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Fairy tale about Dormejka


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Fairy tale about cute sheep Dormejka, who changed her life forever by making right choices...
Enjoy my first fairy tale and don't be afraid to Change Your Life! :)

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Fairy tale about Dormejka

  1. 1. Once upon a time ….a long long time ago,there lived a sheep called Dormejkawho was very unhappy…
  2. 2. She lived alone in a small Dormejka30 years old and comfortableAriesSingleWhite-collar worker apartmentHobby: travellingSocial presence: FaceBook, furnished withTwitter, LinkedIn basic stuff, slept in ordinary bed and every night she had nightmares…
  3. 3. Dormejka’s daily scheduleEvery Dormejka’s day looked very similar:1 Every morning Then she went to work and after a few hours of 3 she got sitting at up at computer 7am with she felt awful strong headache, back like after pain… all night party… 2 After finishing her workday she had 4 5 rehabilitation exercises which And after lessons she cost her 100 came back home PLN each. frustrated and unsatisfied with her poor life. .. However the most terrible moment during the day was the time to get sleep – because every single night she tossed and turned for at least 1h before falling asleep…
  4. 4. One day Dormejka decided to change her life completely and to become Happy! ;)She identified the first and the most possible reason of her unhappiness… Cause of • Work at computer for more than 8 hours per day unhappiness Solution • To change job! Dormejka sent the CV to company producing eco- sheep cheese in small village near Warsaw, and received an offer - position of “Manager of modern farm”. She felt happy, but after a few days she again felt frustrated ;(. She didn’t know what to do then….
  5. 5. Dormejka decided not to give up and makethe second attempt to change her life forever!Dormejka identified the second possible reason of her unhappiness Cause of • Huge money expenditures on back exercises unhappiness Solution • To quit rehabilitation and save money I will quit the back rehabilitation exercises and raise some funds for trip around the world!:) It makes me happy for sure! She was happy for a few days, but after a few days she realized that money didn’t make her happy not a bit… instead her back pain got worse and worse, and she couldn’t do anything, but just “beeeeeeeee”.
  6. 6. But Dormejka was “stubborn as a sheep” and she was desperate to change her life at any price!Finally, she identified the latest reason of her unhappiness Cause of • Poor evenings & night life unhappiness Solution • To make her life after work more pleasant…;)Dormejka beleived that thanks falling asleep immediately in theevening, having sweet dreams at night and as a result getting upevery morning in a good mood she finally found HAPPINESS!But who or what could make her evenings/night life more pleasant….?! To meet To buy new& Prince On comfortable The White mattress to Horse sleep as the Princess
  7. 7. Dormejka made the comparison analysis: pros and cons of each idea… Perfect Man Perfect Bed1. doesn’t exist – “mission 1. easy to get – to go to impossible” to find shop>choose>buy2. snoring at night 2. free of disturbing noises and rusting3. coarse and angry sometimes 3. always soft and cosy4. not enough sensitive and 4. flexible – adjusted to your flexible to female needs body shape thanks memory foam5. wasteful – spends a fortune 5. economical – pay once and on beer and toys like iphone, use it for ages ipad, ipod, etc… Dormejka was happy, the choice was evident… to go directly to DORMEO and buy the new mattress – OCTASPRING!
  8. 8. When Dormejka went to shop to buy thePERFECT MATTRESS „OCTASPRING” - she met Him „love of Her life” and they lived happily ever after! :)