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Trinity Daily Nov 22, 2018


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Union Inauguration

Published in: Education
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Trinity Daily Nov 22, 2018

  1. 1. ^ J " eu*DflllY Vol II Ed CD LXXIII 22 Nov 2018 Hill CJVQJJVeZSLJJVQ. <TM£ JVCXS QZJVORjCUTJi The students’ union inauguration was held on 19th October 2018. The chief guest Magician Manu Poojapura. Our Principal Dr.Arun Suren- dran gave the presidential address and college Chairman Shri.Vishnu Mohan presented the welcome speech. The students union members took pledge in the presence of Our Principal Dr.Arun Surendran ,Vice Principal Dr.Mary Mettilda Rose and Administra­ tive Officer B Sanil Kumar. Vice Chairman Shri. Saroj V B delivered the vote of thanks. STUDENTS’ UNION INAUGURAL FUNCTION v •Tlle ™«,TTDflllYTrinity College of Engineering, Trinity Hills, Near Pravachambalam, Trivandrum 695 528, © Trinity College of Engineering
  2. 2. TRINITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PLEDGE BY STUDENTS’ UNION MEMBERS Chief Guest Magician Manu Poojappura Presidential Address Principal Dr. Arun Surendran EMCEE Jessica M Joshy (S5 ECE), © Trinity College of Engineering