04 -10 February 2013    NEW DELHIWORLD BOOK FAIR 2013  FRENCH   FOCUS             French Pavilion: Hall 7 A, B, C,       +...
04 -10 February 2013    NEW DELHIWORLD BOOK FAIR 2013  FRENCH   FOCUS             French Pavilion: Hall 7 A, B, C,       +...
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French Delegation6                                                                                                        ...
A Brief Panorama of Publishing in8                                                                                        ...
Programme10                                                                                                               ...
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22                                                                                      23     Saturday, - 9writing worksh...
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Brochure officielle de la délégation française au New Delhi World Book Fair


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Découvrez le programme complet de l'évènement "Bonjour France" du New Delhi World Book Fair. La France est l'invitée d'honneur dans le cadre de "Bonjour India" à cette foire internationale du livre. Cette année, à l'occasion de leur voyage d'étude, les étudiants du mastère spécialisé Management de l’édition sont reçus dans la délégation officielle de la France.

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Brochure officielle de la délégation française au New Delhi World Book Fair

  1. 1. 04 -10 February 2013 NEW DELHIWORLD BOOK FAIR 2013 FRENCH FOCUS French Pavilion: Hall 7 A, B, C, + Conference Hall: Hall 7, 1st Floor + Shakuntalam Theatre Pragati Maidan
  2. 2. 04 -10 February 2013 NEW DELHIWORLD BOOK FAIR 2013 FRENCH FOCUS French Pavilion: Hall 7 A, B, C, + Conference Hall: Hall 7, 1st Floor + Shakuntalam Theatre Pragati Maidan
  3. 3. 5 The French Book Office of the Embassy puts French and Indian professionals from the publishing industry in touch. It informs and assists both Indian and French publishers, translators, writers and readers towards this end, working as a real channel of connection between the two publishing worlds. As a result, professional and rights exchanges between Indian and French publishers have increased considerably over the past few years. Even so, gauging the expectations of the Indian market and helping Indian publishers understand those of the French market continue to be of paramount importance to us. Thus, we are making the most of this opportunity to bring French and Indian publishers together once again through the Indo-French Professional Round Table Message fromthe Ambassador Meetings on the 5th of February.of France to India F rance is honoured to have been chosen by the National Book Trust (NBT) to be the Guest Country for the 21st New Delhi World Book Fair 2013 to foster French literature in India as part of I am delighted with this special occasion for celebrating French literature and culture in all their grandeur. India and France share longstanding ties, and I am sure that World Book Fair 2013 will be the “Bonjour India” festival. In partnership with the Bureau for the memorable for bringing the two cultures yet closer to each other. International Promotion of French Books (B.I.E.F.), the Embassy of France in India and the Institut français en Inde are pleased I warmly wish the National Book Trust all success for the twenty- to announce that close to 2000 French titles will be available at first edition of the World Book Fair.  the French pavilion and a host of literary events are scheduled during these seven days at Pragati Maidan:  book launches, workshops and encounters with acclaimed authors such as Tahar Ben Jelloun, Kénizé Mourad and Dominique Sigaud. World Book H.E. Mr François Richier Fair 2013  will also showcase various aspects of French culture through an exhibition entitled “France Remains”, a collection of Ambassador of France to India fifteen panels on the presence of French heritage in India, and a series of film screenings.   New Delhi, 4th February 2013
  4. 4. French Delegation6 7 Institutions Publishers Benita Edzard, Foreign Alain Gründ, President, Anne Risaliti, International Rights Manager, Robert Bureau International de Rights Manager, Hatier & Laffont l’Edition Française (B.I.E.F.) Didier Jeunesse Vaiju Naravane, in charge of Jean-Guy Boin, Director, Fabiana Angelini, Foreign the Indian series / Foreign B.I.E.F. Rights Manager, Casterman Literature, Albin Michel and Christine Karavias, Project - Flammarion / Père Castor correspondent based in Paris Manager, B.I.E.F. - Autrement for The Hindu Muriel Vandeventer, Policy Anne Viallon, Head of the Officer for Books, Ministry International Department, Training Institutions of Foreign Affairs Esmod Publishers for the Publishing Jennie Dorny, Foreign Industry Authors Rights Department, Le Seuil Aida Dïab, Director, Asfored Tahar Ben Jelloun Stefanie Drews, Foreign Marie-Pierre Fenoll- Kenizé Mourad Rights Department, Stock Trousseau, Professor of Law, Dominique Sigaud Hugues Jallon, Editor, Non- ESCP Europe Fiction and Essays, Le Seuil A group of 25 students, Marianne Durand, Director, Master in Management for Nathan Jeunesse the Publishing Industry
  5. 5. A Brief Panorama of Publishing in8 9 ‘Droit d’auteur’, which various commercialisation inflation. Moreover, still in goes back two and a half networks. The fixed-price that thirty year period, the France centuries to Beaumarchais, is a decisive element in the system, established thirty years ago by law, also permits annual production of new titles has more than doubled: 2 The publishing industry belongs to the private sector. State publishers (major structure of the publishing process. Patrimonial and moral rights lie at the basis of the existence of a large and diverse network of book shops in France: independents, a sign of authentic cultural diversity. museums, university presses the system. This conception book store chains, big cultural As far as digital publishing 1 In 2011, the French publishing industry’s global revenue was around editorial production has more than doubled. Paperbacks made their appearance in France sixty years ago. Today, they translated abroad after English language. Each year too, 10 000 titles are for the most part) represent roughly 3% of all publishing output. Although publishing of literary property permits a relation between authors and publishers that is as balanced stores such as the FNAC and hypermarkets. is concerned, the single book price is applied in this sector and, as for the traditional print 4.5 billion Euros (in terms When we look at the revenue represent a substantial part of translated from many is essentially private enterprise, as possible; and notably leads The variety and density of book, a reduced VAT rate is of sales price). In 10 years, per sector, we observe the sales: 24% of all books sold languages to the French, so, cooperation with the to a smaller number of literary this network generates a wide applied. business in publishing has following: in France in 2011 were in nearly 20% of the French public sector is nevertheless agents, who may possess offer throughout the country remained stable, a sign of the paperback format. In recent book production in terms significant. Apart from public qualities but whose actions and, helped by the fixed-price Government authorities and sector’s maturity. School books: 15,5 % years, this type of book has of new titles come from all subsidies, especially those can complicate, rather than system, competition in quality professionals of the publishing taken an ever-increasing part the world. This means that issued by the ‘Centre national simplify, relations between of service, which is what the industry consider that the Humanities and Social Exports, 74% of which go of the total number of books for publishing industry, du livre’ which are limited in creators and their ‘producers’. book buyer appreciates most. economy of this market (still towards French-speaking Sciences: 4 % sold, a sign of a change in exchanges, cultural diversity volume, government bodies Legal dispositions concerning in its infancy: it represented countries, account for 23% of Law: 3,4 % book buyers’ relation with the are very important points for assist the sector through mass photocopying and A recent study by a French only 2% of the total book this revenue. Fiction: 26,2 % book. the activity, the development various systems. borrowing books in libraries MP, commissioned by the market in France in 2011) of the book chain and the ensure that the creator is Ministry of Culture, revealed must be subject to regulations, Children’s books: 14 % The number of titles French publishing industry partnership with foreign Publishing, and more respected and remunerated. that over three decades - in just like the print book. published in 2011 was Comic books: 8,5 % is also concerned by colleagues. generally the book production other words since the system 81 000, including 42 000 new STM: 3,2 % international matter. Each line, operates within a In economic terms, the fact has been in existence - the Jean-Guy Boin titles and new editions. In the Illustrated and practical year, 10 000 French titles ‘regulated’ system: a legal that publishers fix the sales price of books has risen less Director, Bureau international last 5 years, the number of are translated in various and economic framework price of their books gives than prices of consumer goods de l’Edition Française books: 16 % titles published has increased countries. French language governs its action as well as its them better control of their in general. This clearly shows (B.I.E.F.) by 16%; in the last 20 years, Others: 9,2 % is thus the second language development. future production through that the system counters
