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Sorry our notes are not included, but you can catch us presenting all over the Sacramento area...

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Metro-SEO | Web Marketing101

  1. 1. SEO 101
  2. 2. Presenter: Lindsay Myers Prime Google Real Estate
  3. 3. Presenter: Lindsay Myers Spelled Out SEO : Search Engine Optimization Organic – relies on the democratic nature of the web Work and effort Self-sustaining Initial expense
  4. 4. Presenter: Lindsay Myers How Search Rankings Work "They " are looking at... Keywords Code Content Links Whitehat vs. Blackhat (Source: Title Description
  5. 5. Presenter: Lindsay Myers Choose Keywords Carefully Ever try searching for you business without using its name? How do people search for you? Choose the right Keywords! A little analysis goes a long way. Differentiate your website from others offering the same product or service. Target your market by including Geo-location details. Your targeted Keywords should be included in: Title Description Content (preferably 1st paragraph) Remember: Each page should have its own Keywords.
  6. 6. Presenter: Lindsay Myers Links Another important Ranking factor... Each Link into the website is considered a 'vote'. Popularity - How many and how often? Authority - Do you answer a question? Geo-location - Where you at?
  7. 7. Presenter: Lindsay Myers Quality Links How can I generate links? Choose quality over quantity. Your own industry and community affiliations... ...and don't forget to check for 'missed opportunities'.
  8. 8. Presenter: Lindsay Myers SEO Expectations Beware of the "Google #1" guarantee. Make sure you understand what is being promised. No “one size fits all” solution. Expect 4 months to achieve sustainable organic search rankings. Don't forget about “Real Life Optimization”.