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Trinity Daily Dec 5, 2018


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OJT, Placement and more

Published in: Education
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Trinity Daily Dec 5, 2018

  1. 1. ON JOB TRAINING (OJT) Trinity has been conducting a two weeks training program on ‘On Job Training’ (OJT) for the 60 students of Govt.VHSS Paraniyam by the guidance of Asst.Prof. Vijeesh V S, Asst.Prof. Rakesh R from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department, Asst.Prof. Kannan S from Mechanical Engineering department, Lab Instructors Shri.Anil Kumar ,Shri. Sudhakaran and Lab Assistant Shri.Visakh. INTERVIEW Our final year EEE, ECE and ME students attend­ ed the interview conducted by Speridian Tech­ nologies on 27th November 201 8. Dhanish from S7 Mechanical Engineering cleared the first 3 rounds and the final round will be after Janu­ ary. “ One of the very important characheristics of a student is to question. Let the studets ask questions. Dr. A P J Abdul kalam m u Trinity C ollege of Engineering, Trinity Hills, N ear Pravacham balam , Trivandrum 6 9 5 5 2 8, © Trinity College of Engineering
  2. 2. TRINITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGl l l l l STAFF MEETING All staff meeting was held on 3rd December 201 8. The meeting was chaired by Principal Dr. Arun Surendran and Administrative O ffi­ cer Rev.Fr.Popson Kuriakose. 20 alaflglfflb mjrormo ©ijjflg)3o e006DJ§°! 370 Q/l3J0CblDld9>0b (TO@£flej(}§§ (8ajo0o§flo(i»l ^aj)(b(n)0(ft^ab eoo66njo§1da,o(n)°fl(on)0o raflojaim fm -vija,,* ojejc9)r>ii6rr)e3r3Cf3aiij(3roro>^a)S)^jo raj ooosruglotD O-aJQgjVpteo^. gDnnl 6)mg|0o ejsl<e«)jcrr) cruaauo o ajo j 20 aoiro,! (r x o ja io n ji cglcrilgl a<a,oge? ooafi a3)a3eflcr>]<j»ol6i3m s ®ra>1oa) g)ai)rn j (eWhiZ) jpo^f3onjcO>icr3 ooossnjoglceboro araruraaoOTD 370 anr3.p<3iril<0>c/3 (mamlejjgg rai^onjcro <a>raao'B> CajDraogaoqafl aoolaaira). 16 rrucejjgjtejglraS cri) aT)06rD 63 slaijc9jgD«rn ooosrug cr)l(3an<s6)oaS 2><m>ra1.aj d i. dhvlsrw n marruo (nsrarcrito (aJOLoa)<0>o'D6ns'lr53 orfl (TD OT)ra6>6T!5K»S2c0S)6>£j§ 15 SlfflJcftgOCTti 6)ffla£]<T>£jk53 araruralijtro. oo3osnio§1<£b .angjt&gjo <&>oojy§ojt9> gy<. gnJoaaiocolijooojlrajaDj (.aJOJriSOTrorno. afla®j<3lal(0>1 rruo9>2a3, »1flng>f3 aJ6rjj)c& cn>(3aojoi3cn> oaruaS (.sraS ajlf3^0£jcr»o r^orflaflsOTRgloej s1aj<a.y3 oilsoofl c9>gOCQ)l <Tu^oojo3i2)nru<a2^^r'3fin->'^f33®n^3 « iJ'T l rx»oai aj6rnld9«)(3 <tu2q>o<7)oailcrorasmo©ajaiKOTj. Gce>og g$inJ]aimj]n^<r5i coDO.f3rara^sn3 avjoffltcBaS tojmjocnla^- (n a ja ia a js (Slmlgl c<d>3ge5 ao n c a®ci3efl<T>1ro>cflsiS <T>s<5ra>1<B> gon^tiw a.jai coocsnjD^tAono 2>«m)fl><3K»1«53 fvJ6)8)>SJ<flOJ(m ntM^XSlrflcfeCA. Courtesy: M alayala Manorama, © Trinity College of Engineering