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Less.plan iii term 7-plan consolidation open lesson


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Less.plan iii term 7-plan consolidation open lesson

  1. 1. Lesson: Consolidation School: №32 Date: Teacher name: Burankulova А.Т. Class: Number present: Absent: Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to: - name the animals Most learners will be able to: - produce a project about animals Some learners will be able to: - read and write Language objectives: Learners can: consolidate the language of the module, develop fine motor skills through craftwork Key words: pets, colours, size. Previous learning: Colours. Size. Plan: Planned timings: Planned activities: Resources: Start 5 min. 3 min. -Hello, children! -Hello, teacher! -How are you? -I'm fine thank you. And you? -I'm fine too, thank you. Sit down, please. Warm up exercise “Open shut them” Put up the My Pets poster on the board. Point to the animals one at a time, sometimes naming them and sometimes giving the wrong word. The pupils say yes or no. Teacher: (pointing to the rabbit) Rabbit! Pupils: Yes! Etc. Sing the My Pets and Where's the Rabbit songs. Audio player Flashcards, computer
  2. 2. Middle 5 min. 10 min. 5 min. 13 min. Practice ex: 13 p.52 Match. Say. Refer the pupils to the pictures and elicit the animals. The pupils then match them to the big or small paw print. Then they point to each animal and say if it's big or small. Answer key: Big: dog, tortoise, parrot Small: mouse, spider, cat Craftwork Tell the pupils that they are going to make their own pet shop. Hand out the photocopies. Go over the items in the photocopies and elicit them from the pupils. Explain to the class that they should draw an animal on each item. Then they can colour and decorate their pet shop. Go around the classroom providing any necessary help. While the pupils are doing the craftwork, feel free to play any song from the module. Then the pupils present their pet shops to the class. Demonstrate this yourself first. e.g. There's a spider on the bed. There's a mouse on the TV, etc. ex: 14 p.53 Let's play! Refer the pupils to the Bingo card and explain the game. Tell them to choose and circle six of the animals on the card. Then call out six one at a time, in random order. As you call them out the pupils cross out the corresponding animal on their card. The pupils to cross out his/her six squares first or the most squares calls out Bingo and is a winner. Project time refer the pupils to the project and the picture. Read the example. Explain that Pupil's book photocopies pupil's book, flashcards colouring papers
  3. 3. they are going to make a project about their pets. They will colour the pets and demonstrate their pets to the class. e.g. This is my pet. It's a mouse. It's grey. End 4 min. Tell the pupils that they are going to play a game called Chinese whispers. Explain the rules. Approach a pupil at the front desk and whisper the animal. The same word to his/her partner, who then whispers it to the next pupil, etc. ask the last pupil to call out the animal. Check if it is the correct one. Repeat the procedure as many times as you think is necessary. The bell - Children, you were perfect. Give yourself three claps! Stand up, please. The lesson is over. Good-bye, children! - Good-bye, teacher! Reflection: Lesson was interesting. Children were active. Turdakyn M., Taldybai Zh., Syrlybai A were very active.