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AsepS (DCS Instrument Control System)_Rev


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AsepS (DCS Instrument Control System)_Rev

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae DCS Instrument Control System Control System, Instrumentation, Electrical and Automation (Petrochemicals, Paper Mill, Wood Chip, Utility & Power Plant) HP: 085284200119 / 085289699403 Personal Particulars Name : Asep Saepudin Age : 42 Years Date of Birth : 21-April-1970 Gender : Male Marital Status : Married Nationality : WNI Ethnicity : Sundanese Religion : Moslem Work Current Status : DCS Instrument Control System Country of Residence : Indonesia Passport No. : AM 061655 Nomad Residence : Cilegon, Banten - Indonesia Permanent Residence : Purwakarta, Jawa Barat - Indonesia Address : Perum. Bumi Jaya Indah Blok R No.41 – RT46/RW11 Kelurahan Munjul Jaya, Kecamatan/Kabupaten Purwakarta 41117 Jawa Barat – Indonesia Contact Number : +62 85284200119 / 085289699403 +62 85216904056 Email Profile : Email Alternative : Skype/Yahoo Messenger : asep.saepudin7 Executive Summary / Self Description October 1998, Indorama Dedication as Instrument Engineer December 2004, Indorama Dedication as Instrument & Automation Sr. Engineer November 2008, Obeikan Paper Industries Co. Ltd Dedication as E/I/A Engineer November 2010, Amythas General Consultant, Dedication as Consultant Electrical Engineer February 2011, Medco Cellulose, Dedication as Electrical Power Plant Engineer August 2011, Indorama Petrochemical, Dedication as DCS Instrument Control System Achievements: 1992 à Microcontroller Single Chip – HME UNJANI Bandung 1993 à Computer Application (Hardware & Software) – TTUC Bandung 1997 à Seminar of Micro Master VSD & PLC Siemens – Bandung 1997 à PLC Programming Omron Singapore Representative – Jakarta 2006 à Training of Management Competence System – Indorama Group 2007 à Training of Chemical laboratories and Instrument equipments – Bandung (Indonesia) 2008 à Seminar of Computer Industrial – Bandung (Indonesia) 2009 à Principles of Occupational Safety & Health Training – Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 2009 à Training of Integrated Management System (ISO9001–2008, ISO14001 – Environmental and OSHAS) Obeikan Paper Industries – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2010 à Training of Root Cause Analysis – Obeikan Paper Industries Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2010 à TIMKEN International Arabian Bearing Seminar, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  2. 2. Preferences Experience Level : Total 17 Year(s) Expected Monthly Salary : Negotiable Willing to Travel : Yes Willing to Relocate : Yes Availability (Annual Leave) : Resume Jobs Educational Background Qualification : Bachelor's Degree of Engineering Major : Electro (S1) Graduate : 1989 - 1995 Institution/College : University Of Jenderal Achmad Yani [UNJANI], Bandung. Certification (Year) :  1989 – 1995 à University Of Jenderal Achmad Yani [UNJANI] – Bandung Jawa Barat  1986 – 1989 à Senior High School [SMAN 2 Subang – Jawa Barat]  1983 – 1986 à Junior High School [SMPN 1 Kalijati – Subang Jawa Barat]  1977 – 1983 à Elementary School [SDN Angkasa 2 Kalijati – Subang Jawa Barat] Professionals Experience Project  Elmecon of Electrical Installation Project [1997]  Indorama Technologies Cempaka of Automation Packaging Project [1998]  Indorama of ATM MURATA – SALMOIRAGHI Server & Networking Project [2002]  Indorama of POY – PLC Omron-CQM1 to C200 Upgrade & Installations Project [2006]  Obeikan of Integrated Management System, Estimator and Project Costing [2008]  Obeikan Paper Industries of Utility and Gas Power Plant Additional Project [2009]  Obeikan Paper Industries of Gas Boiler Additional Capacity Project [2010]  Amythas General Consultant of PLTP 2 x 55MW Geothermal Bengkulu Project (2010)  Medcopapua Cellulose of 7.5MW Biomass Power Plant Project (2011)  Indorama Petrochemicals of Erection and Commissioning Petrochemicals (2012) Summary of Skills Computer and Technical Skills:  Expert to Software Operating System Installer (DOS, Windows-Based/95/98/XP/7/Server2K)  Expert to Microsoft Office Package (Access, Word, Excel, Visio, Power Point & MS Project)  Expert to Service and Repair Industrial PC/Server. etc  Expert to Upgrading Hardware, Software and Networking Computer  Expert to AC Drives (VSD), DC Drives, Soft Starter Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting.  Expert AC & DC Motors Maintenance (Overhaul & Troubleshooting)  Electrical Transformer (Medium & High Voltage) Maintenances  MCC (Motor Circuit Control), Switchgears, UPS & Distribution Electrical Control Panel  Knowledge DCS Honeywell – Yokogawa (Distribution Control System) & HMI – SCADA  Knowledge PLC Programming for Omron, Siemen-S7, Mitsubishi, Yamatake, Rockwell  Knowledge Technical Standard, Corrective Maintenance Management System (MAXIMO), PMR (Preventive Maintenance Routine) and ORACLE Database Management Inventory. Reference of Personality Skill: More than 10 Years of experience as “Instrumentation, Electrical and Controls System” in various industry sector in the field of Engineering, Inspection, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and Trouble shooting of Field Instrumentation, DCS, PLC and QCS Systems. Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  3. 3. Employments Histories Aug 2011 – Currently PT. Indorama Petrochemicals Cilegon, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Asst. Manager [DCS Instrument Control System] Specialization : Instrument Control System Role : Engineering Maintenance Department Industry : Petrochemicals (PTA Product) Work Experienced : Currently Work Status : Permanent Job Duties / Achievements :  Meeting regular for goals setting of the major overhaul maintenances for work plant schedule of the corrective maintenances erection and commissioning start up. Provide job plan instrument for loop check, stroke check and interlocks system as per I/O lists, analyzing and review major overhaul project for avoiding accidents.  Erection and commissioning machine in coordination with DCS Yamatake Honeywell (TDC3000) & DCS Yokogawa (Centrum-VP) to PLC Allen Bradley Integration project control, Boiler HMI (FT-View).  Minor design of new logics as per the requirement of process for better run ability of the machine and new control logics for better performance of equipments. Provide job plan of required important spares for continuous running of the PTA (Oxidation, Purification and Utility Plant).  To carry out fault finding of the above mentioned systems for all the checkups required before startup of the Petrochemicals Plant.  Interlock trip system test and to maintain detailed technical record of each instrument system including technical functional support to instrument in the complex control system and control of process computer software control configurations faults and calibration of instruments, fault finding and rectify the fault in order to avoid re-occurrence.  To investigate carry out component faults and to make recommendation to prevent a re-occurrence by replacement and up gradation of pneumatic instruments with smart and intelligent instruments.  To carry out commissioning and maintenance jobs in accordance with all the safety rules and to keep good knowledge on detail and design engineering. Understands P&ID by loop check wiring diagrams, functional diagrams, and signal flow diagrams.  Responsible for online job training on systems and field instruments to instrument engineers and Foremen to improve/maintain their efficiency.  To prepare required spare parts list and also from time to time check material stock available and prepare material requisition for the out of stock material and to do necessary follow up with the supplier.  Following the ISO standards during nature of work to meet the objectives of the department and to plan corrective and shutdown jobs in advance. To keep ready all the spares, specification sheets and settings in advance. Also to plan manpower distribution in advance.  Allotment and distribution of routine and preventive maintenance jobs to foreman and technicians. Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  4. 4. Feb 2011 – Aug 2011 PT. Medcopapua Cellulose Papua, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Electrical Power Plant Engineer Specialization : Electric Power Distribution and Power Plant Project Role : Engineering Project Industry : Wood Chip Work Experienced : Currently Work Status : Permanent Job Duties / Achievements :  Meeting regular for setting project, Work plant schedule project, Transformer Medium Voltage and Low Voltage (MV/LV) Distribution, Electrical Drawing Transmission Line Project, Material List, Corrective, Analyzing and Review Project for avoiding mistake design.  Failure analyzing consumption for Power Diesel Generator 1 x 4.6 MW on the single line, synchronizing control panel by Semi Automatic Power Gen-Set Controller and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator).  Power Diesel Generator 8x700KVA Preventive Maintenance Checklist as per service operating hours for maintenance work of engine exterior for loss of oil and coolant level, engine alarms, emergency stop device, over speed protection, functioning of instrument, fuels gas combustion of the Air Filter and Oil Filter changing or cleaning depend required.  