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We created this presentation during our Cloud Computing experiments, sharing what we thought best at the time. Very much involved in Open Source and Mobility...

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Metro-SEO | Free Tech Small Biz 11092009

  1. 1. Free Technologies: Advice for Small Businesses Presented by Ash Myers
  2. 2. Areas of Discussion Best Practices...SECTION 1 Knowledge Base..SECTION 4 Using a test machine for new software Wikis Risk of shareware/freeware Google Sites Getting Help – Tech Support Calendaring Luminotes Productivity..SECTION 2 OpenOffice/Other suites Backups/System Maint...SECTION 5 QuickBooks Simple Start/Other Financial Software System and Network Security Tax Software/Services System and Network Maintenance Support Forums Remote Access to your PC Project Management..SECTION 3 Other Items..SECTION 6 OpenProj vs. MS Projects Online Reputation and Marketing Other PM Software Disclaimer ~ Each business case is unique. Software and procedures discussed in this presentation may not be suitable for your system. Please consult a qualified professional, or be very confident in your own skills, before performing any change to a critical system.
  3. 3. Definitions Open Source - Free or inexpensive software that is offered via a public license. This public license allows us to use this software for personal or business purposes. Software License Agreements - A free software license grants users of that software the rights to modify and redistribute the creative works and software, both of which are forbidden by the defaults of copyright, and generally not granted with proprietary software. These licenses typically include a disclaimer of warranty. An important property of free software licenses is that they are not contracts. Users of free software do not need to agree to the license in order to simply use the software (only to copy or modify it).[definition from Wikipedia]. Wiki - The term 'wiki' comes from the Hawaiian word wikiwiki, which translates to quick web. The idea behind a wiki to provide information in a collaborative, interactive, and accessible way. Best Practices – The term “Best Practices” refers to those processes and procedures that have been washed out by industry as being the best way to do a particular act. Freeware and Shareware – Just like it sounds. Freeware and Shareware is software that is distributed free (or close to it) and can easily be obtained from many Freeware provider sites, such as
  4. 4. S e c t io n 1 : Best Practices...o r c lo s e to it.
  5. 5. Passwords, Passwords, Passwords Password Management • Change passwords every 90 days for critical information and use alpha-numeric as well as special characters when possible. • Use a Password Manager [software], this will provide for secure password generation and allow for very easy access and less to memorize. Think of this as your secure “hub”.
  6. 6. Recommendations General Recommendations • Computer as an appliance concept. • Use a test machine. • Backups and System Maintenance • Use the Help Files.
  7. 7. Getting Help - Tech Support Don't abuse your IT friends and family...please hire a professional. It's cheaper than you think. Because sometimes we need help... Many small businesses struggle with the concept and development of an IT strategy. Even the smallest of businesses need to take into account how technology will be used in that business and how systems will be maintained. It is easier than ever to get technical help. There are several service companies out there that cater to small and home based business and well as commercial services. Most will provide a free consult, then provide a bid. Others may charge time and materials. Either way, expect to pay a range of $65/hr to $185/hr...most small jobs should take around an hour or two.
  8. 8. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: • Low or no cost solutions. • Good user-forum support. Usually. • Usually well tested and reviewed. • Stability/Reliability Disadvantages: • More difficult to locate. • Technical understanding maybe required. • Availability of support on free versions. • Stability/Reliability • Scalability
  9. 9. Discover and use it... Identify First, identify what you would like to get out of your system. Include your smart phone, internet and phone service as well. Many times technologies become redundant or obsolete...or can simply be consolidated. Analyze Analyze your current system and take inventory of what tools are currently available. What Software, what hardware? Apply Solutions What technology is currently at your disposal and can you solve any items identified in Step 1? What is left...does anything need to be removed from the system? Then find out if you can solve any of the remaining issues with freeware. Upgrades Do you really need to upgrade? Don't be pulled in by bright and shiny. If your machine can run XP and access the internet at broadband speeds, then chances are you don't NEED a new machine.
  10. 10. Available Applications Productivity Suites OpenOffice Google Docs Project Management OpenProj Google Sites Helper (Task) Software Moffsoft KeyPass Remote Administration TeamViewer Operating Systems Ubuntu Redhat Knoppix ...and many many Online Presence more. Free Hosting Google Analytics SEO/SNO Local Directories
  11. 11. S e c t io n 2 : Productivity
  12. 12. OpenOffice I've created this presentation (and most of the content) using all free open source software... Open Office Writer – Word Processor (MS Word) Draw – Simple CAD (MS Paint) Impress – Desktop Publishing (MS PowerPoint) Math – Formula Tool Calc – Spreadsheets (MS Excel) Base – Database (MS Access) I just paid $399 for Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition (3 seat license) for a client. Did I mention OpenOffice is free and handles just about any format you through at it...
