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Sandal paints

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  2. 2. Group Name Group Members M. Asaad Rashid Naeem Iqbal 2
  3. 3. Dedication We dedicate these efforts to our respectable teacher Mr. Tuqeer Ahmad who enables us for preparing the reports. And To our beloved parents who spent lot of money on us and always pray for our success. And To our whole class 3
  4. 4. Acknowledgment I think honestly reflects on who I am, how I got here, what I think I might do well, and so forth, I discover a debt to others that has shaped my life. The work of some unknown people makes our lives easier everyday. I believe it’s appropriate to acknowledge all of these unknown persons; but it also necessary to acknowledge those people I know have directly shaped my life and my work. Firstly, I wish to place on record my indebtedness to my parents for the continuous support and encouragement I received during my academic career. Then my respected sir. “Mr. TUQEER AHMAD .” And my all class fallow…. 4
  5. 5. Context • Some Facts and Figures 6 6 • Decorative Business 7 • Choosing a Color Scheme: 7 • • • • • 8 8 8 9 9 • Introduction of Sandal Paints Pakistan Location Sponsors Market and Plant Capacity Cost of the project Competitors • Organizing New-Product Development • BUSINESS ANALYSIS 10 13 • Commercialization 13 • Project Promoters • Product Line 13 14 • Mission Statement 16 • Five Years Goal for SANDAL Paints 16 • Environmental Policy 17 • SWOT Analysis 19 • Unique Selling Point 20 • Marketing and Business Strategies 21 5
  6. 6. • 7 P’s of SANDAL 21 • 3 C’s of SANDAL Paints 23 • References 24 Introduction of Sandal Paints Pakistan Introduction: Sandal Pakistan limited is an associated company of chemical industries Pvt .Pakistan. It is the largest manufacturer in cement industry in Pakistan. Sandal paints aims to delight and inspire customers to transform their surroundings at home and work with performance products and colors. With some of the world’s top paint and decorative product brands, serving both the professional and common markets, Sandal Paints has products to prepare and care for all building materials and the standard room temperature. The business also provides coatings for cans and packaging. Headquarters in the Lahore, with manufacturing in 3 cities: At Sandal they believe that their job does not stop at merely supplying the paints is important to them as it is to the user that good results should be obtained from their products. We set great value to their technical Service Department, which is staffed by individuals of wide practical experience in the use of paint under all conditions. This experience is readily available to paint users requiring advice and assistance in the choice of paint to the preparation of painting specifications. Supporting the technical Service Department is the Development Laboratory whose equipment and facilities are the finest of their kind in this part of the world. Here new and established products are tested in both laboratory and fully practical conditions, using the widest possible range of application methods and equipment. In result we have innovated standard temperature paint which should be our core competency to retain our loyal customers and to stand in front of our competitors. 6
  7. 7. Our products are based on continuous research and product development. The information derived and results obtained by Sandal Development Laboratory are readily available to them here. Sandal is employing and putting into use best available technology in the world for their users. Some Facts and Figures: Each year Sandal paints can produce enough paint to decorate every house in all of Lahore. Sandal Paints would be available for every customer throughout the Pakistan. Sandal Paints prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation: we employ 100 people worldwide in Research and Development. Sandal Paints spends over 5 million Research and Development in Pakistan. Decorative Business Handy Tips for Color Scheming from Sandal Choosing the right color is not always as straightforward as you might think. When decorating is there any rules about choosing a color scheme? How does light affect the way we view color? Are you satisfied with just painting the walls? Is a room temperature effect your comfort? Choosing a Color Scheme: A little time spent thinking about the color scheme before you start will ensure you achieve the look you want. Aspect: 7
