Global Creative Index 2013


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The Holmes Report's Global Creative Index analyses entries and winners from more than 25 PR award programmes from around the world, to determine the most creative campaigns and agencies in the PR world.

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Global Creative Index 2013

  1. 1. 22 space, that remains confidential. Regardless, there is some substance to the idea that credible award shows can deliver a certain level of creative currency within the industry. They are not, of course, the only measure of creativity, but they do offer a useful benchmark for organisations and agencies alike. All of the work featured in this report, furthermore, factors effectiveness into its output. PR campaigns, rightly, are measured according to their results. A powerful idea, in isolation, is irrelevant if it does not drive relevant, measurable outcomes. Theorganisationsandfirmsfeatured here should be commended for their commitment to breakthrough thinking. Ultimately, we hope that this report — in particular the work it showcases — helps to elevate and inspire. Arun Sudhaman Managing editor The Holmes Report CREATIVEINDEX INTRODUCTION In the public relations industry, creativity is no longer just window dressing. Big ideas can dramatically reshape a company’s fortunes and, increasingly, those ideas are being generated through a sophisticated understanding of public engagement. This report aims to celebrate the best of these types of ideas. Like last year’s inaugural edition, only award-winning campaigns have been considered. There are, of course, any number of innovative PR programmes that have either not entered award shows, or have come home empty-handed. Neither should we overlook the regular flow of PR work, often from the public affairs and crisis management METHODOLOGY To compile these rankings the Holmes Report first selected more than 20 key global, regional and local PR award shows over a 12-month period, using the 2013 Cannes Lions as a cut-off date. Some of the shows included were the various PRWeek Awards, the European Excellence Awards, the Cannes PR Lions, and our own SABRE Awards programme. Each show was then weighted according to our knowledge of its scope and scale, looking specifically at its significance; geographic remit; and, reputation within the PR community. Where one campaign has won multiple awards at the same show, points are only awarded once. If, however, a campaign has won a best in show award – campaign of the year or similar – it is awarded double points. In addition, only campaigns that have won more than three awards across different shows have been considered. The tables are created from these rankings. Campaigns are ranked according to overall points, not number of awards won. However, restricting the criteria to campaigns that had won more than three awards prevented campaigns that had scooped just one award on a global scale finishing higher than campaigns that may have won three or four different awards on a local or regional scale. Agencies have been ranked based upon how many points they have been awarded, not how many awards they have won. Therefore an agency may have won less awards overall than agencies below it, but we believe the awards it has won are more significant on a global scale. The sector tables were created using the same methodology. Campaign Rankings ................. 3-5 Agency Rankings ................... 6-10 Network Rankings .....................11 Ogilvy PR ...The Gnome Experiment
  2. 2. CAMPAIGNINDEX *Based on the Holmes Report’s Creative Index Methodology CAMPAIGN AGENCY CLIENT MARKET SCORE* 1 The Gnome Experiment Ogilvy PR Kern & Sohn Germany 25 2(=) P&G Builds Consumer Loyalty During the London Olympics Marina Maher Communica- tions/DeVries Global/H+K Strategies Procter & Gamble US 12 2 (=) State Within a State Nords Porter Novelli City of Ventspils Latvia 12 3 (=) FedEx Deliver Panda-monium Across the Globe Ketchum FedEx US 11 3 (=) From Conflict to Collaboration Pelham Bell Pottinger Golden-Agri Resources Singapore 11 3 (=) Mr Bao: A Virtual Sales Champion for IBM China Ogilvy PR IBM China China 11 3 (=) The '+' Project OneVoice Royal Philips Electronics Singapore 11 4 Putting Sea Containers on the Map Golden Goose PR Sea Containers UK 10 5 (=) R UV UGLY? Unity Cancer Research UK UK 8 5 (=) The Launch of Shwopping Unity M&S UK 8 6 (=) Defrost Your Swimsuit M Silver Associates Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau US 7 6 (=) From East to West and Everywhere In Between, America's Farmers and Ranchers are Leading the Food Dialogues Ketchum and Maslansky & Partners US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance US 7 6 (=) Heart Rescue Project Teaches Millions How to Save a Life Exponent PR Medtronic Foundation US 7 6 (=) Welcome to the Global Collaboratory: Global Food Security Ogilvy PR DuPont US 7 TOP14CAMPAIGNS