Work Plan Schedule activity project is to provide wiring electrical power distribution design by construction, analyzing, estimating material cost project for electricity power consumptions is to power diesel generator (GENSET) 4.6 MW to 7.5 MW BIOMASS power plant for synchronizing within transformer step up and step down, sizing cable (LV/MV) and addition transformer (6.3KV/0.4KV), Bus Feeder, Earthing, Capacitor Bank (7500KVA/0.4KV), LV-ACB (Air Circuit Breaker), MV-VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) with capacities value required. General Lightings, Industrial Building and Housing, Manpower Internal and External Project Engineering.  To Provide Electrical Work Flow Process and Lay Out wiring Electrical Design for Diesel Generator to Hydro Power Plant expansion.  Supervising Quality Control (QC) by Engineering Contractors Ltd, for DCS installation, DC Bus Distribution Panel, High Frequency Switch Power Panel, Battery Charging, DCS MACS, UPS Distribution, Auxiliary Control Panel, Generator Measuring, Transformer Measuring, Synchronizing and Monitoring by DCS Computer.  Supervising Quality Control (QC) for Steam Power Generator 7500 KW (7.5MW) for Rating High Voltage 6.3KV/50Hz, Rating Stator Current 859Amp, 3 Phase (Y), Cos 0.8 and Rating Speed 3000rpm, Rated Vaporization 35T/h, Outlet Steam Pressure 3.82 MPa, 450°C / 150°C.  Prepare commissioning start-up for Hydro Test, WTP, Cooling Water, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Boiler Steam Production for supplying to Biomass Power Plant project. Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  5. 5. Nov 2010 – Feb 2011 PT. AMYTHAS General Consultant Jakarta, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Electrical Project Engineer Specialization : Transmission Line & PLTP Geothermal 2 x 55MW Role : Engineering Technical Support Industry : General Consultant Work Experienced : 3 Month Work Status : Short Contract Job Duties / Achievements :  Supervise of the team manage for data collections, technical supports, survey data, case study, summary and final reports to West JEC of Japan Consultant.  Study and analysis for environmental impacts (AMDAL), socialization to Sub- District, Flora & Fauna Habitat, Protected Forest Area, National Park Area, Population Density and Assessment of Society.  Study literature and analysis cost unit for equipments of transmission lines and PLTP Geothermal power station 2 x 55MW.  Study literature and analysis for transmission lines map and allocation area, determining distance, totalize tower estimation, span cable and cable type, range distance estimate and area cross endangering.  Study literature and analysis for Conventional Sub-Station of Bengkulu (GI-PKL 20/70/150KV), Southern Sumatera Sub-System Diagram, and Single Line Diagram, Potential Transformation, Protection and Control Panel, Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) at existing house.  Kick off meeting around Hululais Geothermal Projects by Pertamina Geothermal (PGE) and West JEC Japan Consultant, location project, drilling activity, power station fields, get solution, sharing and updating plan.  Kick off meeting by PLN and West JEC Japan for transmission lines, potential power station, electrical and instruments analyzing, electricity production per hours demand, update equipment cost unit T/L and S/S.  Review and analysis Pekalongan Sub-Station expansion two span and two bays two ROW for Lubuk Linggau double bus 150KV connecting to Hululais Station 2cct, HAWK (ASCR) 2 x 240m² of transmission lines.  Supervision for PLTP Hululais geothermal power station project of 110 MW - 150KV, HAWK (ACSR) 2 x 240m² / 50Km transmission lines. Pre and commissioning prepare to construction planning and to make weekly report, draft and final report for activity project. Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  6. 