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‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ <br />‘I think therefore I am’. It’s an incredibly controversial phrase. Do we really exist? Is this tru...
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Cogito ergo sum


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Dec. 6, 2010

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Cogito ergo sum

  1. 1. ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ <br />‘I think therefore I am’. It’s an incredibly controversial phrase. Do we really exist? Is this truly the real world or are we controlled by some brilliant avid gamers? Are we actually breathing? My answer is that yes, everyone on this Earth is a person of their own with their own thoughts and opinions. <br />My first example is the concept of having a conscience, being able to form thoughts of our own. I suppose someone could argue that these words are being typed from a computer to my head but I can’t fathom how. I am my own personality, I have my own values and experiences, as does everyone else.<br /> My second piece of proof is science. Biology. The way our brains and bodies work. People bleed when they are injured, scream when they are in pain. Pain is controlled by nerves. We know how people work. How our memories work. Even if you think you can’t remember something that it’s still all there, just hidden. Nobody’s memory is ever truly gone. We remember people and what effect hey had on us. These are examples of how we know human biology functions, and although there are still things we don’t know about the universe, we are learning. <br />My third point is reason in itself, and though I know we could not be sure of who could be controlling us, I just can’t imagine why anything or anyone would go through all the trouble to make this world seem so realistic when they could just program us to accept doubt. Humans are far too curious to be controlled. A creature or person intelligent enough to create this false world is intelligent enough to realize that fact. <br />I think this concept is interesting, and perhaps unanswerable in some way s but nearly pointless. It fosters paranoia, and although I am all for evolution and discovery, I think this question has wasted a lot of people a lot of time.<br />