  13. 13. Look familiar? Writer Word Processor (MS Word) This is a screen shot (using Alt+Print Screen then Ctrl+V).
  14. 14. Look familiar? I've created this presentation (and most of the content) using all free open source software... Impress Desktop Publishing (MS PowerPoint) This is a screen shot (using Alt+Print Screen then Ctrl+V) of OpenOffice Impress while I was creating this presentation.
  15. 15. Look familiar? Calc Spreadsheets (MS Excel)
  16. 16. Google Docs and Others.... There are several online providers of productivity software that are gaining traction as well...full feature software that can be accessed via any internet connection. Most also come with a generous amount of storage as well... Online Office Suites Google Docs ThinkFree Online ...these tools are fantastic for anyone that wants to stay mobile. Metro-SEO uses Google Sites to manage our calendar, tasks, projects and wiki.
  17. 17. S e c t io n 3 : Project Management.
  18. 18. OpenProj There are several good project and task manager applications available. OpenProj PM Software (MS Project) OpenProj (pictured above) is a robust project management tool that provides Gantt charting and task dependencies. By the way, MS Project costs $599 for standard version, $999 for professional version.
  19. 19. S e c t io n 4 : Knowledge Base.
  20. 20. Luminotes Google and Zoho also offer free online wikis... Luminotes KB Software Luminotes is easy to learn. You can attach files and images. You can also allow other users access and permissions, so managing the changes is very simple. No more out of date procedures...
  21. 21. S e c t io n 5 : Backups and System Maintenance.
  22. 22. Crash Plan Try mapping out your own network. It really does help to have a graphic representation. Comes in handy when talking with tech support. Backups It truly depends on your situation, the more critical the data, the more often you may want to backup. I personally like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after bed time. Maintenance Most software manufactures release security patches on Tuesdays (Patch Tuesdays), so updating your system's OS, Backups are almost as important as passwords. Get yourself an AV, and Spyware Protection on external hard drive, most come with software that will allow you to Wednesdays is a good practice. setup nightly backups...
  23. 23. S e c t io n 6 : More Apps and other stuff.
  24. 24. Other Applications PDF-Viewer Ever want to make some notes on a document, but couldn't because it was a PDF? This solves that problem as well as provides great change control of the original document such as .DOC files. Chrome (Google Browser) Soon to be an Operating System offered on new PCs, Google Chrome has changed the way I navigate the internet. I highly recommend trying it's fast and easy, due to combined search or URL. Security is also very good with the “Incognito” feature which allows you to surf without leaving traces or receiving cookies...
  25. 25. Other Applications Moffsoft Looks simple, but the Windows Calculator doesn't allow you to print a receipt. TeamViewer Need to access your PC remotely. TeamViewer can be used like GoToMyPC or for remote assistance. AVG This is the best functioning Anti-Virus I have ever used. The free version last a year, then $39 a year after that. The price tag is perfect, especially compared to Norton starting at $69 a year, without the free year.
  26. 26. Available Services from Metro-SEO Metro-SEO's primary services are Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization, Online Marketing and Reputation Management. The Internet is now the first place people go to find information. We can provide the marketing statistics for you website so you can see directly your ROI...try that with the yellow pages. Having a website is NOT enough of an online presence for your company. Unless you also rank high on each of the major search engines for your targeted phrases, chances are that no one will see the website. Where does your website rank? Other services: This seminar and the services I offer - performing consultations and implementation projects - sprouts from the needs we see in our customers and partners that struggle with these issues. Small Businesses need support too, and it shouldn't break their budgets to get it. A lot of times, all that's needed is a bit of training and confidence in the technology they already own.
  27. 27. $1,277...for $39 Cost Savings Summary Microsoft Word = $229 OpenOffice Write = free Microsoft PowerPoint = $229 OpenOffice Impress = free Microsoft Excel = $229 OpenOffice Calc = free Microsoft Access = $229 OpenOffice Base = free Microsoft Project Standard 2007 = $599 Serena OpenProj = free GoToMyPC = $179.40/yr TeamViewer = free Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (w/Outlook and Publisher) = $499 OpenOffice Suite (w/ Math and Draw) = free Google ...and many many more. If you had to purchase MS Office and Project, as well as need remote access to your computer, it would cost you $1,277.40...or you can use the comparable free tools I've discussed today for free...
  28. 28. Sources and Links Sources, Links, and Resources: Metro-SEO Intuit Microsoft ZDnet ThinkFree Online Newegg Digg OpenOffice Snapfiles ZDnet Downloads KeePass PDF-Viewer Ash Myers - LinkedIn (also on first slide)
  29. 29. Thank You! For additional information: (916) 807-0626 •