6. Nov 2008 – Nov 2010 OPI [Obeikan Paper Industries Co. Ltd] Riyadh-Saudi Arabia Position Title (Level) : Engineer [Electric, Instrumentation & Automation] Specialization : Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manages Role : Utility & Gas Power Plant Maintenance Industry : Paper Mill Work Experienced : 2 Years Job Duties / Achievements : Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation discipline of the maintenances manage for review jobs, plan activity and generate jobs in the Engineering Maintenance Department [EMD] as per meeting regulars is to Utility and Gas Engines of the Power Generation Control by Condition Monitoring, Overhaul, Maintaining, Instrument Calibrations for Gas Boiler House and Gas Exhaust Boiler by combustion of the Liquids Natural Gas [LNG], Gas Pressure Regulator Valve [PRV], Downstream and Upstream, DP and Flow Transmitters, Flue Gas Meters/Tester Analyzer [325-i O2 and CO2], Steams and Gas Piping, Compressors and Air Dryer [ATLAS COPCO], Chillers, Cooling Tower, WTP / WWTP of the Raw Water Filter and Feed Pump, Reverses Osmosis [RO], Fire Fighting Pump, Submersibles Pump, Screw Pump Motors, AC and DC Motor Maintaining, Chemical Laboratory Equipment [PH, ORP, TDS]. Shift schedules rise to manpower, man-hours and Overtimes Control. Spare Parts Management Control, Maintenances Cost, Project and Contractors, Annual Budget Review, Capital Expense Budget [CAPEX], and Indenter application, Procurement Material & Follow up, Loss and Downtime Reducing, Breakdown, Troubleshooting, Finding, Investigation, Observation by Roots Cause and Failure Analysis Reports. Permanent Solving, Responsible Maintenance Full Times, Alerts and On Call. Based manage for Conditions Monitoring by Main Plans Schedule is to Predictive, Preventives and Corrective Maintenance insert to Standard Application Procedure [SAP] almost P&ID, DCS-ABB, SCADA Backup, Inverters or Variable Speed Drive [VSD], Direct On Line [DOL], Start – Delta [SD], Soft Starter Drives [SSD], Motors Circuit Control [MCC], Auto Transformation [AT], UPS and Switchgear Three Phase [MV, HV, LV] operational. Stock Preparation [SP], Paper Machines [PM] and PASABAN Finishing House Automation is to Technical Supports. Quality Control System [QCS] is to Basic Weight, Moisture and Caliper Calibration Maintaining. Editing and Modifying PLC Program AB SLC555, Siemens-S7, Human Management Interfaces [HMI], Hydraulic, Pneumatics, Steam, Control Valves, Electrics, Instrumentation and Control System Loop Test, installation and commissioning by 375 Field HART Communicator, P&ID Inspector and Supervise. MBR Project and Cooling Tower Commissioning Online as technical support supervise, Integrated Management Standard [IMS] Project and Internal Auditor Document provides for ISO 9001–2008, Environmental – ISO 14001 and OSHAS. Personality performance have hard workers, Fast learner, Discipline, Creative, Pleasant, Good, Self motivated and Able to work under pressure of supervision. Note: Certificated Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  7. 7. Jul 1998 to Nov 2008 PT. Indorama Polyester Division Purwakarta, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Instrumentation & Automation Senior Engineer Specialization : Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Calibration Role : Machinery Maintenance Industry : Polymerization and Pet-Resin Work Experienced : 10 Years Job Duties / Achievements :  Provides report to Head Manager Department for planning jobs, plans daily activity, generate jobs and complaint improvable solving by Team Work Player as per meeting regulars.  Raise shift schedule plans to manpower and Overtime Control. Spare Parts of Management Control, Reduce Maintenance Cost, Project and Contractor, Annual Budget, Capital Expense [CAPEX], Issue, Indenter and Follow up material by ORACLE of Indorama Standard Operational.  Training of technical skills schedules provide for Basics Instrumentation, Control Automation MURATA – SALMOIRAGHI, and Chemical Laboratories [Chromatography PerkinElmer, Radiochemical Lab and LENZING].  Troubleshooting and Calibrations for Weighing Controller, Temperature Control, Flow Meter, Pressure and Level Transmitters, Thermo Sensor [PT & Thermocouple], Inverter Drives or Variable Speed Drives [VSD], Direct On Line [DOL], Start Delta [SD], Soft Starter, Pneumatic Control, Servo Drive, Encoder, UPS, PLC and other devices.  Based Condition Monitoring for Predictive, Preventive and Corrective Action by MAXIMO application of Standard Maintenance Procedure.  Pre & Commissioning for Indorama Technologies on the Automation Projects, Electrical Drawing, Ensuring Application as per Flowcharting.  Computer Management Industries Applications for Automation Project by Servicing, Installing, Networking, Bar-coding Scanner, Label Printer Applicator System [DATAMAX®, DIAGRAPH® and ZEBRA®], Server, Workstation of Hardware and Software. Modifying and Editing Program for PLC Allan Bradley SLC500, Siemens-S5/S7, Yamatake Honeywell, MODICON, Mitsubishi, Omron etc.  Management Database Backup operational as per schedules for PLC, IBM Server and DCS Yokogawa Centum Server by Hard Disk Backup, Human Management Interfaces Upgrading, Investigation, Roots Cause and Failure Analysis Report, Solving and Finding is to Servicing and Troubleshooting by Team Player for Instrumentation and Automation Control Loop System, Installation, Commissioning and Emergency Call.  