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  1. 1. Analysis of the digipak for the album ‘curtain call’ by the artist Eminem
  2. 2. Front cover
  3. 3. The letter E is written backwards. This could show that the music in the album will not conform to what is expected from music in the hip hop genre.Curtain call could show that Eminem is ending onestage of his music career, like a theatre show ends Parental advisory label shows thewith a curtain call. This shows he is now ready to album will contain adult themesbegin another stage of his music career. This could which are unsuitable for that Eminem maybe moving away from his hip These themes may includehop music career to pursue other musical genres. death, violence and crime.
  4. 4. Images inside the digipak
  5. 5. Inside the ‘digipak’ their aEminem is wearing jewellery. This picture of Eminem lookingcould show that the music sombre. This shows thecontains lyrics about consumerism. audience that the contentThis shows me that the audience is musical of the album willstill expected to aspire to be like contain sombre issues suchEminem, as the audience will want as crime, violence andto be able to afford a chain like having to live through aEminem’s. difficult childhood. Eminem is wearing a tank top. This is not an item of expensive clothing. This means he is wearingTattoo of Eminems daughter could a type of clothing that theconnote that the album will ‘everyman’ would wear. This couldcontain personal content, such as signify that the lyrical content oflyrics about Eminems family and his music will contain issues withchildren. which the ‘everyman’ can relate to.
  6. 6. The gun could show that crime will be one of the themes which is explored in the album.The gun shows that the lyrical content could beviolent.
  7. 7. The back cover
  8. 8. At the end of a theatre show people throw roses at the feet of the actors. The roses at the feet of Eminem may show that Eminem believes that his music career is ending as his current music may be unable to out popularise his older music. Details of record labels associated with the album.Details of songs in the album.