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History of the term applied linguistics


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applied linguistics

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History of the term applied linguistics

  1. 1. Applied linguistics History of the term BY: Aseel Kazum Mahmood 3rd, March, 2014
  2. 2. Introduction History of the term Alternative terms Conclusions of the History of the term Other surveys of the field Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Applied linguistics: It does not lend itself to an easy definition It has further problems understood as an open field
  5. 5. History of the Term
  6. 6. • Back (1970:34 ff.) indicates that applications of linguistics were though of before the term ‘’applied linguistics’ • Engels(1968:5) tells us that applied linguistics was recognized as an independent subject
  7. 7. 1931 1940 1946 The Russian WWII 1948 AILA 1963 IRAL LLJ 1990 1993 A-diverse disciplines B-various issues
  8. 8. • To avoid the objection to the narrowing of the use of the term ‘AL’ to ‘FLT’: • scientific study of foreign language teaching Wilkins (1972 b: 197). • applied linguistics: its meaning and the useMackey (1966) • language didactics and applied linguistics Mackey (1973) • language didactics and in some languages one finds variants of the Greek version Girard (1971:14) • spolsky (1978)’ educational linguistics’ Spolsky (1978)
  9. 9. Conclusions of the History of the term
  10. 10. (AAAL) in 2001 considered the history of applied linguistics in four different countries North America Briton BAAL Australia ALAA does have identifiable roots in linguistics Development of its orientation, scope, and linguistics A significant amount of work directed to real-world issues carried out prior to the formal appearance of AL the advancement of education post-experience knowledge Linguistics had become mainstream institutional language use. draw on a greater range of disciplines Real world problems significant broadening of its scope
  11. 11. linguistics grouping list
  12. 12. Other surveys on the field • Not all applied linguistics is practical • applied linguistics can fulfill a role wider than language teaching • Could be applied only with limitation to either the input or the output • the whole world is its oyster, that the area of concern is everywhere,
  13. 13. Conclusion: In this paper, recent attempts to define applied linguistics has been considered, emphasizing the importance of various ostensive methods of definition and comparing the lack of clarity about applied linguistics to that of other applied disciplines. it ends with the unorthodox suggestion that all linguistic study is basically applied linguistics, with applied linguistics seeking out and working on language problems which linguistics responds to by idealizing and then analyzing in terms of current linguistic theory.