  6. 6. Programme10 11 Venues French Pavilion: Hall 7 A, B, C, Pragati Maidan Conference Hall: Hall 7, 1st Floor, Pragati Maidan Shakuntalam Theatre, Pragati Maidan Programme Overview - French Focus 4 February Official Inauguration 10.30 am Hall 7 / French Pavilion 6 February Film Screening : The Princess of Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier (2010) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 4 to 10 February “France Heritage”: A photography exhibition of French heritage in India 11 am to 7.30 pm Outside Hall 7 7 February Presentation on the Training for the Publishing Industry in France and India 11 am Conference Hall 4 to 10 February French Delicacies : Le Bistrot, French Cuisine 11 am to 7.30 pm French Pavilion 7 February Film Screening : The Other One by Patrick Mario Bernard (2009) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 4 February A Literary Encounter with Tahar Ben Jelloun / Book Signing 2.30 pm French Pavilion 7 February Launch of Mots Transparents / Transparent Words 5.30 pm French Pavilion A Literary Encounter with Kenizé Mourad : Launch of In the City of Gold and Silver 8 February Film screening : Asterix and the Vikings by Stefan Fjeldmark, Jesper Moller (2006) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 4 February 4 pm French Pavilion published by Full Circle / Book Signing 4 February Film Screening : Delicacy by David Foenkinos and Stéphane Foekinos (2011) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 8 February Interaction with the photographers of “France Heritage” Exhibition 6 pm French Pavilion 5 February Indo-French Professional Round Table Meetings - on registration - 10.30 am to 5.30 pm Conference Hall 9 February “My True Night” - A writing workshop with Dominique Sigaud - on registration - 11 am to 2 pm Conference Hall 5 February Film Screening : The Other One by Patrick Mario Bernard (2009) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 9 February Film screening : The Human Resources Manager by Eran Riklis (2010) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre 6 February “Reception of Indian Literature in France” - A talk by Vaiju Naravane 3 pm French Pavilion 10 February Film screening : The Princess of Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier (2010) 5 pm Shakuntalam Theatre
  7. 7. 12 13 Official Inauguration The official inauguration of the New Delhi World Monday, 4th February, Time: 10:30 am, Venue: Hall 7 / French Pavilion Book Fair will be held in the presence of Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju, Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Dr. Karan Singh, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Mr. M.A. Sikandar, Director of the National Book Trust (N.B.T.), H.E. Mr. François Richier, Ambassador of France to India, Mr. Alain Gründ, President of the B.I.E.F., Mr. Jean-Guy Boin, Director of the B.I.E.F. and the delegation of French Publishers.
  8. 8. 14 15 Literary Events the perspective of female French and English into protagonists, in order to English and Bangla. She shed critical light on gender has six published books in relations. Ben Jelloun’s other her credit. Her profession is well-know works published editing and publishing. At by Gallimard include: present she is the president Monday, 4th February Leaving Tangier (2005) and of Alliance Francaise du A Palace in the Old Village Bengale and co-convenor (2009). Gallimard also of the Indian National 2.30 pm: A Literary Encounter with Tahar Ben Jelloun / Book Signing Venue: French Pavilion published his latest novel Le Trust for Art and Cultural (Hall 7 A, B, C) Bonheur conjugal (“Marital Heritage (INTACH). She’s Bliss”) in September 2012. the publisher of Tahar Ben The author now lives in Paris Jelloun in Bangla. Let’s meet the acclaimed Harrouda, was published author to do so); and The the Prix Ulysse (2006), both and regularly contributes French writer Tahar Ben in 1973. Since then, he has Wrong Night (1997). Some awarded for his lifetime articles and reviews to Le Jelloun who will be in written numerous novels, of his other novels include work. His novels are critical Monde, La Repubblica, El conversation with Kanchana short stories, poetry, and Corruption (1994; winner of many aspects of society País, and Panorama. Mukhopadhyay, Publisher at essays. He is perhaps best of the Prix Méditerranée in and deal with issues such as Catherine Hélie © Editions Gallimard Bingsha Shatabdi and editor known for his trilogy about 1995), the best-seller Racism racism and the kind of state Kanchana Mukhopadhyay of his book L’Islam expliqué the life of Ahmed/Zahra, a Explained to My Daughter and religious repression he is actively involved in various aux enfants (et à leurs parents) girl whose father, desperate (1998), This Blinding Absence experienced in his home research projects concerning in Bangla translation. It will for a male heir, raises her as of Light (2001; winner of country. He does not object Indo-French history and be followed by a session of a boy: The Sand Child (1985: the International IMPAC to “Islam in terms of a relationships. Her works book signing. a best-seller in France); Dublin Literary Award beautiful culture and great are regularly published in The Sacred Night (1987: in 2005), and The Last civilisation”, but is against various research journals in Born in Morocco in 1944, for which he received the Friend (2004). Among the those who “use Islam in English, French and Bangla. Tahar Ben Jelloun is one prestigious French literary other notable awards he order to control women Her specific area of interest of France’s most celebrated prize, the Goncourt, making has received are the Prix and children”. In his novels is historical travelogues. She writers. His first novel, him the first Maghreb Nouredine Aba (2004) and Ben Jelloun often adopts regularly translates from Bingsha Shatabdi
  9. 9. 16 17 subcontinent. Her first novel Monday, 4th February De la part de la princesse morte 4 pm: A Literary Encounter with Kenizé (Robert Laffont, 1987) won Mourad the Prix Anaïs Ségalas by Launch of In the City of Gold and Silver the Académie française and published by Full Circle & Book Signing the Prix des lectrices by Elle Venue: French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, B, C) and has been translated into 34 languages. Other popular The bestselling author be followed by a session of books by her include a Kenizé Mourad will be part book signing. novel Le Jardin de Badalpour of the World Book Fair (Fayard, 1998), a book on the to launch of the English Born in Paris, Kenizé Israeli- Palestinian question translation of her latest Mourad is the daughter of Le parfum de notre terre : Voix historical novel entitled a Turkish princess and an de Palestine et d’Israël (Robert Dans la Ville d’or et d’argent Indian Raja. She studied Laffont, 2003) and Dans la (Robert Laffont, 2010), sociology and psychology ville d’or et d’argent (Robert published in January 2013 by at Sorbonne before Laffont, 2010). In 2012, the Full Circle under the title In entering journalism. She French government named the City of Gold and Silver. has worked as a freelance her “Officier de l’Ordre for various newspapers des Arts et des Lettres”. Launch and panel discussion including Ouest France, Recently, she became with Kenizé Mourad, Les Nouvelles d’Alsace, Le the Patron of ‘L’Inde des Priyanka Malhotra, Monde Diplomatique, and Livres’, an annual book fair Director of Full Circle and for radio programs at France organized in Paris by ‘Les © Ulf Andersen Veena Talwar Oldenburg, Culture. But she made comptoirs de l’Inde’. Professor of History at the most of her career in Le Graduate Center and Baruch Nouvel Observateur, from College of City University of 1970 to 1983, covering the New York (CUNY). It will Middle East and the Indian
  10. 10. 18 19 Speakers will include Tuesday,Indo-French Professional Round Table Meetings 5th February Wednesday,Literature in France” - A talk by Vaiju Naravane 6th February experts from France and India:  10.30 am – 5.30 pm:   3 pm: “Reception of Indian Venue: Conference Hall (Hall 7, 1st Floor) - On registration - Jean-Guy Boin, Director, Venue: French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, B, C) B.I.E.F. As the Guest of Honor at in the book industry, will respective book markets in Alain Gründ, President, the 21st New Delhi World share their knowledge and order to work more closely B.I.E.F. Book Fair, France has a experiences in the context in the future and increase Hugues Jallon, Editor, Non- She will give an overview unique occasion to present of the general panorama the professional exchanges Fiction and Essays, Le Seuil of the reception of Indian and showcase its literature, as well as the main fields between France and India. Marianne Durand, Director, Literature in France and books, writers and culture of book publishing: By sharing experiences and Nathan Jeunesse will share her experience in in general. The French non-fiction, fiction and getting to know each other Benita Edzard, Foreign acquiring rights for Indian Book Office in India and children’s literature like for better, this “four-moments / rights Manager, Robert titles that are published in the Bureau International international cooperation two-voices” seminar intends Laffont  French translation by Albin de l’Edition Française concerning illustrated books. to consolidate the bridge Anita Roy, Publisher, Young Michel Publishers. (B.I.E.F.), an office for the between both the countries Zubaan International Promotion Comparing the editorial and seek a favorable Karthika V.K., Vaiju Naravane is the of French Books based movements and exploring perspective for the future. HarperCollins India Europe correspondent in Paris, wanted to take what’s published in both Neeta Gupta, Publisher, of The Hindu in Paris. She this opportunity to bring the countries will help The seminar will Yatra Books also acquires rights for together French and Indian define what is expected by include 4 sessions publication in French professionals with the help the French market from (General, Children’s translation of Indian authors of the National Book Trust India and vice-versa. We Books, Fiction and To register please write for the French publishing in India. live in a world of book Non-Fiction), each to sadanandan.karaye@ house, Albin Michel. She publishing which is changing with a French and institutfrancais.in publishes authors like Duos of panelists, one rapidly and therefore we an Indian publisher / With your name, Vikram Seth, Rohinton French and one Indian, must continue to do a editor. designation, company and Mistry, Alan Hollinghurst, who are editors or experts comparative study of our contact details Indra Sinha, Anita Nair, etc. 
