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Days of the week


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Days of the week

  1. 1. Days of the weekword origins
  2. 2. Nobody really knows why thereare seven days in a week. Possiblycould be that there was one day of theweek for each of the seven visibleplanets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.
  3. 3. MondayMonday is from old English Mondaegand means “day of the Moon”. It wasdedicated to the Moon.
  4. 4. TuesdayTuesday is an Anglo-Saxon namehonouring the god of war called Tiw.It is pronounced “tue”. It wasdedicated to Mars.
  5. 5. WednesdayWednesday is an Anglo- Saxon namehonouring the god Odin or Woden. Itwas dedicated to Mercury.
  6. 6. ThursdayThursday is an Anglo-Saxon name andmeans “day of thunder”. It wasdedicated to Jupiter.
  7. 7. FridayFriday is from old English Frigedaeg,and is named after Norse the goddess“Frig” who was the wife of Odin. Itwas dedicated to Venus.
  8. 8. SaturdaySaturday is named after the Romangod “Saturn”.
  9. 9. SundaySunday means “day of the sun”. It wasdedicated to the Sun.