  3. 3. 44 CAMPAIGNINDEX A campaign that measured minute variations in gravity by weighing a common garden gnome has emerged as the most awarded PR campaign in the world, according to the Holmes Report’s 2013 Global Creative Index. The Index analysed entries and winners from more than 25 PR award programmes from around the world, over a 12 month period, using the 2013 Cannes Lions as a cut-off point. Scores were weighted according to a Holmes Report formula that placed particular emphasis on Best of Show winners. The results reveal that Kern & Sohn’s Gnome Experiment campaign, developed in conjunction with Ogilvy PR London, took top spot, thanks to a slew of wins at European shows. The programme scored more than twice as many points as the second-ranked effort, a tie between Procter & Gamble’s Olympic PR campaign and the ‘State Within a State’ tourism effort by the Latvian city of Ventspils. CONTENT UNLOCKS CREATIVITY The results, which rank the top 15 PR campaigns, reinforce the importance of a strong creative idea, supported by compelling content that spurs engagement. The Gnome Experiment, for example, showcased the precise nature of Kern scales by inviting scientists from around the world to take part in the project, logging results and eventually driving impressive sales results. Similarly, P&G’s Olympic PR push built on the ‘Momumentary Project’, which told athlete stories from the perspective of their mothers, utilising 60 documentary videos to foster an emotional connection that ultimately translated into awareness and concrete sales returns. The City of Ventspils ‘State Within a State’ programme, meanwhile, turned the Latvian city into an independent state that printed its own currency, which could be earned on its ‘global online embassy’ and cashed out upon visiting the city. The common thread running through these three campaigns is a content-rich strategy that builds on the core insight to develop genuine consumer involvement, often within a realtime marketing P&G ... Momumentary Project
  4. 4. CAMPAIGNINDEX context. It is a formula for creative communications that is not always simple to follow but can, clearly, lead to some thrilling results. It is also an approach that illustrates how digital and social media are helping to unlock creativity in PR. Most of the top-ranked campaigns revolve around a core digital platform, demonstrating how today’s PR campaigns are genuinely integrated — seamlessly utilising social media engagement to spur advocacy. Neither should the focus on genuine business results be overlooked. The Gnome Experiment, for example, improved sales by 22 percent, generating 1,445 new leads. P&G’s Olympics campaign is estimated to have driven $500m in incremental sales. And ‘State Within a State’ saw tourist numbers to Ventspils soar during the campaign. Many of the other campaigns within the top 15 demonstrate similar characteristics, not least IBM China’s Mr Bao programme; ‘The Launch of Schwopping’ by M&S; and, the Philips ‘+ Project’. While the ranking is dominated by consumer campaigns, it is worth noting that three of the programmes are corporate programmes, including the ‘Gnome Experiment’, which focused on building Kern’s credibility among a scientific audience. The ‘From Conflict to Collaboration’ campaign from Golden Agri Resources helped reshape the reputation of one of Asia’s most controversial companies by building authentic dialogue with NGOs that successfully communicated Golden Agri’s efforts to improve its supply chain and sustainability. The programme is proof that creativity in public relations is not limited to shiny stunts, but can just as easily revolve around honest corporate storytelling. GEOGRAPHIC DIVERSITY There is a refreshing geographic diversity among the top 15 campaigns, featuring work from traditional powerhouse markets such as the US and UK, along with eye-catching programmes from Germany, Latvia, Singapore, China and the Netherlands. M&S ... The Launch of SchwoppingGolden Agri...From Conflict to Collaboration Ventspils...State Within a State
  5. 5. 66 Among agencies, Ogilvy PR tops the overall Global Creative Index, thanks to a well-balanced haul from major shows across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the US, led by its top-ranked Gnome Experiment effort from London. The agency placed two other campaigns within the top 15: ‘IBM’s Mr Bao’ in China, and a DuPont programme from the US. After ranking second in 2012, Ogilvy leapfrogs Weber Shandwick to take top spot this year. The latter network drops to third, with Ketchum rising to second after ranking fourth last year. Ketchum’s haul was led by Europe and the US, notably its FedEx ‘Pandamonium’ campaign and work for Philips. The agency’s Farmers and Ranchers Alliance campaign in the US, meanwhile, also scored well. Weber Shandwick also scored well, as evidenced by its recent Cannes Lions haul, despite a paucity of campaigns within the top 15. Rounding out the top quartet was Edelman, which dropped from third one year earlier. MSLGroup recorded a substantial rise, from ninth in 2012 to sixth this year, while Hill+Knowlton experienced the reverse, dropping to ninth from sixth. Sweden’s Prime PR and global ad agency Leo Burnett both fell out of the overall top ten, replaced by new entrants Porter Novelli and Cohn & Wolfe. Outside the top ten, major risers included Unity and Waggener Edstrom. AGENCYINDEX 2013 Score 2012 Score AGENCY SCORE 1 2 Ogilvy PR 125 2 4 Ketchum* 113 3 1 Weber Shandwick 103 4 3 Edelman 93 5 5 Burson-Marsteller 68 6 9 MSLGroup 61 7 10 FleishmanHillard* 53 8 12 (=) Porter Novelli 42 9 6 Hill+Knowlton Strategies 34 10 22 Cohn & Wolfe 29 11 8 Prime 26 12 28 Unity 23 13 25 Waggener Edstrom 20 14 12 (=) Grayling 19 15 189 RF|Binder 18 TOP15OVERALLAGENCIES *Points for OneVoice campaigns for Philips have been split between Fleishman-Hillard and Ketchum Kern & Sohn ... The Gnome Experiment
