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Am6 at TokyoBarcamp

Presentation file from Tokyo Barcamp about a new e-mail service

Presented by Hiroshi Asaeda, COO of Bluebridge k.k. on 2009/5/16

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Am6 at TokyoBarcamp

  1. 1. Introduction and Opportunities 株式会社BlueBridge COO Hiroshi Asaeda
  2. 2. Me
  3. 3. Hiroshi Asaeda • COO of Bluebridge k.k. • Born in Japan. Pure Japanese. – 0-13 USA – 13-26 Japan • Specializes in Social Media • Published 3 books about SecondLife (2007) • The only “SUIT” today
  4. 4. What is AM6? A Personalized E-mail Service… Which comes Receiving at With To your phone The time you want No SPAM Every morning
  5. 5. Mail Magazine? NO
  6. 6. Our Policy No SPAM
  7. 7. Media Coverage
  8. 8. AM6 Stats • 30,000 users registered in 2 months • 94% of users receiving mail everyday • 100% active users receiving 1 mail a week • 81% of users click back to the site • 27% of users receive their mail at 6:00 AM • 89.2% of users receive their mail from 6:00 AM – 8:15 AM
  9. 9. Login page
  10. 10. Morning Mail
  11. 11. My AM6 Page
  12. 12. Category List
  13. 13. Partnership Opportunities
  14. 14. AM6 inside(仮) Corporate related information • Internal use for (customizable) Corporations • Customized E-mail sent out to employees/staffs • Include your CEO’s blog, PR information and announcements to AM6 and send them out to your staff /colleagues.
  15. 15. AM6 media(仮) Personalized information for • Use the system with your your users (in your brand) own brand for your users • Add your content to AM6, customize the design to show it as your service. • Bring in users to AM6 with your own registration system.
  16. 16. AM6 Developer Platform Users being able to choose more content Connecting with users everyday. Promotion, Announcement,Sales
  17. 17. A question I can only ask to the members here today
  18. 18. A New idea I’m planning to make…
  19. 19. An English Version
  20. 20. Today • 98% 日本語 Content • Registration needs a 日本の mobile Phone • Registration process all in 日本語 • No English guides Content type News Business Lifestyle Entertainment Fashion Beauty Blogs Hobbies Sports Photos
  21. 21. English Version What information do you want for your AM6??? • Please let us know cool websites that we should put in the AM6 English version • I will carry a notepad around to write down the sites anytime
  22. 22. ご清聴ありがとうございました Thank you!