  11. 11. 20 21 Thursday, 7th February Industry in France and India 5.30 pm: Launch of Mots Transparents / Transparent Words Venue: French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, B, C) 11 am: Presentation on the Training for the Publishing Venue: Conference Hall (Hall 7, 1st Floor) The Embassy of France GOYAL Publishers & produced and distributed in India in partnership Distributors Pvt. Ltd. is a by GOYAL can also be Two leading training Asfored strives to create and The Seagull School of with GOYAL Publishers leading name in foreign purchased online at www. Institutions present the provide the necessary initial Publishing, based in & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. language books and has goyalpublisher.com and Publishing Industry in and professional training for Calcutta, offers a professional is proud to announce the been providing quality books www.goyalsaab.com. France and India. For the publishing industry in course - in Editing and in launch of the second opus at an affordable price for France, ASFORED / ESCP all its diversity. It also has a Book Design - run entirely of Mots Transparents / more than 35 years. Today Europe’s Specialized Master mission of auditing. Over the by practicing publishers, Transparent Words. This is it reprints and distributes in Management for the years, Asfored has become editors and designers who a glamorous recollection books from leading foreign Publishing Industry will be the undisputed reference in are passionate about the craft of the many French words language publishers of the presented by students of the the profession. Established of publishing. commonly used in English.  world and collaborates with current batch. For India, in 1819, ESCP Europe is After the great success of various cultural institutes in Naveen Kishore, Director the world’s oldest business Present in nine Indian the first edition, a second the Indian sub-continent of the Seagull Publishing school and has educated cities, Campus France is opus was created due to to bring to the Indian School will present the generations of leaders and the governmental agency popular demand.  A new student books that boast proposed training in Editing forefront thinkers. The promoting French higher foreword by His Excellency of international quality and Book Design. The Specialized Master in education, functioning under the Ambassador of France in at low prices. It also runs session will be introduced Management for the the aegis of the Embassy of India, Mr. François Richier GOYAL Foreign Language by Renaud Vély, Deputy Publishing Industry, jointly France in India. and two new sections on Book shops that are the Attaché for University managed by Asfored and sport and environment largest collection of foreign Cooperation and Campus ESCP Europe, is a gateway (transparent words in both language books under one France, Embassy of France to management positions in languages!) are added. roof in the Indian sub- in India. publishing. continent and has branches in Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Books
  12. 12. 22 23 Saturday, - 9writing workshop with Dominique Sigaud th February 11 am: “My True Night” A Venue: Conference Hall (Hall 7, 1st Floor) - On registration - To register please write to by a sense of affiliation: camille.dhuy@diplomatie. ceremony, rituals, war, gouv.fr cyclones… During this With your name, workshop, each individual designation and contact will write their essential details night. A real night, be it from childhood or recent Join us for a creative times. workshop on the art of writing entitled “My True Dominique Sigaud used to Night” which will be be a free-lance reporter in conducted by Dominique southern countries facing Sigaud. civil wars like Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Rwanda. In Night is the essential 1996, she became a writer common feature of human and published 15 novels, beings where they live: narratives, travel stories, © Wilfrid Rouff abandonment, discrepancy, police novels or essay. She’s silence, dreams, nightmares; also performing writing for everyone, whatever the workshop in high school, age, wealth, culture. Yet some prison, mental hospital. nights are deeply marked
  13. 13. 24 25 Film Screenings The Other One on Tuesday, 5th February at 5 pm Venue: Shakuntalam Theatre Delicacy on Monday, 4th February at 5 pm Film: L’Autre Director: Patrick Mario Film: La Délicatesse ensues between this highly Bernard, Pierre Trividic Director: David Foenkinos, improbable couple that (2009) Stéphane Foenkinos (2011) gives rise to bewilderment Cast: Dominique Blanc, Cast: Audrey Tautou, and aggressiveness amongst Cyril Gueï, Peter Bonke, François Damiens, Bruno Nathalie’s colleagues. Do Christèle Tual, Anne Benoît, Todeschini, Pio Marmaï we really choose the way Charlotte Clamens Running time: 1h48min in which life is reborn? Running time: 1h37min Nathalie and Markus end Nathalie has everything up fleeing so as to live their Anne-Marie has a peaceful to be happy. She is young, relationship and joy in peace. break-up with her boyfriend beautiful, and contentedly This story of a rebirth is also Alex, whom she doesn’t love married. But then her one about the strangeness of anymore. However, upon husband’s accidental death love. learning that another woman stops her in her tracks. For The film is adapted from has come into his life, she several years, she buries David Foenkinos’ eight becomes insanely jealous... herself in her work and novel, winner of 10 literary Second feature film of puts her love life on hold. awards. The film was the directors Trividic and Then suddenly, without nominated for the Cesar of Bernard, The Other One is really knowing why, she Best Adapted Screenplay an adaptation of the short kisses one of her colleagues, and Best First Film in 2012. film called The Occupation Markus, a very atypical man. by Annie Ernaux, published A peculiar love affair then in 2003.