  6. 6. POUNDFORPOUND WEIGHTEDSCORE Unity... Cancer Research While networks dominate the overall table, because of their volume of awards, a better measure of agency creativity comes from weighting agency scores according to their staff size. Accordingly, the Holmes Report has this year introduced a points per head table that identifies which are, ‘pound for pound’, the most creative PR agencies in the world. The top of the table is dominated by single-market boutique agencies. UK firm Unity comes out on top, after placing two campaigns within the top 15 - the ‘Launch of Shwopping’ for M&S; and ‘R UV UGLY’ for Cancer Research UK. Unity’s stellar haul was produced by just 21 staff members, helping it earn EMEA Consumer Consultancy of the Year at the last SABRE Awards. In second spot is Sweden’s Jung Relations, thanks to award-winning work for Blocket, Volvo and Absolut. Perennial awards darling Prime, also from Sweden, ranks fourth, with US agency RF|Binder taking third spot. The top five is rounded out by New York’s Marina Maher, the agency that led P&G’s Olympic PR work. Blue Rubicon, a UK firm that has begun to expand internationally, ranks sixth, before the first global network — Ogilvy PR — makes an appearance at seventh. Jung Relations... Absolut Unique AGENCY SCORE* 1 Unity UK 1095 2 Jung Relations Sweden 311 3 RF|Binder US 240 4 Prime Sweden 200 5 Marina Maher Communications US 128 6 Blue Rubicon UK 107 7 Ogilvy PR Global 56 8 Ketchum* Global 45 9 (=) Weber Shandwick Global 34 9 (=) Burson-Marsteller Global 29 *Points per head—sees agency scores weighted according to staff size.
  7. 7. 88 AGENCY SCORE* 11 Porter Novelli 28 12 Cohn & Wolfe 26 13 Waggener Edstrom 22 14 FleishmanHillard* 21 15 Grayling 19 16 Edelman 18 17 Hill+Knowlton Strategies 17 18 MSLGroup 16 19 Havas PR 12 20 DraftFCB 2 The results would appear to confirm the notion that creativity is not a function of agency size. They should, furthermore, support the argument that strong local firms are, easily, a match for bigger global networks. KEY MARKETS In geographic terms, three countries dominate the top of the pound for pound table: the UK, Sweden and the US. Sweden’s emergence as a highly creative PR industry has been documented in detail by the Holmes Report, while the US and UK are home to the world’s two largest PR markets. Perhaps the key finding here is that single-market agencies dominate the top of this table, ahead of the multinational agencies. On this evidence, at least, local players cannot be beat when it comes to creativity. The results would suggest that agility trumps scale when it comes creativity, re-igniting the debate about whether small agencies are more creative than larger ones. Ventspils State Within a State Ketchum...FedEx *Points per head—sees agency scores weighted according to staff size. POUNDFORPOUND
  8. 8. AGENCY SCORE* 1 Ogilvy PR 29 2 BlueFocus PR Consulting 8 3 (=) 1000Heads 6 3 (=) FleishmanHillard 6 3 (=) Prime 6 TOP5TECHAGENCIES AGENCY SCORE 1 Ketchum 46 2 Edelman 39 3 Weber Shandwick 38 4 MSLGroup 35 5 Ogilvy PR 29 6 Burson-Marsteller 25 TOP6CONSUMERAGENCIES Philips ...Your Health and Wellbeing IBM China ... Mr BAO AGENCYINDEX
  9. 9. 1010 AGENCYINDEX AGENCY SCORE* 1 Ogilvy PR 46 2 Edelman 22 3 Weber Shandwick 21 4 Ketchum 17 5 Hill+Knowlton Strategies 13 TOP5CORPORATEAGENCIES Ketchum...Farmers & Ranchers AGENCY SCORE* 1 Ketchum 37.5 2 Ogilvy PR 18 3 Edelman 16 4 Weber Shandwick 15 5 OMD 12 TOP5DIGITALAGENCIES Kern & Sohn...Gnome Experiment
  10. 10. NETWORKINDEX WPP’s reign at the top of the holding group table will come under serious threat once the Publicis Omnicom merger is complete. The latter group, which will have the world’s largest set of PR operations, would have outranked WPP this year according to a total Creative Index score of 342. Elsewhere, Havas catches the eye, boosted by a strong showing from Havas PR and firms such as Cake and the Red Agency. NETWORK TOTAL AWARDS TOTAL POINTS 1 WPP 101 297 2 Omnicom 85 249 3 Interpublic 52 156 4 Publicis Groupe 29 93 5 Havas 14 42 TOP5NETWORKS The Holmes Report Paul A. Holmes - CEO Arun Sudhaman - Partner & Managing Editor Greg Drury - Partner & President - U.S. Operations Aarti Shah - Senior Editor Annabel Davis - Chief Internet Officer Amanda Busby - UK Administrative Officer Celeste Picco - Chief Administrative Officer Cathy Bussey - Creative Index Research Editor: James Beer - Lead Design The Holmes Group, Address: 271 West 47 Street, Suite 23-A, New York, NY 10036, USA, Tel: (212) 333-2300; Fax: (212)333-2624