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Nov 8, 2018


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Trinity is Top 10 in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Published in: Education
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Nov 8, 2018

  1. 1. Hill £,JVQ3JV££3l3JVq. JV£XS QZJVaRXLSSGJV! T R I d l T Y I Vol II Ed CD LXVI ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENABLER AWARD 2018! W ^f.EST ml CHANCI MfiSWKERALA f KERR|R Kerala State Govt's Kerala Startup Mission recognized Trinity College of Engineering as one of the Top 10 in the state fo r Entrepreneurship. IEDC N odal O ffice r Asst. Prof. Deepu Sajeev from Mechanical Department received the aw ard from G ovt IT Secretary Shivasan- kar IAS on 2nd Novem ber in the IEDC Summit & M aker Fest 201 8 held at Amal Jyothy College of Engineering. Trinity’s IEDC team had attented the Summit with Asst. Prof. Anand Michael, co-Nodal O ffice r and student executives. •Tlle™«,TTDflllYTrinity College of Engineering, Trinity Hills, Near Pravachambalam, Trivandrum 695 528, © Trinity College of Engineering
  2. 2. Hill TRINITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING INTERNAL AUDIT CELL MEETING The internal audit meeting was chaired by our Vice Principal Dr. M ary M ettilda Rose on 3rd November 201 8. The meeting was aimed to get ready fo r the KTU Audit. The date fo r PTA meeting was also final- TRINITY EWHIZ TEAM SARVODAYA SCHOOL, © Trinity College of Engineering