What's Right with You?


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What's Right with You?

  1. What’s Right with You? ascendi.com
  2. For centuries, mankind has pursued its fixation with fault and failing.
  3. Think about it.
  4. Doctors have studied disease...
  5. ...to learn more about health.
  6. Psychologists have studied sadness...
  7. ...to learn more about joy.
  8. Therapists have looked at the causes of divorce...
  9. ...to learn more about happy marriage.
  10. And in schools and workplaces around the world...
  11. (just think back to your last evaluation)
  12. ...we are encouraged to identify our weaknesses, in order to become strong.
  13. Well-intended,
  14. but misguided.
  15. We have become programmed to focus on our shortcomings.
  16. Yikes.
  17. Good news though...
  18. n . p e a p n h c a h i ft .. .s
  19. But first, we must confront a HUGE false assumption... (insert wrong ideas here)
  20. ...the idea that our greatest room for growth...
  21. ...is in our areas of greatest weakness.
  22. Think about it.
  23. Does that make sense to you?
  24. That if you put more attention on your defects, failings, imperfections, flaws, blemishes, foibles, and frailties...
  25. ...you will reduce the chance that these negative things will have a negative impact?
  26. That idea goes here.
  27. But you can teach yourself some things that your parents, teachers, doctors, bosses, and coaches didn’t.
  28. ...and you can start NOW
  29. Begin by asking yourself these 3 questions... (and write your answers out.)
  30. 1. What are your strengths? (what one, two, or three things do you do well?)
  31. 2. Where have your strengths taken you in the past? (how have your unique talents helped you before?)
  32. 3. Are you capitalizing on them right now? (are your strengths in play?)
  33. When you explore what’s right about you, you’ll notice the shift.
  34. ve lo e! ht r ig mo m rk u o wo Y r y ou
  35. and, who knows...
  36. ve lo ! t re h o ig m lf m u e o rs Y u yo
  37. Now...
  38. ...if you need some help getting started... (we all need the shift kicked out of us every once in a while)
  39. ...or if you need someone objective to point out what’s right about you, or your organization... (maybe you’re out of practice)
  40. Then connect with us.
  41. That’s what we do well.
  42. Organizational Development Wellness Programs On-site Employee Training Corporate Retreats Executive & Life Coaching Strengths-based Keynotes p. 800.558.4308 e. solutions@ascendi.com ascendi.com
  43. Many thanks to: All of our clients, colleagues, family and friends. You are what’s right with us. David, Isabel, Lourdes, Vernon, Eddie, and Marilyn. What’s Right with You? Copyright © 2009 Ascendi Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Created by: David Vittoria, Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer