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8 math

  1. 1. Weekly Distribution of Syllabus 2011 - 12 Subject:- Mathematics Class VIII DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION N.C.T OF DELHI UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF :Mrs. Anita Satia Mrs. Sumeeta BahlD.D.E (South) PrincipalDefence Colony R.P.V.V Lodhi RoadNew Delhi Tyagraj Nagar New Delhi Prepared by:Mr. G.C. Sharma Mrs. Tapsa VermaT.G.T.(Maths) T.G.T. (Maths)R.P.V.V Lodhi Road G.G.SS.S No.1Tyagraj Nagar East of KailashNew Delhi New Delhi Mrs Manpreet Kaur Grover T.G.T. (Maths) R.P.V.V Lodhi Road Tyagraj Nagar New Delhi 14
  2. 2. Week Working Topic Details days01.04.11 to 7 Ch-1 Introduction, Properties of08.04.11 Rational rational nos., Role of o and Numbers I Questions based on properties of rational nos., Representing rational nos. on no. line , finding rational nos. between two rational nos. Ex. 1.1 and to 4 Ch-1: Cont; Ex.1.2 cont., ch-1 m.m. ch-315.04.11 Ch- 3: classification of polygons, Understanding the Angle sum property Quadrilaterals Ex. to 5 Ch-3: Ex.3.1 Cont.,23.04.11 Understanding the Sum of the measures of the Quadrilaterals Exterior Angles of a Polygon, Kinds of Quadrilaterals Ex. 3.2, 3.325.04.11 to 6 Ch-3 : Ex.3.3 Cont.30.04.11 Understanding the Some Special Quadrilaterals Parallelograms Ex.3.2, 3.3 Ex. 3.4 Suggested Activities: Maths Activities for Class VIII Suggested by C.B.S.E (Activity 1 to 5)02.05.11 to 8 Ch-3 Cont. Ch-3 (cont.) M.M.10.05.11 Ch- 16: Playing with Finding the missing Numbers. numbers, Divisibility rules of some numbers. Ex. 16.1, 16.2, Ch-16-m.m.11.05.11 to Summer Break30.06.1101.07.11 to 7 Ch-2: Introduction, solving simple08.07.11 Linear Equations in linear equations and One Variable application of linear equations in simple cases. Ex. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 15
  3. 3. 11.07.11 to 6 Ch-2: Linear Application of linear16.07.11 Equations in one equations in complex cases, variable reducing Equations to simpler form. Ex. 2.4, 2.518.07.11 to 6 Ch-2: Linear Equations Reducible to the23.07.11 Equations in one linear form variable Ch-2: m.m.25.07.11 to 6 Ch-6: Squares and Introduction, Properties of30.07.11 square roots square nos, some patterns based on square of nos., Pythagorean Triplets Ex.6.1, to 6 Ch-6: Square and Finding square root of a06.08.11 squares roots number by prime factorization method and by long division method. Ex. 6.3, 6.4. Suggested Activity: Activity No. 7 for class VIII suggested by CBSE08.08.11 to 5 Ch-6: Squares and Ch 6: (Contd) M.M.12.08.11 squares roots Introduction of cubes. Ch:7: cubes and Ex. 7.1 cube roots16.08.11 to 5 Ch:7: cube and Finding the cube root by20.08.11 cube roots prime factorization method. Ex. 7.2,Ch 7, m.m.23.08.11 to 5 Ch: 8 Comparing Ratios and percentage profit27.08.11 Quantities and Loss percent, value Added Tax, sales Tax Ex. 8.1, to 5 Ch.8: Comparing Interest compounded03.09.11 Quantities annually and half yearly. Ex. 8.3 Chapter 8 M M05.09.11 to 5 Revision Revision of chapters-09.09.11 1,2,3,1612.09.11 1st CCEP13.09.11 TO 5 Revision Revision of Chapters- 16
  4. 4. 17.09.11 6,7, to 8 SAI27.09.1128.09.11 to 4 Discussion of SAI Paper01.10.1103.10.11 to 5 Autumn Break06.10.1107.10.11 to 6 Ch: 4- Construction of15.10.11 Practical Geometry Quadrilaterals given- (i) Four sides & one diagonal (ii) Three sides & two diagonals (iii) Two adjacent sides and three angles Ex. 4.1, 4.2 4.317.10.11 to 6 Ch:4 Practical Construction of22.10.11 Geometry Quadrilaterals given- (i) Three sides & Two angles between them (ii) Some special cases. Ex. 4.4, 4.5 , Ch-4 m.m.24.10.11 to 6 Ch:13- Direct & Direct and Inverse31.10.11 Inverse Proportion based Proportion Questions. Ex, 13.1, 13.2, Ch-13 - m.m. Suggested Activity: Activity No. 9 for class VIII suggested by CBSE01.11.11 to 5 Ch:5- Data Handling Studying and Interpreting05.11.11 pictographs, bar graphs, preparing frequency distribution table from given raw data, preparing pie charts, probability Ex. 5.1, 5.2, 5.308.11.11 to 3 Ch:5- Data Handling Yuva activity- Improving11.11.11 concentration - volume 4, page 862 (Yuva Hand Book) ch.5 m.m. Suggested Activity: Activity No. 6 for class VIII 17
  5. 5. suggested by CBSE14.11.11 to 6 Ch- 15 Introduction Bar graph, Pie chart,19.11.11 to graphs Histogram, line graph, Plotting the points on coordinate axis Ex- 15.1, to 6 Ch-15 Introduction Some Applications of linear26.11.11 to graphs graphs Ex 15.3 Ch- 15 m.m.28.11.11 to 6 Ch-9 Expressions, terms, factors03.12.11 Algebraic and coefficient of Expressionist polynomials, like and unlike terms, addition, subtraction multiplication of algebraic Expressions, 3 standard identities Ex 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.505.12.11 to 4 Ch-9 3 standard identities and09.12.11 Algebraic their applications Expressionist Ex 9.5 (continued) ch-9 m.m.12.12.11 to 2nd CCEP13.12.11 to 5 Ch-14 Factorizing algebraic17.12.11 Facterisation expressions by (i) Method of common factors (ii) regrouping the terms (iii) Using identities (iv) factors of the form (x+a) (x+b) Ex 14.1, to 6 Ch-14 Factorizing algebraic24.12.11 Facterisation expressions division of polynomials by other polynomial, finding errors in algebraic expressions Ex 14.3, 14.4 M.M. ch-14 18
  6. 6. 25.12.11 to WINTER BREAK14.01.1216.01.12 to 6 Ch-10 Visualizing Viewing of 3 D shapes,21.01.12 solid shapes mapping space around us counting the faces, edges and vertices of solid figures, Eulers formula Ex 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 M.M. ch-10 Suggested Activity: Activity No.8 for class VIII suggested by CBSE.23.01.12 to 5 Ch-12 Exponents Powers with negative28.01.12 and Powers exponents, laws of exponents, expressing small numbers in standard form Ex 12.1,12.2 M.M. CH-1230.01.12 to 6 Ch -11 Mensuration Area of rectilinear figures04.02.12 Ex 11.1, to 5 Ch -11 Mensuration Volume and surface areas10.02.12 of solid figures- cube, cuboids, cylinder Ex- 11.3, 11.4 M.M. CH-11 Suggested Activity: Activity No. 10 for class VIII suggested by CBSE13.02.12 to 6 Revision Revision of topics discussed18.02.12 in class (M.C.Q.S and Mental maths of all the topics covered)20.02.12 to 6 Revision Revision25.02.12 (of short answer and long answer questions from previous years papers)27.02.12 to 6 Revision Revision03.03.1205.03.12 to 5 Revision Revision09.03.1210.03.12 to Home Examination & 19
  7. 7. 31.03.12 Announcement of Result 20