Electrical Control Panel Assembly, Instrumentation Auxiliary for Safety Fires Alarm, Automatic Card the Door and Portal, CCTV Management Recorder Camera Control. Automation Control System by Integrated Management Computer for MURATA and SALMOIRAGHI, Computer Laboratory, and Hand Key of Extension Absents Machine.  Utility and PSF troubleshooting, servicing & maintenances support for preventive, predictive and corrective action for Computer Spinning Ret, LVD Balling Press and Toyobo Technologies.  Documents ISO 9001, Environment (14001) and OSHAS Provides for Laboratory Internal and External Audit Certificate. Note: Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  8. 8. Certificated Feb 1998 to Jun 1998 PT. Perfetti Indonesia Cikampek, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Supervisor Specialization : Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Calibration Role : Machinery Maintenance Industry : Candy Factory Work Experienced : 4 Month Job Duties / Achievements:  Reporting Activities Job, Planning & Pending to Suction Head.  Spare Part Control, Inspection, Follow up & delivery order.  Predictive, Preventives and Corrective Maintenance of Electrical & Instruments Field Bus.  Repairing, Servicing and Modifying for Instruments Control Panel Assembling.  PLC, Inverter, Sensors & AC/DC Motor Installation.  Boiler Installation Project by PT. BASOEKI Jakarta as the participate manpower. Note: Non Certificated Mar 1996 to Feb 1998 PT. ELMECON MULTIKENCANA Jakarta, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Project Engineer Specialization : Application Role : Assembling, Service & Sales Industry : Distributor Spare Part [Omron & Siemens] Work Experienced : 2 Years Job Duties / Achievements : Report to Head Project Engineer. Electrical and Instrumentation base control, PLC Basic Programming, Develop application project, modifying, Computer Hardware and Software Installation, Networking. Inverter of Variable Speed Drive [Micro Master], Service and Installation, Soft Starter, Servo Drives, Ultrasound Sensor, Pressure & Level Transmitter, Proximity and Photo Sensor, Temperature Controller, Touch Screen, Instruments Indicator Process, Calibration & Maintenance Service Contract providing for Industrial, Electrical and Instrumentation Control Panel Assembling. Provide of Seminar and Training, Industrial Equipments Sales [Omron – Siemens]. The profile performance have a good dedication, cooperative, hard working, willing to learn, honest, Discipline, Creative, Pleasant, Self motivated and Able to work under pressure of supervision to reach project and goal setting of sales turnover target per years. Note: Certificated Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  9. 9. Feb 1995 to Mar 1996 PT. Indorama Synthetics [Spinning Division] Purwakarta, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Officer Specialization : Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Calibration Role : Machinery Maintenance Industry : Filament Synthetics Work Experienced : 1 Year Job Duties / Achievements :  Report to Suction Head.  Responsibilities of electronic controls.  AC Motor Drives Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs (Siemens & Telemecanique, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Omron, AMTEC).  Predictive, Preventives and Corrective Maintenance.  Repairing, Servicing and Modifying for Electronics Control Assembling, Installation Inverters and equipments control.  Textile Machinery Installation Project of the Winder, Ring Frame & Simplex by MURATECH & BARMAG as the participate manpower. Note: Certificated Resume of Asep Saepudin Email:
  10. 10. Feb 1995 to Mar 1996 PT. Indorama Synthetics [Spinning Division] Purwakarta, Indonesia Position Title (Level) : Officer Specialization : Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Calibration Role : Machinery Maintenance Industry : Filament Synthetics Work Experienced : 1 Year Job Duties / Achievements :  Report to Suction Head.  Responsibilities of electronic controls.  AC Motor Drives Inverter Troubleshooting & Repairs (Siemens & Telemecanique, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Omron, AMTEC).  Predictive, Preventives and Corrective Maintenance.  Repairing, Servicing and Modifying for Electronics Control Assembling, Installation Inverters and equipments control.  Textile Machinery Installation Project of the Winder, Ring Frame & Simplex by MURATECH & BARMAG as the participate manpower. Note: Certificated Resume of Asep Saepudin Email: