avoid and safe computing tips.
  11. 11. Media Schedule Flowchart Budget Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Seasonality Budget: Facebook $2,700 Twitter Posters $400 State News $1,728 Table Tents $1,100 Youtube $50020 CCC Text Alerts $500 $540 21 Giveaways $2,000 Prizes $2,000 Events $7000 Ambient Media $1,500 As you will find in the budget section of the Flow Chart, a great portion of the allocated money is spent to outreach to students via social media and events $19,968 promotions. The section for prizes and giveaways will act as incentives to not only help The Flow Chart represents the flighting and pulsing of our advertisements increase brand identity and awareness for SecureIT but will also help to drive and promotions based upon seasonality. more students, faculty and staff to SecureIT’s social media pages. Our heaviest advertisements will be during the beginning and end of the The budget will also experience flighting and pulsing as more money will be spent Fall and Spring semesters while still keeping a constant stream of adver- at critical times, such as the beginning of Fall/Spring semesters, as needed. tising throughout the rest of the year.
  12. 12. Evaluation Meet the Mafia Measuring the success of the campaign can be done in several ways. The success of the social media aspect of the campaign can be measured by the number of Facebook friends, “likes”, wall posts, and the involvement of the student body in the con- Beth Berens Laura Larson is a creative Advertis- Laura is an Advertis- tests posted on SecureIT social media sites. ing major at Michigan ing senior at MSU. She State University. She will be graduating Using Twitter, we can measure the success learned a lot from summer 2011. Over the through the number of followers, hashtags being a part of this next year she hopes to referencing and/or related to SecureIT,22 23 mafia, so watch out land a job in marketing tweets, re-tweets, and contest involvements world. down south. via Twitter. Text Alerts and Youtube will allow SecureIT to easily measure the success based upon the number of people that sign up for the Text Alerts Ashley Patterson Brian Paul Kelsey Adams and the amount of Youtube views based upon the video posts on SecureIT’s social media sites. graduating May 2011 is recieving a B.A. in is a senior at Michi- with a B.A. in Adver- Media Arts and Adver- gan State University, tising. She works on tising from MSU. He majoring in creative One of the main goals of this campaign was to increase awareness and identity of SecureIT and movie promotion and hopes to use his edu- Advertising. their logo and to show students, faculty and staff the services that SecureIT provides while publicity and is Films cation to get a job as also increasing the awareness of protecting passwords, phishing scams and illegal file sharing. Director for UAB. a graphic designer, or A direct way to measure the successfulness of the campaign in this aspect is through follow up promotions director. surveys throughout campus and then compare it to the research done at the beginning of this campaign.
  13. 13. 24