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Entrepreneurship Forum, Succes stories by Clara Navarro, Co-founder, SHIP2B


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This session focused on the theme "Learning from others" throughout the presentation of the experiences and knowledge of veteran Entrepreneurs. In order to avoid pitfalls, common mistakes made by entrepreneurs will be analysed and best practices will be presented

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Entrepreneurship Forum, Succes stories by Clara Navarro, Co-founder, SHIP2B

  1. 1. Forum organized by: Clara Navarro Colomer Co-founder at Ship2B Foundation
  2. 2. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol 4 out of 5 start-ups in the USA fail 14 “a venture-capital-backed entrepreneur who succeeds in a venture, has a 30% chance of succeeding in his next venture. By contrast, first-time entrepreneurs have only an 18% chance of succeeding and entrepreneurs who previously failed have a 20% chance of succeeding. Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship. HARVARD.July 2008.
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  4. 4. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol 4 Clara, my journey
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  6. 6. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol Nelson Mandela President of South Africa Peace Nobel Prize 1993 Steve Jobs Founder of APPLE Social entrepreneurship, my way to make a better world
  7. 7. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol My first step: freelancing (2010 – 2011) What I achieved: • Research, teaching and consulting activities for several clients • Published first books • Developed extensive network of contacts in social innovation sector and a good reputation • Learnt theory in my field (social innovation) and developed new skills and methodologies What we did not achieve: • A vision • A unique value proposition • A stable team • A stable business model
  8. 8. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol My second step: (2012) What we achieved: • Researched the market for social innovation and worldwide best- practices • Developped a philosophy and a value proposition • Tested the market via consulting projects, research, teaching and one start project: Startup Pirates Barcelona – 19 social entrepreneurs accelerated What we did not achieve: • A legal structure • A common ambition and vision of the team structure between partners • Stable, proven business model • A strong social impact
  9. 9. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol My third step: (since 2013) What we achieved: • A legal structure as a Spanish foundation • 170.000 EUR in income in 2014 • A 7 people team with labor contracts • A clear value proposition • Common ambition and vision of the team structure between partners • A business model in tests • A strong network of clients, ambassadors and supporters • Press recognition • First social impact signs What we did not achieve: • Full sustainability • Expected salaries
  10. 10. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol What does success mean, when and for whom? • A high salary? • High revenue? • Profit? • Jobs created? • Social impact created? • External recognition? • Self-confidence? • Peace-of-mind? • Happiness? • Learning?
  11. 11. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol Proposal to foster entrepreneurship: • Care for the people and their process of discovering what is the project of their life • Differentiate mistakes or changes from failure • Filter by persistence: true entrepreneurs never give up their dream, whatever the vehicle is • Ideas are overrated: teams, timing and ecosystem are key
  12. 12. @ship2b @Claranavarrocol Thank you! Clara Navarro Colomer @claranavarrocol @ship2b