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Zimbra gal configuration for external data source


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Zimbra 8 Mail Server GAL Global Address List configuration for external data source

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  • nice post
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  • tengo zimbra 8.6.0 la consulta es que cuando elimino una cuenta de correo siempre me aparece en la lista de contacto hay alguna manera que se actualize la libreta de direcciones
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  • hello Arun , thanks for your great efforts

    i followed your steps:
    it didn't work with me !! i can't sync users from active directory to zimbra, i had to add them manually , cause i can't configure GAL by the right way !
    how about Bind DN ?

    and test, always error ,
    i tried a lot of tips, but still !!
    could you help me please!
    this is my mail
    Thanks Arun
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Zimbra gal configuration for external data source

  1. 1. ZIMBRA mail server Configuring GAL account to Both Reason for creating this Document: This Document is applicable for Zimbra 8.0.x.x server /above. If you are trying to configure your GAL setting to both, you may face some problem. You may not able to sync external ldap data. This document will help reader to configure external Ldap. By following this document, you may configure your GAL to internal and external email address list (GAL – Global Address List).
  2. 2. Login in Zimba Administration – Admin Mode ------------------------------------------Step 1) From the Left Side of Panel Select Configure Option
  3. 3. Step 2) Select Domains from Left Side, and then select your desire Domain Name from right side panel and click on Configure GAL option from small triangle button.
  4. 4. Step 3) If external Data Source GAL Name is not visible in you case, then you have to add new external Data Source. Zimbra 8.0.XX version comes with Internal Gal Account by default. But if you wish to configure your GAL Mode to both, you need to create external data source. If there is already external data source available, then you can skip next step and continue with step 5
  5. 5. Step 4) Creating New external data source in existing gal sync account • zmgsautil addDataSource -a -n ExternalGAL -domain -s -t ldap -f _ExternalGAL • In above command: – is your gal account name – Replace rest of key with your domain name • After execution of above command, start again from step 1 to step 3, external data source Gal name should be visible now. Go to Step 5.
  6. 6. Step 5) Fill all the information as per attached example screen. Enter your Gal interval for internal and external Gal. Your ldap server name and port number. Default port is 389. You need to enter LDAP Filter and Auto complete Filter.
  7. 7. Step 6) Complete the wizard with your server and ldap setting one by one. Also check firewall setting for ldap server port. Do not skip test and sync test option. Click finish to complete.
  8. 8. Step 7) Force sync process immediately by following command. Run this command from zimbra user: zmgsautil forceSync -a -n ExternalGAL Now Make new web loging and compos new mail and check the listing of email address. Good Luck.