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Website research eminem

  1. 1. Further website research
  2. 2. Standing on top of The picture of the artist used on building could show he the website is an image of him in thinks he is above and one of his music videos called ‘not better than all other afraid’. The use of the same artists in his genre . location for the picture and the music video creates continuity and links his music video to his website.In the picture the artistis looking away from thecamera so you can’t seehis face. This could showthat he believe his musicis more important thanhis appearance and so isnot showing his face ashe wants his fans toconcentrate on hismusical skill and not hisappearance.
  3. 3. The artist is wearing a The artist is wearing clothing, hoody hoody and baggy jeans in and jeans, that an ‘everyman’ would the picture. This shows that wear. This could show that his music the artist creates hip hop is going to have lyrical content to music. This is because which the ‘everyman’ could relate wearing hoodies and baggy to. This therefore shows that the jeans is a convention for hip artist is going to go against hop music and so it shows mainstream hip hop by not being that the artist is a hip hop glamorous and not glamourizing his artist. lyrics.The second letter ‘E’ inthe artists name isbackwards. This couldshow that the artist isgoing to be differentfrom other hip hopartist and is perhapsgoing to create hip hopmusic which breaks thetraditional conventionsfor hip hop music.
  4. 4. The website has a forum which fans can go on. This shows that theartist values his fans and wants feedback from them. This createsa closer relationship between the artist and the fans as they cancommunicate more easily. This closer relationship between theartist and his fans would therefore make the fans more fanaticaland would make it more likely for them to buy his products.
  5. 5. You can sign in to the website. This shows that there is an opportunity for fansof the artist to form a community online. Also by signing in the fans can getdetail of how to buy the artists products. This could generate more revenue forthe artist as the more information fans have about the artists products themore likely the fans are to buy the product.
  6. 6. The store creates commerce for the artist as people who use thewebsite can easily buy his products, such as his music, and so theywould be more likely to buy his products if they can do it easily.
  7. 7. You can follow the artist on Twitter. This creates a closer relationship between theartist and the fans. This is because the fans and the artist can more easilycommunicate to each other. This makes the fans more devoted to the artist, as thecloser the relationship the fans have to the artist the more fanatical they will be aboutthe artist. This will then make it easier for the artist to sell products to the fans, suchas his music, as fanatical fans are more likely to buy the artists products.
  8. 8. How has this research helped me?• I need to create a method of communication between the artists and fans to make the relationship between the artist and the fans more intimate.• I can use this intimate relationship to promote the artists album and other products.• I need to have a forum on my website for my artist so that the fans can communicate amongst themselves and form a community centred around the artist. The forum can also be used by the artist to communicate to the fans.