BHEL Haridwar Summer Training


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Study of AC and DC Motors....a Presentation for Mechanical Engg. student.

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BHEL Haridwar Summer Training

  1. 1. Industrial Summer Training BHEL HARIDWAR Presentation By: Arun Kumar Gupta Final Year ME-G 0902740026
  2. 2. Training Sections Introductory Classroom Sessions about BHEL. Plant Visit and Self Observation. Specific Work under Supervision.
  3. 3. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited• Largest power equipment manufacturer in India and 7th Largest in the world.• Engaged in the Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Construction, Testing, Commissioning and Servicing of a wide range of products and services.• Covers Power, Transmission, Heavy Industry, Transportation, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas.
  4. 4. Presence• 15 manufacturing divisions.• Two repair units.• Four regional offices.• Eight service centres.• Eight overseas offices.• 15 regional centres and• Currently operates at more than 150 project sites across India and abroad.
  5. 5. .....and.....• Ranked ninth most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes.• The only Indian Engineering company on the list.
  6. 6. Summer Training 2012Study of AC and DC Motors BHEL HARIDWAR
  7. 7. BHEL Ranipur• Started in 1960s with the help of Russia and Czech.• BHEL has two plants here: – HEEP: Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant. – CFFP: Central Foundry Forge Plant.• Spread in about 5000 Acres.
  8. 8. Product Profile
  9. 9. DC Motors• A DC motor is an electric motor that runs on direct current (DC) electricity• Main Parts:
  10. 10. Poles of MotorsTwo Pole Motor Four Pole Motor
  11. 11. Armature Actual Image of Armature
  12. 12. Output of the DC Motors
  13. 13. Manufacturing of DC Motor• SHAFT MACHINING:- – It involves finishing of shaft by machining it with a central lathe machine. – It is done in accordance to the engineering drawing design. Special care is taken to maintain the tolerance level.• SLOTTING:- – Two types of machines do slotting, air cooled and liquid cooled. – Slotting is done diametrically. First the shaft is made to rest on two horizontal plates and is firmly attached to them with the help of chains which exerts load and with the help of jack so that it handles the vibrations produced during the slotting process.
  14. 14. • ROTOR WINDING :- – Rotor winding involves coiling of rotor. – Rotor coils are made of pure copper + 0.2% silver, which has high tensile as well as temperature bearing properties. – The coil doesn’t deform even at high temperatures as on adding silver the thermal stresses are eliminated.• ROTOR SLOT WEDGES :- – To protect the rotor windings against the effects of centrifugal force and the secured in slots with wedges. – Slot wedges are made of copper-nickel-silicon alloy featuring high temperature resistance and high strength. – There is retaining ring, which protects the rotor from the impact of centrifugal force on end windings.
  15. 15. – Comprehensive tests such as ultrasonic examination and liquid penetration examination are carried out in the coils.– To ensure low contact resistance, retaining rings are coated with nickel, aluminium and silver by three step flame- spraying process.
  16. 16. AC Motors• An AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current.• Major Parts:
  17. 17. Types of AC Motors• On the basis of types of Rotor Used: Induction Motor. Synchronous Motor.
  18. 18. Manufacturing of AC Motors Image of Conductor Bars and their Cuts
  19. 19. Manufacturing of Stator• Stator Frame: – Stator body is a totally enclosed gas tight fabricated structure made up of high quality mild steel and austenitic steel. – It is suitably ribbed with annular rings in inner walls to ensure high rigidity and strength. The arrangement, location and shape of inner walls is determined by the cooling circuit for the flow of the gas and required mechanical strength and stiffness.• Stator Core: – It consists of thin laminations. Each lamination made of number of individual segments. – Segments are stamped out with accurately finished die from the sheets of cold rolled high quality silicon steel.
  20. 20. Manufacturing of Rotor• Rotor Shaft: – The rotor shaft is a single piece solid forging manufactured from a vacuum casting.• Rotor Winding: – After preliminary turning, longitudinal slots are milled on horizontal slot milling machine. – The slot houses the field winding consists of several coils.• Rotor Wedges: – For protection against the effect of centrifugal force the winding is secured in the slots by slot wedge. – The wedges are made from duralumin, an alloy of copper, magnesium and aluminium having good electrical conductivity and high mechanical strength.
  21. 21. • Retaining Ring: – The overhang portion of field winding is held by non- magnetic steel forging of retaining ring against centrifugal forces.
  22. 22. AC motor Data Plate
  23. 23. Questions.....?
  24. 24. Thank You