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Software architecture quality attributes & Trade-offs


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This presentation describe the importance of trade-off between software architecture quality attribute (NFR). Explain about Performance, Security, Availability and Scalability in depth and other in briefly.

Presented on tech talk @ DFN Technology.

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Software architecture quality attributes & Trade-offs

  1. 1. Software Architecture Quality Attributes Tradeoffs Presented By : Asanka Dilruk
  2. 2. Diff. Product Domains Houses Vehicles Software
  3. 3. Reliability Adaptability Affordability
  4. 4. Tradeoff • As a Philosophy Theory • Define Tradeoffs at Beginning o ATAM o Utility Tree (Quality Attribute Metrics) • Architecture should able to balance Attributes
  5. 5. Performance • Metrics o TPS, Response Time ,Latency/Waiting Time • Tactics o Maximum resource utilization o Parallelism o Avoid unnecessary message conversions • Tradeoffs o Security, Availability, Testability, Reliability
  6. 6. Availability • Metrics o Percentage (MTTF / MTTF + MTTR) o 90% (40 Days), 99%(4 Days), 99.9%(9 Hours), 99.99% (50 Minutes), 99.999% (5 Minutes) • Tactics o Replication (Multiple do same) o Recovery Mechanism o Fault Tolerance • Tradeoffs o Security, Testability, Cost
  7. 7. Security • Metrics o Measurement of confidentiality, integrity & availability • Tactics o Prevention, Detection, Reaction o Information can be in Being transmitted, Being stored or Being processed o Identification, Authentication, Access Control, Auditing, Encryption, Hashing, Cryptography • Tradeoffs o Performance, Accessibility, Usability, Cost
  8. 8. Scalability • Metrics o Throughput against the resources o VS & HS • Tactics o Maximum resource utilization (VS) o Distributed systems o Load balancing (SW/HW) • Tradeoffs o Security, Testability, Deployability
  9. 9. Reliability Affordability
  10. 10. Thank You !
  11. 11. Discussions