  14. 14. 26 27 The Princess of Montpensier on Wednesday, 6th February at 5 pm The Other One on Thursday, 7th February at 5 pm Film: La Princesse de to his chateau, where she Montpensier (2010) is tutored by Chabannes, Film: L’Autre film called The Occupation Director: Bertrand Tavernier the Protestant deserter he Director: Patrick Mario by Annie Ernaux, published Cast: Mélanie Thierry, protects, who soon falls in Bernard, Pierre Trividic in 2003. Lambert Wilson, Grégoire love with the young woman. (2009) Leprince-Ringuet, Gaspard Then, on their way back from Cast: Dominique Blanc, Ulliel, Raphaël Personnaz battle, Henri de Guise and Cyril Gueï, Peter Bonke, Running time: 2h19min the Duke d’Anjou, the heir Christèle Tual, Anne Benoît, to the throne, stop at the Charlotte Clamens France, 1562. The wars of chateau. Henri and Marie Running time: 1h37min religion between Catholics realize their feelings for each and Protestants rage against other are as strong as ever. Anne-Marie has a peaceful a backdrop of intrigue and The film was selected for break-up with her boyfriend shifting alliances.Marie official competition at Alex, whom she doesn’t love de Mézières, a beautiful Cannes 2010. anymore. However, upon young aristocrat, and learning that another woman Henri de Guise, one of the has come into his life, she kingdom’s most intrepid becomes insanely jealous... heroes, are in love, but Second feature film of Marie’s father promises her the directors Trividic and hand in marriage to the Bernard, The Other One is Prince of Montpensier. The an adaptation of the short prince takes Marie back
  15. 15. 28 29 Astérix and the Vikings on Friday, 8th February at 5 pm The Human Resources Manager on Saturday, 9th February at 5 pm Film: Le Voyage du directeur woman’s absence. The HR Film: Astérix et les Vikings breaks loose. Asterix and des ressources humaines manager is hence sent on a (2006) Obelix must do whatever Director: Eran Riklis (2010) public relations mission by Director: Stefan Fjeldmark, it takes to find him. While Cast: Noah Silver, Mark his boss. It’s the beginning Jesper Møller they head off to look for him, Ivanir, Guri Alfi, Rozina of an adventure that takes Cast: Roger Carel, Lorànt going as far as the Great Cambos, Julian Negulesco, our hero from the mystical Deutsch, Sara Forestier, North, their young protégé, Bogdan Marian Stanoevitch streets of Jerusalem to Jacques Frantz, Pierre roped into a dastardly Running time: 1h43min glacial Rumania to look for Palmade, Pierre Tchernia, plot he wants no part of, Yulia’s village. At the head Bernard Alane, Marc Alfos, encounters beautiful and Nothing is going right of a chaotic convoy, which Jules Azem intrepid Abba and realizes for the Human Resources includes the dead woman’s Running time: 1h18min that love can sometimes be manager of Jerusalem’s teenage son, rebelling against like a slap on the face. True largest bakery: he has everything, the exasperating A small Gaul village culture shock! separated from his wife, journalist “covering” the welcomes Goudurix, the his daughter doesn’t want story, an eccentric consul, chief ’s nephew, and Asterix The Adventures of Asterix to see him, and he is stuck and a cumbersome coffin, the and Obelix are given the and Obelix were born in a job he hates. After the HR manager rediscovers a responsibility of making a from the imagination of accidental death of one the little of his humanity and the man of him. Around the illustrator Albert Uderzo and bakery’s female employees, taste for “human resources. same time, the Vikings arrive screenwriter, René Goscinny. a daily newspaper accuses The film was named best in Gaul, determined to find Over the years, Asterix and the firm of inhumanity and film, best director and best a “champion of fear”. When Obelix become legendary indifference, revealing that screenplay of the year at the Goudurix is kidnapped by figures in the world of nobody on the factory staff Israeli Academy Awards, the the Vikings, all disaster comics. had remarked the young Oscars of Israel.
