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Vodafone zoo campaign


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A presentation on the famous early ZOO ZOO campaign.

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Vodafone zoo campaign

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  5. 5. 16 AprilVodafone Group 2013 The communications leaders in an increasingly connected worldVodafone Place.. 5 It’s Your -
  6. 6. 16 AprilVodafone Group 2013315 million proportionate customers across 30 countries served by Mar 09) 79,000 employees (31 Vodafone majority owned 6 It’s Your Place..Vodafone Partner Markets / Subsidiaries
  7. 7. Agenda Background and Introduction Need identification Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Pricing, Packaging, Price, Distribution, Advertising Strategy What went wrong, what could have been done better Current situation Learning
  8. 8. Background Vodafone entered India in December 2005 Acquired 10 percent stake in Bharti Ventures Limited (Bharti Airtel) Successfully rebranded Hutch as Vodafone„ Vodafone Essar started expanding its presence in India Rebranding included  “Change is good...” Baseline - “Hutch is now Vodafone” Earlier Campaigns : Happy to help, Friend circle, Cheaper SMS, „Amar Chitra Katha‟ Alerts
  9. 9. Days before Zoozoo „Pug‟ was the mascot for vodafone Taken over from Hutch IPL 2008 had Vodafone going in Pug for its „Happy to Help‟ service
  10. 10. Need identification Value Added Services of Vodafone needed more promotion ZooZoo was the perfect way to spread awareness VAS is considered a cash cow for cellular companies IPL season 2 had lot of scope to be taken advantage
  11. 11. Introduction Zoozoos: Advertisement characters promoted by Vodafone during the India Premier League Season 2 (IPL) Campaign to communicate the VAS offered by the company The ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather, an agency under Executive Creative Director, Rajiv Rao, South Asia.
  12. 12. Making of Zoozoo Prakash Verma of Nirvana Films Filmed in South Africa with local crew Movement, Talk, Gestures, Emotions, Costume designs and artwork 3 weeks pre-production and 2 different fabrics
  13. 13. Alien (ZooZoo) Design 2 designs were considered  Fat potato head  Slim Version with bigger face Egg head version finalised Characterization: Leads simple lives, emotes like humans Talk Gibberish Simple, Silly, Funny, Adorable Big Frowns, Hearty Laughs, Grins
  14. 14. Costs Animations 10-15 times costlier than real people ZooZoos had low cost costumes, real people Speedy Schedules 30 advertisements cost only Rs 3 Crores 20-30 sec long ZooZoo name nowhere in commercial Massive Viral Marketing
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS: Campaign penetrated both in the media as well as in social networking sites Was representation of a common man depicted as a cartoon character ZOOZOO Wide media coverage, more precisely through video Easy and cheap animation leading to low production cost No celebrity endorser - No associated risks and costs
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis (cont…) WEAKNESS: Had an undermining effect on the brand Vodafone Difficulty in understanding faced by rural population
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis (cont…) OPPORTUNITIES: Revolution in the conventional way of advertising that was through public figures and celebrities Low advertising cost leading to provision of cheaper services IPL Season 2 expected to have good TRP‟s THREATS: A major intimidation to the brand VODAFONE Ads could get lost in major marketing war during IPL
  18. 18. BCG matrix • SMS and Calling Service • GPRS and Internet Service • Value Added Service • MMS Service
  19. 19. Segmentation ZOOZOO - A cartoon character which represented common man Segmented basis on types of services used Urban and Rural region customers were seperated out
  20. 20. Targeting Targeted customers who would use VAS services Different kinds of VAS services were offered for different kinds of customers Urban customers were more in focus
  21. 21. Advertising - TVC About 30 different TVCs for VAS including - Cricket alerts, beauty alerts, phone backup, Chota Credit, Vodafone Maps, Vodafone call filter, Live games, Musical greetings etc. 20-30 seconds ads with the message about the VAS. And ending with “Make the Most of Now”
  22. 22. Advertising - Internet Dedicated microsite – “What kind of Zoozoo are you?” Downloadable Ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers and videos Facebook – aimed at building a community
  23. 23. Themes for advertisement Magic Box  Background Music Stock Alerts  Exam Results International Roaming  Beauty Tips Bhakti Saagar  Phone Backup Busy message  IPL commentary Dating Tips  Cricket Alerts Voice SMS  IPL contests Fashion Tips  Chotta Credit Recharge Anywhere  Maps Live Ringtone  Call Filter Facebook  Live Games Group SMS  Musical greetings Call Divert  Start of the match
  24. 24. Persuasion Matrix for Zoozoo Persuasion Matrix helps marketers see how each controllable element of their ad interact with the consumer‟s response process Promotional Planning : Comprehension/Receiver - Television audience Attention/Source - Zoozoo Presentation/Channel – TV Commercials Yielding/Message - The different ads
  25. 25. What kind of Zoozoo are you?
  26. 26. Pricing and Promotional Offers Offers like providing Cricket Alerts, Beauty Alerts, Phone Backup, Chota Credit, Maps, Call Filter were provided All these services were at affordable prices, some around 30 Rs per month
  27. 27. Distribution These services were started in all circles by Vodafone at one go Zoozoo campaign was in place with all distributors in super quick time
  28. 28. Viral Marketing Vodafone was successful in effort of viral marketing Strategy captured imagination of millions across the country Every age group was interested in the ad and the related VAS products
  29. 29. Success ZooZoos dominating social networking sites Created Strong Association Wallpapers, emoticons, ringtones, videos, contests, pictures, stories etc Videos had 3million hits in 3 weeks Most watched viral video for 2 weeks Youtube ad downloads Twitter
  30. 30. IPL Impact 85% of most visible brand on screen Hit in both the weeks Most watched brand in breaks Others were Airtel, Lifebuoy, Airtel Broadband Internet Vodafone – 15% of commercial ads Havells – 8%, Airtel and Idea – 7% each
  31. 31. The telecom battle Bharti Airtel, Idea are biggest competitors Airtel launched „My Airtel My Offer‟ with Madhavan and Vidya Balan Idea launched „Walk when you talk‟ with Abhishek Bachan
  32. 32. Current market scenario ARPU at a very low point Minimal Call and other services rate Competition in this sector Frequency of Zoozoo ads reduced
  33. 33. Zoozoo Merchandise
  34. 34. What could have been done better ? Zoozoos becoming more popular than the network itself Messages written in text in the end - difficult to comprehend for viewers from semi urban and rural areas Avoid hammering different products in short span Phased release of each storyline to promote different offers
  35. 35. Some Number Crunching Vodafone reports on at end of Q1 FY10 Vodafone India added 7.68 million subscribers in the quarter ZooZoo advertisements helped Vodafone to increase its customer base by 3.8% in Q1 Vodafone reported an increase of 23 percent in revenue at constant exchange rates
  36. 36. Learnings Low cost ads can make good impact Concept is important Expensive Brand Ambassadors could be avoided Ads more relate to common man Most Importantly ‘Keep it simple’