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  1. 1. MIS CASE STUDY RED BUS.IN Arul Vignesh .S Jegan .P Rajesh .D Shanmuga Prabhakar .V Venkatachalam .R
  2. 2. Competitive Forces Analysis• Substitutes • Offline bus reservation – Ticket booking counters. • Travel Agents. • Phone Booking. • Unreserved .• New Entrants • Internet based industry – Easy for new entrants . • Redbus – Market Leader – captured huge market. • New Entrants struggle to attract customers.
  3. 3. 1.Competitive Forces• Bargaining power of Customers • High bargaining power. • Online – Easy comparison of price. • Huge alternatives.• Bargaining power of Suppliers • Bus operators may ask high priority.
  4. 4. Competitors•••• Abhibus••
  5. 5. Strategic Information System• Route Tracking.• SMS Value Added Services.• Customer preferences in database.• Bus allocation• Drivers allocation
  6. 6. Strategic Advantage to busoperators• Identify and create market niches that have not been adequately filled• Handle reservations and driver allocations• Increase occupancy rate and reduce empty buses.• When to reduce and increase prices.• Database of customers.• Cost cutting.• Transparency and customer trust.
  7. 7. CONTD……..• Operators owning computerized systems – redBus software interfaces – Integrates with operator’s inventory.• Operators computerized but cannot afford costly IT upgrades - BOSS (Bus Operator Software Service).• Operators not computerized - travel agent.
  8. 8. Technological factors• Online reservations• Provide various information on bus trips, routes , fares• Provide service on mobile platform• Introduce BPO and voice operations.• Book online using credit, debit cards and net banking
  9. 9. CONTD…..• Updated Online data base• VPN networks data storage on online servers in U.S• Paperless ticketing with m- ticket
  10. 10. Management factors• Pan India operations• Created a niche market• Partnership with 700 bus operators in 15 states• Transparency• Book seats• Wide options• Return tickets• Standard rates
  11. 11. Organizational factors• spread over 16 metros and 15 states• Distribution network of 35000 outlets• Home delivery in major cities• 75,000 point-of-sale outlets across the country• Book bus tickets online for over 10000+ routes across India• Read reviews submitted by passengers
  12. 12. THANK YOU