  16. 16. 30 31 Photography Exhibition The Princess of Montpensier on Sunday, 10th February at 5 pm Opening: 11 am on Monday, 4 February Venue: Entrance, Hall 7, Pragati Maidan Exhibition on view until Sunday, 10 February (11 am – 7.30 pm) Film: La Princesse de prince takes Marie back Montpensier (2010) to his chateau, where she Director: Bertrand Tavernier is tutored by Chabannes, Cast: Mélanie Thierry, the Protestant deserter he Lambert Wilson, Grégoire protects, who soon falls in Leprince-Ringuet, Gaspard love with the young woman. Ulliel, Raphaël Personnaz Then, on their way back from Running time: 2h19min battle, Henri de Guise and the Duke d’Anjou, the heir France, 1562. The wars of to the throne, stop at the religion between Catholics chateau. Henri and Marie and Protestants rage against realize their feelings for each a backdrop of intrigue and other are as strong as ever. shifting alliances. Marie The film was selected for de Mézières, a beautiful official competition at young aristocrat, and Cannes 2010. Henri de Guise, one of the kingdom’s most intrepid heroes, are in love, but Marie’s father promises her hand in marriage to the Prince of Montpensier. The
  17. 17. 32 33 independent trading posts fRANCE heritage from the 17th to the 20th century in Pondicherry, Chandernagore, Mahe, A photographic voyage of French heritage in India with Anay Mann, Gigi Scaria, Rishi Singhal, Serena Chopra, Isabel Saij Yanam and Karaikal. The along with Jean-Pierre Dubois French brought to India a new way of life, trade, «Glimpses of France Heritage is a Anay Mann, has taken the Moorish Mosque in governance, military warfare photography project built shape of an exhibition Kapurthala built by French techniques, creating a France are still around the labour of love of around this incredible slice architect M. Manteaux and cultural diversity which we visible in the young Indian conservation architect, Ms. Aishwarya of Indo-French history. The idea is not only to showcase the Jagatjit Singh Palace (now the Sainik School) now define as shared cultural heritage. The tangible built form of buildings Tipnis, who has made a France’s connections with with its architecture based on heritage varies from forts first attempt to map French India and the legacy left the Palace of Versailles and and military installations, along the Strand, inspiration in Indian behind but also to throw Fontainbleau, or down south public buildings, residential architecture. Drawing from up questions related to from the forts of Gingee and buildings, public squares, city gates with this research, photographers conservation and artistic and Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu urban artifacts and even inscriptions of Anay Mann, Gigi Scaria, Serena Chopra, Rishi social and other aspects. to Tipu’s Summer Palace in Bangalore, the challenges urban city planning. Intangible influences on ‘Liberté, Egalité, Singhal, Isabel Saij along Be these the French and were many, but the culture include education with Jean-Pierre Dubois Islamic architectural styles photographers returned with systems, trade, art, design, Fraternité’ as revisited French built and of the Chowmahalla their own understanding of interiors and culinary well as the rich intangible heritage in India in 2012 and brought to Palace in Hyderabad, or the association between Le this rather quaint and lesser known heritage of India. traditions. merchant houses life France in India in an Corbusier and Shodhan French heritage in India is © Serena Chopra exciting journey bringing House in Ahmedabad, The French East India multifaceted and presents of the Bengali back with them their own or the rapidly changing Company (La Compagnie opportunities for both zamindars» stories. Their work, under the curatorship of photographer built heritage landscape in Chandernagor, or again Française des Indes Orientales) maintained development of tourism and conservation and restoration.
