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EAT SLEEP PLAY's Brand Identity Slideshow.

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  • I really like this idea Asad. With the entertainment industry going further into the independent region, this would be a great idea. I can see myself as one of your customers. Me doing music, i'd always need video work done. To be able to learn and rent equipment from one establishment would be a bonus. I like your tagline very fitting for the company.
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  1. 1. EAT SLEEP FILM An Asad Naqvi Company
  2. 2. Brand Name: BackgroundOur brand name is EAT SLEEP FILM. My partner and I lovetelling stories through films. If were are not making our ownwe are watching others. Watching is not just entertainmentbut for learning from others film makers. Its such a big partof our lives it has become a necessity. We chose this namebecause it shows that making movies is as natural as eatingand sleeping. It give the impression that we need to do it inorder to live. Film making is in our DNA
  3. 3. Brand Name: StrengthsAs soon as you hear or read the name you will know howimportant Film is to our company. The name suggestsexperience and knowledge. Anyone can immediately tell thatmaking films is at the core of our company. Our only concernis that no one makes the mistake of thinking we are a Bedand Breakfast that shows Films.
  4. 4. Brand Name: USPTOCurrently no company Film related or otherwise has EATSLEEP FILM registered. Several companies sell merchandisesuch as clothing that implies our name but no one has ittrademarked.
  5. 5. Brand Name: CategoryThe brand is Suggestive as well as Descriptive. Our namedescribes that we are film related and at the same timesuggests how important it is to us.
  6. 6. Logo: The Law of ShapeThe law of shape is followed because the film strip itself is ahorizontal which is perfect for our horizontal vision. The logois very easy to read, understand and most of all remember.The name is straightforward and people will understand themeaning behind the words.
  7. 7. Logo: The Law of ColorWe chose simple Black and White for our logo. Itsstraightforward and classy at the same time. We want toacknowledge our film roots, which also subtly suggests howmuch experience we have.
  8. 8. Logo: EffectivenessOur logo will be very effective as it clearly defines what wereas a company are involved with. I am not sure that it totallydescribes that we teach and rent film gear. We areconsidering a sub heading that will inform potentialcustomers.
  9. 9. Logo: RefelectionOur logo reflects our brand by showing how simple andstraightforward were are. You will receive easy and simplehands on training. Our logo is simple, clear and easy tounderstand this is a direct reflection as to how we will dobusiness in both the training and rental areas.
  10. 10. Logo: CompetitionAbleCineTech has a similar business model to what we aretrying to create. Their logo is simple and utilizes a neutraltwo tone color scheme. They have a sub heading that stateswhat they are providing. The symbol is a strip of film beingviewed through a lens.
  11. 11. Logo: ExampleGameStop’s brand and logo is exactly what we are strivingfor. Its simple, easy to read and understand. You can quicklyget a sense of what they are selling.
  12. 12. Logo: EAT SLEEP FILMEAT SLEEP FILM’s logo is very simple and straightforward.Each word is in its own frame in the film strip. Its shows thatfilm is as important to us as eating and sleeping. No one cansurvive with out those two things, mentioning film in thesame category shows how essential it is to us and us to it.
  13. 13. Corporate Culture: ObjectiveProvide simple and fair Rentals, specializing in HDSLR videocamerasProvide basic training to help even the most non technicalperson start shooting good looking videoProvide advance training in various workflows in camera,audio, lighting and editing
  14. 14. Corporate Culture: Fulfillment List items and pricing clearly. Provide incentives for repeat business. Create a simple introduction class. Teach basic vocabulary and industry terminology. Provide simple and easy to access to class and rental reservations.
  15. 15. Mission StatementWe will provide the latest tools and Instruction forIndependent Film making. We will help you strike the perfectbalance between quality and cost to help you make the bestproduct for the smallest amount possible. We will makeevery effort to make renting and learning video productionan easy and straightforward experience.
  16. 16. Mission StatementThis will be posted on a big sign as you walk in to our site. Itwill be posted on our website, mobile phone app, as well asall paperwork and receipts.Our mission statement is directed to both our customers andemployees.Its shows our focus towards film making and how is will bethe best experience in both learning and renting
  17. 17. Tagline
  18. 18. TaglineOur tag line tells people what services we provide and howthey will feel when doing business with us.It speaks to customers because it shows our dedication toproviding a great experience weather your new or a veteranin the industry.The tagline specifically mentions what one can expect fromEAT SLEEP FILM
  19. 19. TaglineThe Tagline reinforces exactly what services were areproviding to our customersIt distinguishes us from our competitors because we tell youflat out that you will have a better experience with us.Our Tagline is clear and easy to read as well as understand