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Trinity Daily January 4, 2019


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Year ending!

Published in: Education
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Trinity Daily January 4, 2019

  1. 1. 04 Jan 2019 ■ lllll ZJVQ3JV££313JV<Z &MC JV£XS QZJVaRXLSSGJV! Happy flew Ijcaz Vol II Ed CD LXXXV Trinity Daily Wishes MONDAY MEETING WITH THE CHAIRMAN 2019111 I COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Bering the n< *generation I lllll TRINITYC O U EG E OF EN G INEERING n m i ■ l l l l l t r i n i t yCOUEGE OF ENGINEERING DflllYTrinity College of Engineering, Trinity Hills, Near Pravachambalam, Trivandrum 695 528, © Trinity College of Engineering
  2. 2. TRINITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING O ur chairman Dr. Thomas A lexander joined with the Trinity fam ily fo r the M onday Briefing held on 31st December 2018. O ur Principal Dr. Arun Surendran and Adm inistrative O ffice r Rev.Fr. Popson Kuriakose were present. Speaking to the faculty and staff, our chairman recaped our eventful year of achievements and listed the changes in the new year which will keep us on track in attaining us vision. Rev. Fr. Popson appreciated the d ifferent faculty and staff who had made outstanding contributions to the college. Our Principal reiterated the focus on creating industry ready engineers out of our students by giving them required exposure. Several faculty and staff spoke in the interactive session that follow ed. XMAS CELEBRATION @ BOYS HOSTEL, © Trinity College of Engineering