  8. 8. Which way does the room face, is it too warm or too cold. Pinks, peaches, apricots and sunny yellows can warm up even the coldest, north facing room - likewise blues, greens; lilacs and aqua's can cool down a hot, south facing one. Sample Boards: Changing your mind before you start is easier and cheaper than after you have finished. On a piece of white card stick samples of all the paint colors, fabrics, wallpapers and carpets chosen. This allows them to be looked at in both natural and artificial. Use colors in direct proportion to how they will be used in the room i.e. a large area of wall color, a smaller area of door color and a tiny amount of picture rail color. Ceilings All too often a pure white ceiling can look as if a ‘lid’ has been put on the room. Try using a Natural Hint shade for a more natural and coordinated effect. This creates the feeling of the ceiling having been tinged by sunlight - Rose White with pink walls, Apricot White with peach walls, Apple White with green walls etc. Furnishings Use your curtain fabric, chair covers or carpet as the starting point for your color scheme. Try a paler shade of your carpet color for the walls or a softer version of one of the print colors in your curtain fabric. Use an appropriate Natural Hint for the ceiling. Collections If you collect and display something - china plates, porcelain figures, floral prints etc use their colors as the basis for your room scheme. This will give a unified look - it is one of the tricks often used by interior designers. Paint Charts Always, when choosing paint shades, hold the card in an upright vertical position rather than having it flat on a table. This gives a better impression of what the colors will look like in your room because of the way the light hits them. Colors held vertically will always appear darker than if viewed horizontally - try it and see. 8
  9. 9. Remember that a strong color in a color chart will look much darker and stronger when applied to a large area. Color perception is the single biggest cause of disappointment when color scheming. Use paint tester pots to try out colors before you commit yourself to buying the paint and decorating the whole room. Location: Head Office at an ideal pace i.e. Tariq Road, Lahore and office is maintained at City Chowk, which is most befitting from strategic point of view, availability of labor force, utilities and cost of land. Sponsors: This project has been financed with the financial assistance of HBL Main Branch, Lahore. The equity contribution is made by Market and Plant Capacity: The project consists of 3 manufacturing plant. The project is assumed to start with 80% capacity utilization and after that 90% for each year. Material Requirement: The raw material required for the production process is unblended and it imported from different countries. Implementation Stage: The project will be completed in ninth months. Its start date is 15-9-2010 and would be completed on 15-06-2011. . Cost of the project Fixed cost Working Capital Total Cost Rs. 9,378,940 19,450,000 28828940 Financial Plan: HBL loan 5% Rs. Equity 50% 9 14414470 14414470
  10. 10. Total 28828940 Competitors: • ICI DULUX • Master • Osaka • Diamond • Burger How to Develop a New Product…? Organizing New-Product Development:Companies Lake the specific skills and knowledge needed to develop and critique new products. Some companies have high-level management committee charged with reviewing and approving proposals. Large companies often establish a new-product department headed by a manager who has substantial authority and access to top management. The department’s major responsibilities include generating and screening new ideas, working with the R&D departments, and carrying out field testing and commercialization. They divided the process into stages, at the end of each being a gate or checkpoint. The project leader working with a cross-functional team, must bring a set of known deliverables to each gate before the can pass to the next stage, it move from the business plan stage into product development requires a convincing market research study of consumers needs and interest, a competitive analysis, and a technical appraisal. 10
  11. 11. Idea Generation The new-product development process starts with search for ideas. New-product ideas can come form interacting with various groups and using creativity-generating techniques. Ideas for new products can be obtained from basic research using a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities & Threats) and Market and consumer trends, company's R&D department, competitors, focus groups, employees, salespeople, corporate spies, trade shows, or Ethnographic discovery methods (searching for user patterns and habits) may also be used to get an insight into new product lines or product features. Interaction with Other a. Customer c. Scientists e. Channel member g. Top management b. Employee d. Engineers f. marketing agencies h. Competitors Companies can find good ideas by researching the products and services of competitors and other companies. They can find out what customers like and dislike about competitors’ products. They can buy their competitors’ product take them apart, and build better ones. Company’s sales representatives and intermediaries are a particularly good source of ideas. 11