  18. 18. 34 35 Acknowledgements Ms. Anuradha Narayan in Isabel Saij and Jean-Pierre Friday, 8th February Bangalore, Dubois dedicate the project in The French Embassy / Prof. Kulbhushan Jain, the memory of Ambassador Institut Français en Inde and Prof. R.J. Vasavada, André Lewin, who was 6 pm: Interaction with the France Heritage the photographers convey Mr. Chaitanya Dev Jhala, keenly interested in the photographers their warmest wishes and Mr. Abhinav Shukla, France Heritage project, but Venue: French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, B, C) thanks to the following Mr. Nandkishore Shodhan, who passed away in October people and institutions Mr. Anand Sarabhai, 2012. André Lewin has been without whose advice, Ms. Manvita Baradi, Ambassador to India from Interaction with some France support and help, the Ms. Sara Keller, 1987 to 1991 and he remained Heritage photographers exhibition would not have Ms. Suchitra  an ardent EU-India diplomat including Anay Mann, been possible. Balasubramaniam, besides a brilliant humanist Gigi Scaria, Serena Chopra Mr. Malhar Dhruv, and a seasoned diplomat with and Rishi Singhal, and Ms. Aishwarya Tipnis, Mr. Jigar Purohit, a genuine commitment for the conservation architect Mr. Rohit Bal, Mr. Philippe Martin, global peace and cooperation. Aishwarya Tipnis. The owners and management Mr. Chintan Pandya of Chowmahalla Palace, The Archaeological Survey of India, The Sainik School Kapurthala, Mr. Dhritabrata Bhattachariya, Ms Neline Mondal, Ms. Basabi Pal, © Rishi Singhal Dr. Bhaskar Das, Mr. Saibal Das, Ms. Pinaki De, Mr. Sapnendu Kar,
  19. 19. 36 37 French Delicacies Acknowledgements Venue: French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, B, C) Le Bistrot: cuisine et culture Le Bistrot @ I.F.I. We thank the National We thank the entire Narender Kumar for their françaises 2, Aurangzeb Road Book Trust (N.B.T.) for French delegation for their worthwhile efforts in making New Delhi 110011 giving us the honour to be continued partnership and the pavilion a nice and «Le Bistrot» is now open Landline: +91 - 11 - the Guest Country for the valuable participation at the comfortable space. at Aurangzeb Road, inside 65028384 / +91 9718182974 21st New Delhi World Book Book Fair. the magnificent Lutyens Fair 2013: in particular its compound of the Insitut director M.A. Sikandar, and Thanks to the following Français en Inde (I.F.I.), Pradip Chhabra as well as organizations for animating French Embassy’s Cultural Rubin DCruz. the French pavilion: Bingsha Centre, in a congenial Shatabdi selling the French location near Khan Our most sincere thanks to books, Le Bistrot proposing Market and cross point the Bureau International de French delicacies and of I.F.I’s multiple cultural l’Edition Française (B.I.E.F.) Campus France promoting events. Le Bistrot will be without whom we couldn’t higher education in France. associated with the French have organized the “French participation at the WBF Focus” during the WBF And we would like to and will sell coffee, tea and 2013. In addition, it has been thank Expro Events, in French delicacies on the a great pleasure to work with particular Vipul Agarwal, French Pavilion (Hall 7 A, Alain Gründ, Jean-Guy Boin Mukul Agarwal, Shruti B, C). and Christine Karavias. Bhatt, Sachin Jaiswal and
  20. 20. 38 Book Office Published in 2013 by For regular updates on Ms Camille Dhuy, Project Address events and latest news, visit Coordinator our website: Email: camille.dhuy@ Institut Français en Inde / http://bibliofrance.in/ diplomatie.gouv.fr Embassy of France in India Concept & Design: Akshay Raj Singh Rathore 2, Aurangzeb Road Team Mr K. Sadanandan, New Delhi 110011 Print: Communications Officer All rights reserved. Dr Judith Oriol, Book Email: sadanandan.karaye@ Tel.: + 91-11-30410000 Attaché institutfrancais.in Fax: + 91-11-30410059 © Institut Français en Inde Email: judith.oriol@ diplomatie.gouv.fr Ms Mansi Kalra, Project Coordinator Email: mansi.kalra@ institutfrancais.in
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