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Aryaskids presentation

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Aryaskids presentation

  2. 2. Our goal for 2011 is to fund the following3 research projects with Memorial-SloanKettering Cancer Research Center
  3. 3. New Approaches to childhood leukemia Childhood leukemia (acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALL) is the most common cancer affecting children. Currently, very few options exist for children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia T cells (human immune cells) can be re-directed in the lab to target leukemia cancer cells Cells can be made from patient’s own blood OR from a stem cell donor Cells are infused into the patient and eradicate the leukemia Project 1: Project 2:
  4. 4. Leukemia Project 1 Project Name: A phase 1 trial of pediatric B cell ALL treated with autologous T cells genetically Chemotherapy has toxic side effects for children and is ineffective in curing all children with leukemia. These re-directed T cells will provide more options for children with leukemia with side effects. Timeline: Currently, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center there are 2 trials with adult leukemia patients using this therapy. The technology has been established and extension into children will require 6 more months of pre-clinical research and 6 months to obtain the necessary Institutional and governmental approval. Costs: Preclinical testing will cost $150,000 to complete. To complete a clinical trial with 12 children will require $480,000 at a cost of $40,000/child.
  5. 5. Leukemia Project 2Project Name:A phase 1 trial of pediatric B cell ALL patients who have relapsed after bone marrow transplanttreated with donorfrom traditional chemotherapy are too toxic. These children require novel approaches, such asthis trial provides, to cure their leukemia.Timeline:We have already obtained initial institutional approval and are awaiting governmental approval.The trial should be opened for accrual in the next 6 months.Costs:Preclinical testing is already underway. To complete a clinical trial with 12 childrenwill require $480,000 at a cost of $40,000/child
  6. 6. non-progressive diffuse pontine gliomas previously treated with external beamknown effective therapy is radiation therapy, and while that often helps temporarily, these tumors recurabout 6 months later and the children die shortly afterwards.How will this help?: We hope & believe (based on animal experiments) that directly infusing this radioactiveantibody into the tumors will prove to be a safe & promising new treatment.Time line: Already approved by the MSKCC departments of pediatrics & neurosurgery and the ResearchCouncil, the protocol is about to be reviewed by the MSKCC IRB and will then need to be reviewed by theAdditional funding required: $486,000. We have already obtained commitments for about $200,000.