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Evaluation of the filming


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Evaluation of the filming

  1. 1. Evaluation of filming
  2. 2. Positives• All filming we needed to do was done.• We got access to and filmed in Saint Andrews tower inside the Golf Links estate.
  3. 3. Positives• We completed the photo-shoot of the artist and co-artist both at the Golf Links estate and in Russell Square.
  4. 4. Negatives• There was a lot of glare from the pavement in Russell Square. This is because it had been raining and the wet pavement was reflecting a lot of light. This was therefore creating a high level of glare on the footage we were recording. This high level of glare will worsen the quality of the footage. However I can solve this by reducing the glare using editing tools in the post-production phase.
  5. 5. Negatives• A group member turned up late to Gants Hill station. This delayed our departure from Gants Hill station and so therefore delayed our arrival at Ealing Broadway station. However we solved this problem by contacting the artist and co-artist and telling them we would be late and that they needed to wait for us. We also extended the days schedule for filming to give us extra time to compensate for the working time we lost due to our late arrival at Ealing Broadway station.