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3P's: People, Process, Product


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3P - People Process Product principle. Popularised by Marcus Lemonis in the TV series The Profit.

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3P's: People, Process, Product

  1. 1. Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World, a USD 3 Billion business that controls 25% of Recreational Vehicle (RV) market in United States. Judges a business with People-ProcessProduct principle.
  2. 2. The First “P” : PEOPLE The most important “P” People are the ones that make the difference Right people  effective,  destructive Wrong people
  3. 3. Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Am I the RIGHT person for this job? 2. Have I been EFFECTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE? 3. Have my subordinates made my life EASIER or HARDER?
  4. 4. The Second “P” : PROCESS Creating Process Delivering Process Selling Process
  5. 5. Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Do I understand the importance of the implemented Process in the company? 2. Do I have any idea how to simplify the Process without losing the essence of it? 3. Has the company process been run properly?
  6. 6. The Third “P” : PRODUCT Excellent Product Relevant Product
  7. 7. Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Do I believe in the product or service that I “sell” to the customer? 2. Does the product or service have the potential to be the leader in the market? 3. Do customers trust the product or service that the company provides?
  8. 8. Conclusion 3P’s can be used to analyze a division or even a department PEOPLE are the difference makers PEOPLE have to believe in the PRODUCT and PEOPLE have to do the right PROCESS
  9. 9. Thank you