  12. 12. Idea generation of our product: When Mr. Tuqeer Ahmad give us the project of new product development. We make many ideas; We have the idea of cellular company. We have the idea of hot and cool mattress. We have the idea of fabric softener. We have the idea of paints. Idea Screening: In the screening company critically evaluated by company personnel to isolate the most attractive options. Depending on the number of ideas, screening may be done in rounds with the first round involving company executives judging the feasibility of ideas while successive rounds may utilize more advanced research techniques. Idea screening of our product: We know that; Idea screening is a Process to spot good ideas and drop poor ones as soon as possible. • Many companies have systems for rating and screening ideas which estimate: We are rating according to following factors. – Development Time & Costs – Rate of Return – Technical skills – Availability of sources According to our criteria we select the idea of Paint industry. Development and testing 12
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy and Development A proposed marketing strategy will be written laying out the marketing mix strategy of the product, the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy sales and profits that are expected. BUSINESS ANALYSIS The company has a great idea, the marketing strategy seems feasible, but will the product be financially worthwhile in the long run? The business analysis stage looks more deeply into the cash flow the product could generate, what the cost will be, how much market shares the product may achieve and the expected life of the product. Commercialization. If the test marketing stage has been successful then the product will go for national launch. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before a product is launched nationally. These are timing, how the product will be launched, where the product will be launched, will there be a national roll out or will it be region by region? 13
  14. 14. Project Promoters: M. Asaad Rashid Salman Mazhar Naeem Iqbal Product Line Products: • • Sandal Super Gloss Enamel Sandal Pentalite Natural White Special Plastic Emulsion with Added Fragrance (Acrylic Based) • Sandal Pentalite Special Plastic Emulsion (Acrylic Based) • Sandal Prime-on • Sandal Water Repellent • Sandal Synthetic Clear Varnish • Paintex Plus Emulsion • Maxilite • Sandal Aluminum Paint Dual Pack 14
  15. 15. Sandal Super Gloss Enamel Sandal Super Gloss Enamel is a high quality solvent-based super gloss finish, suitable for use on all types of interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. Sandal Super Gloss Enamel gives a smooth mirror like finish and has excellent durability. Generally resistant to heat up to 90 C, but some discoloration of light colors may occur at temperatures above 80 C. Resistant to the levels of atmospheric humidity present in normal interior and exterior environments and will withstand repeated washing. Not suitable for use on immersed surfaces. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray and it is highly flammable. Spray is the only way to apply and it is highly flammable. Sandal Pentalite Special Plastic Emulsion (Acrylic Based) Sandal Pentalite Special Plastic Emulsion (Acrylic Based) is a high premium quality emulsion with a smooth matt finish. It is suitable for all normal interior masonry surfaces including brickwork, plastic, cement and wallboards. Will tolerate the levels of atmospheric humidity present in normal interior and exterior environments. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you. Sandal Pentalite Natural White Special Plastic Emulsion with Added Fragrance (Acrylic Based) Sandal Pentalite Natural White Special Plastic Emulsion with Added Fragrance (Acrylic Based) is a premium quality emulsion with a smooth matt finish, which contains fragrance. It is suitable for all interior masonry surfaces including brickwork, plastic, cement and wallboards. Will tolerate the levels of atmospheric humidity present in normal interior and exterior environments. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you. Sandal Prime-on Sandal Prime-on is a solvent based sealer for interior and exterior masonry surface both new and previously decorated such as brickwork, plaster and cement. It reduces damage form alkali and salts and seals powder, porous surfaces. Not suitable where the surface is saturated. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you. 15
  16. 16. Sandal Water Repellent Sandal Water Repellent is an excellent protective barrier against moisture for unpainted surfaces. It penetrates the surface and acts as an effective guard against water. It is suitable for brickwork, concrete, plastered surfaces, unglazed tiles and sand-cast surfaces. Sandal water Repellent is not recommended for surfaces in constant with water, like tanks to masonry surfaces below ground level like basement etc. It can be applied through Brush or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you and it is highly flammable. Sandal Synthetic Clear Varnish Sandal Synthetic Clear Varnish from Sandal is a solvent-based varnish suitable for use on all types of new or previously treated wood and metal. Typically uses include paneling, cane or wood furniture, windows doors and partitions. Sandal Synthetic Clear Varnish has a high gloss finish and has excellent abrasion resistance and is fast drying. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you and it is highly flammable. Paintex plus Emulsion Paintex Plus is an economical emulsion with a smooth matt finish. It is suitable for all normal interior masonry surfaces including brickwork, plaster, cement and wallboards. Will tolerate the levels of atmospheric humidity present in normal interior and exterior environments. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you. Maxilite Economic Wall Paint: Maxilite Economic Wall Paint is an economic water based paint that has excellent coverage and provides a smooth matt finish. It is suitable for all normal interior masonry surfaces including brickwork, plaster, cement, asbestos and wallboards etc. Will tolerate the levels of atmospheric humidity present in normal interior and exterior environments. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you. 16
  17. 17. Sandal Aluminum Paint Dual Pack Sandal Aluminum Paint Dual Pack is a silver paint with high metallic luster, which protects the surface from corrosion, discoloration and the effects of heat. Typical uses include chimneys, pipelines, storage vessels, steam pipes, machinery surfaces, oven doors and heat exchangers. It can be applied through Brush, Roller or Conventional Spray, which is convenient to you and highly flammable in nature. Mission Statement & Five Years Goal Mission Statement “Enriching people’s lives by bringing visual delight and lasting care to their surroundings” Five Years Goal for SANDAL Paints Target 10:20:30 10% return on sales (ROS) 20% growth in sales in 5 years (3.7% CAGR in organic like for like business) 30% Return on Net Assets (RONA) This is the formula from which SANDAL Paints sets and achieves its targets i.e. 10% return on sales, 20% growth in sales in five years and in the last 30% Return on Net Assets. Environmental Policy Sandal Decorative Environmental Policy SANDAL Paints is part of Imperial Chemical Industries plc and is one of the largest. SANDAL Paints has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products for many years. 17
  18. 18. Introduction It is Sandal’s policy to ensure that all its activities worldwide are conducted safely; the health of its employees, its customers and the public will be protected; environmental performance will meet contemporary requirements, and that its operations are run in a manner acceptable to the local communities. The Sandal Decorative Environmental Policy underlines the SANDAL Group Policy and in addition focuses on some key areas of work, where we are committed to improving our environmental performance. These key areas are: Decorative Products SANDAL policy states that it will strive to develop new products and containers that have minimal impact on the environment whilst maintaining its quality performance standards. One of the largest environmental effects of painting is the solvents which are given off during the painting process. These solvents can cause adverse health effects (if used in poorly ventilated areas) and can contribute to pollution in the lower atmosphere. Much of our Research & Development work is targeted at reducing the solvent content of SANDAL paint products and offering temperature-based alternative products. Our objective is to limit the amount of solvent in the products SANDAL sells and reduces these limits over the coming years. SANDAL is also taking initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its containers. Customers SANDAL policy states that it will provide its customers with clear, accurate and helpful information on environmental aspects of its products, including guidance on safe storage, handling, use and disposal. SANDAL provides comprehensive safety, health & environmental information on the back of all its containers, as well as advice on how to use the product. Further information and guidance is given in the Sandal Color Cards, which are available in-store, which are available free from the Sandal Advice Centre at Slough. Manufacturing 18
  19. 19. SANDAL will take practical steps to ensure its product manufacturing and distribution processes are carried out to minimize their impact on the environment. SANDAL Pakistan is working with the rest of SANDAL to meet its main objective of reducing the waste from its factories. Suppliers SANDAL will work with its suppliers to minimize the environmental impact of their own business and manufacturing activities. A program for assessing the environmental performance of SANDAL key suppliers is in place. Employees Within Sandal feels it is important for its own employees to be able to contribute to its environmental performance. It is SANDAL Paints policy to ensure that all personnel receive appropriate training and information on environmental issues and that they are aware of and understand our Environmental Policy. SANDAL is using Temperature-Based Paints for Environment Temperature-based paints are now recommended as the best choice for interior use on large surface areas such as ceilings and walls. One can now buy temperature-based gloss and satin finishes ‘Temperature-based paints are now much more widely available . Alongside this development manufacturers now recommend restrictions on the use of solvent-based paints inside. It maintain the room temperature. High and low temperature is not likely by the people. Our paint solve the problem of temperature.. SWOT Analysis & Unique Selling Point SWOT Analysis 19
