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Influencer Marketing and its impact


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The Basic Detail of Influencer Marketing.

1. What are Influencer marketing and its impact?
2. What works in Influencer marketing effectively?
3. What's that, Influencer marketing is not for?
4. What doesn't impose in Influencer Marketing?
5. One straightforward Rule: Influencer marketing means selling via Influencer
6. Case Studies on Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing and its impact

  1. 1. Bets earning source How Influencer Marketing works
  2. 2. Generally, Influencer peoples introduce there audience or promote using contents, the thought of the celebrity endorsement, new tools are sorts of a hybrid of traditional and new promoting tools, taking and inserting it into the content-driven marketing campaign. Influencers need to change the minds or attract their audiences for new things in some way. What is Influencer Marketing Marketers received 5~7 times in earned media value for every $ thespent on influencer marketing – AdWeek
  3. 3. What works in Influencer Marketing Most important to consider your approach in influencer marketing • Be consolidated, schedule time for research, Plan a strategy together, fixed a budget, keep patient and always keep in mind - people talks to people, not the organization. • Develop an Execution way • Check whether the influencer prefers calls or newsletters monthly/ quarterly/biannual? Plan travel schedules to arrange face-to-face meetings. • Plan Public Relations schedule and Integrate PR with the product release schedule, connect with key executives. Send emails, etc.
  4. 4. What is the stats of influencer marketing 90% of consumers trust peer recommendation user-generated content 62% more trusted by internet users than traditional media promotion consumers are 70% more likely to make new purchases referred on social media 81% of US consumers trust opinion review and information from the blog
  5. 5. Consumers want more value 64% of influencers are more fascinated to say the audience recognizance that they provide value through contents about topics they are most interested in, while 72 % influencers state that fans enjoy more to interact with them, respond online and give feedback directly.
  6. 6. Conversion drastically increase whenever influencers share brands through content in their industry.
  7. 7. Influencer Marketing uses to influence people who already recognize and well aligned with our own likes and dislikes, tell us that our time is better spent on marketing. One straightforward Rule: Influencer Marketing means selling via Influencer Influencer Marketing generates ROI more as 10X banner add.
  8. 8. Influencer Marketing isn't just about search someone with a huge fan following and offering them money to promote any product.
  9. 9. You must try influencer marketing because It’s more authentic than a traditional add It’s more cost- effective than other traditional marketing channels It’s a most co- efficient way to build trust with prospects It provides easy access to a large targeted audience This is a better way to create real-time interaction More sells generate effectively over a new target audience It create exponential results and provides sharable content
  10. 10. 76% of influencers say they are very Happy and their audience loves them to provide honest, real, open, funny and willing to see regular.
  11. 11. Identifying the right influencers for specific products Finding the most attractive engagement tactics Performance Measurement of the campaigns Monitor and maintain a track of influencer’ activity Top 4 biggest Challenges in Influencer Marketing
  12. 12. Action plan in 5 Steps Assessment your track Maintain performance track record of the relationships you’re building, introductions and how they’re converting into concrete events like traffic reference and in consequence lead, Keep continue in loop 1,2,3,4,5 5 Lay down your Plan Influencer marketing begins with product-related target customer identification and understanding who will be most impactive with them how to discover, estimate and Conclusive to buy merchandise. 1 2 Maintain an Inventory Influencer marketing is very subjective, so you’ll need an inventory for people who produce and share social media content that impacts your business or integrity your customer’s decision-making. 3 Monitor your track Get feedback of your specific influencer and track their content. Ask questions— How to start writing about what topics do they decide, importance of content share, what is value, what preferred questions are their audience asking most? 4 Execute Action Plan Relationships are always important so Start building relationships with positive comments following and sharing their links on most of the social platforms, build trust, get to know their interest, then make actions plan to work together.
  13. 13. 78% 14% 5% 3% Look once Which of the following forms influencing you to make a purchase most effective advertising campaign?
  14. 14. Case Studies on Influencer Marketing
  15. 15. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) The most famous and important YouTuber in the Social world – teamed up with the makers of a horror film set in the French catacombs under Paris, creating a series of videos in which he underwent challenges in the catacombs. It was pitch-perfect content for PewDiePie’s 100 million subscribers and received millions of the views as the movie’s trailer. Everybody won. PewDiePie Influencer: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Subscribers: 100 million Plus Brand: PewDiePiew
  16. 16. Meghan McCarthy is a lyricist, screenwriter, and producer lots of television shows. Her most popular shows include 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is' Fish Hooks '(2010), and 'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls' (2013). She has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and her special 'Cartoon Voice Impressions' video made unique which has had over 6.7 million views. Meghan McCarthy - a one-off famous vine - she is among one of the top Millennial influencers and partnered with her lots of brand to integrate their promotion into her daily humoristic conversations. Posting on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube channel, Meghan used to put her stamp of approval and simply explained exactly why her fan followings should care about the promotion. Her posts garnered lakhs of follow up posts and retweets, the partnership with Meghan made more impact then like no TV commercial campaign ever would. Influencer: Meghan McCarthy Followers: 2,241,734 Brand: Walmart Source:
  17. 17. FoodBeast is known for his unique, off the beaten path teste recipes. FoodBeast also is known for online food haven where you can find the best recipes, food culture new stories. FoodBeast teamed up the Salad to create a delicious new recipe, FoodBeast created the “Ranch Taco Salad Code”, create a savory treat using Ken’s Salad Dressing a one of a kind recipe. Pulling in over 10,000 shares on Facebook, this creation Bring flood of likes, comments and landed hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on “Ranch Taco Salad Code”. Influencer: FoodBeast Followers: 1,54,133 Brand: Ken’s Salad Dressing Source:
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  19. 19. Influencer Marketing more info: Here is the leading resource for Social Media marketing Influencers, Best Influencer Marketing Platforms, and Influencer Marketing Agency and Case Studies of Influencer Marketing, Learn More Learn More: