YOU, ME & POLLUTIONEvery time I see people talking about pollution or saving the planet they talk from a third person’s po...
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You, me and pollution


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A take on pollution not the oil spill thousand miles away but the polythene bag u get from the shop.

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You, me and pollution

  1. 1. YOU, ME & POLLUTIONEvery time I see people talking about pollution or saving the planet they talk from a third person’s pointof view, as though they are not the culprits in any way and that they are some kind of demigods. Thetruth, being that everyone is having a share on every single molecule of co2, polythene, heat and e-wastes produced. We don’t do anything towards it and just resort to a blame game, usually thegovernment and big companies being our excuse. (Which is anyway justified especially in the case of ourgovernment as India is one of the biggest dump yard for global wastes and allows high level of toxicity inour day to day life.) Let’s not go in to a macro level about policies, CSR, global warming, incompetent governments but arewe doing anything on an individual level? Say for example how many ‘mineral’ water bottles we wouldhave bought, even though we had an option of using water from our home (1.5 million tons of plasticis used for making water bottles globally). If we start to be eco friendly, it means a lot to a greenerearth. The change should start from us first, but we want only others to be perfect, not us. When westart to have an inclination towards eco friendly products definitely the market too would listen. Myheart gets heavy whenever I see either sides of the roads flooded with plastic and polyethylene.Polyethylene and plastics have penetrated up to 6 layers of the soil in India. I don’t want to go into theboring details of how carcinogenic and anti natural these substances are, as we all can write essays on it.There is a saying, “what goes around comes around”, we started polluting earth and we are the victim ofour own poison. There are a few very simple things we can do to make earth a better place to live,Never litter plastic, even better never litter!Take a reusable bag to the store. Offer to take your merchandise in your own bag and refuse the plasticbag provided by the shopkeeper (even if u are a shopaholic). Go green with fashion - our old jolna bag(sling bags), saaku bag (jute bags), manja pai (cloth tote bags),the ladies wire koodai(wired totes) have all entered the fashion industry in a trendy styles . Add style toyour life and throw the plastic away!Use eco friendly products, a simple thing would be to buy eco-friendly notebooks, if not, Reuse andrecycle.Don’t go for bottled water unless it’s unavoidable.Most importantly, spread the awareness.If people like us who are professionals in the making can’t follow these simple things then who will? Sopeople please take a vow to save the nature. Earth is not a gift from our ancestors, it’s a debt we oweto our future generation. We act as if the world will be cleaned, become a bliss and we will be saved by asuper hero as in the climax of a Hollywood film but that’s not going to happen in the real world. We arethe heroes, if we can contribute towards a greener earth. Remember, you don’t need to be a supermanto save the world, just human. S.Arul Vignesh