  20. 20. Strengths: Our big strength is to maintain the room temperature which is our core competency. The environment policy and safety of health polSandales are extraordinary, it is a standard to follow and no one can compete in this department with SANDALSANDAL first priority is the customer satisfaction and it is practically providing well. The customer satisfaction can be measure from the following practices: The delivery is made within short time from order. Free color scheme advice to customers Prompt feed back, if there is any complain from the customer. Customer focus web site When talk about the quality of the products, SANDAL is leading quality conscious company in the field of paints. Weaknesses: The procedure of delivery is very complex for a customer to under, that’s needs to be simplified or modify. Some confused marketing strategies are made, which are later on replaced. Opportunities: SANDAL has the biggest market share in the market i.e. 76%. Berger is the only competitor in this field and it is spending a lot of money and resources to get more market share, but it cannot compete with the quality and not compete our core competency. In Pakistan customer are categorize in following ways: Quality conscious Price conscious 20
  21. 21. Health conscious Sandal’s is focusing all types of customers. Pakistan is a big country when we talk about population, and people here belong to different status. From that point of view there is a lot of opportunity for SANDAL in Pakistan. Threats: SANDAL has only on job training for their employees and some of the employees need to have of job training also e.g. IT. Berger has 12 housing team members and SANDAL has only 4, which may be create a big problem in the future. The biggest threat to SANDAL Paints is the political and economic instability of Pakistan. Unique Selling Point The unique selling point of SANDAL is it emphasis on environment control and there is no quality match with it. An innovative global community working together to find and share better solutions. SANDAL Paints, its brands, products and services will be the first choice for people who want the best. Marketing and Business Strategies Segmentation The Target Market of SANDAL Paints consists of three types of customers: 21
  22. 22. Quality Conscious (Upper Class or Elite Class) Price Conscious (Upper Middle Class and Lower Middle Class) Health conscious (upper class and upper middle class) For quality conscious customers SANDAL Paints offers D-Line products or Sandal and for price conscious customers SANDAL Paints offer Non-D products. This aspect tells us about the difference between luxury and need. And for Health conscious customer’s Sandal offer temperature based paint. 7 P’s of SANDAL Product of SANDAL Paints According to market point of view the product of SANDAL is: Customer Satisfaction Safety and health (For everyone which is directly or indirectly related to the company) Position of SANDAL Paints SANDAL is the leading company in the Pakistan as well world. It has 76% market share in Pakistan. Price of SANDAL Paints SANDAL Paints price is very reasonable when we compare with the benefits or offering of SANDAL. Some people think that paints of SANDAL are costly but keep in mind quality is free. Promotion of SANDAL Paints SANDAL Paints is using following promotional tools: Customer satisfaction is itself a promotion tool for SANDAL Paints and it help to develop C2C relationship. SANDAL Paints arranges painter parties at different places and at this event gift are given to those painters which have used a reasonable quantity of SANDAL paint for the period. 22
  23. 23. People People in SANDAL Paints can be divided into following categories: Management Staff Non-management Staff Management Staff: Management Staff is being used for decision making process and if there is any problem occurs to the company. Non-management Staff: Non-management Staff includes Sales Promoters, IT persons and other contract based staff. Process SANDAL Paints is customer centric company so the process starts from the need or desire of customer and ends at the delivery of products or finished goods. Physical Evidence The physical evidence of SANDAL Paints is its production unit, Decorative Department and Color Studio which are easily accessible to the customer at any time. 3 C’s of SANDAL Paints Consumer Competitor Corporate Consumer 23
  24. 24. The consumer of SANDAL Paints is any individual which has desire for the paint and requires cost benefit Sandal product. Competitor The Biggest competitor of SANDAL Paints is Berger Robilac, Master, ICI. It is local company which is being run by the Big Investors in Pakistan. Corporate SANDAL Paints management is it’s corporate and management of SANDAL Paints is consists of marketing and HR managers which basically belongs to Pakistan. References Markrting Management 24
  25. 25. Principal of Marketing 25