Less Verbose ActionScript 3.0 - Write less and do more!


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While we all like AS3 for consistency, better performance and OOP, many of us hate it for its verbose nature. If you share this view, then you will find this session helpful in your day-to-day development tasks, be it an agency interactive or a complex application. There are micro frameworks like SimpleAS3, as3Query (ported from jQuery) and Short that attempt to reduce the verboseness of the language. This session will explore such frameworks and other tips and tricks to simplify the language for us.

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Less Verbose ActionScript 3.0 - Write less and do more!

  1. 1. Less Verbose ActionScript 3.0
  2. 2. Write less and do more
  3. 3. Target Audience Hint Presenting on the second day “The Design Day” The Title Description
  4. 4. Designers Simple solution for your everyday actionscript needs Write less and do more
  5. 5. And also Developers How do they work? Behind the scenes How you can contribute Write less and do more
  6. 6. Brief History of Flash
  7. 7. What we gained? Speed Performance Consistency in the 3 language E4X - Which makes xml handling less verbose than ever before
  8. 8. What we lost in the process? Simplicity 3 Ease of use Ease of learning
  9. 9. How to deal with the Verboseness? Accept it as a fact of life and find ways to live with it Keep asking Adobe Work on some solutions ourself
  10. 10. Living with it Use better Editor that writes code for you Adobe Flash Builder 4 Flash Develop (Windows Only) FDT IntelliJ IDEA
  11. 11. Working on the Solution Needs inspiration ActionScript 1.0 JavaScript
  12. 12. Few Solutions • SimpleAS3 • Short • FDOT • as3Query
  13. 13. SimpleAS3 Author: Josh Tynjala Twitter: @joshtynjala Inspired by ActionScript 1.0 Works with Flash IDE (only) Brings back onClick style event handling Has many helper methods Injects itself through Document Class Uses JSFL to setup a project
  14. 14. SimpleAS3 Author: Josh Tynjala Twitter: @joshtynjala // ActionScript 3 Before SimpleAS3 var imageLoader:Loader = new Loader(); this.addChild( imageLoader ); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("images/button.png"); imageLoader.load( request ); loader.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, imageClickHandler ); function imageClickHandler( event:MouseEvent ):void { var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.example.com/"); navigateToURL( request, "_self" ); }
  15. 15. SimpleAS3 Author: Josh Tynjala Twitter: @joshtynjala // ActionScript 3 with SimpleAS3 var loader=this.loadChild("images/button.png"); loader.onClick(function(){ getURL("http://www.example.com/", "_self"); });
  16. 16. Short Author: Arul Kumaran Twitter: @Luracast Short syntax for long statements Inspired by SimpleAS3 Will be released today at Adobe Summit after this session :) Does almost the same thing as SimpleAS3. But It is lightweight It also works with Flex SDK, thus any IDE No need to turn off strict mode, no JSFL Needed Distributed as .SWC
  17. 17. Short Author: Arul Kumaran Twitter: @Luracast // Short Usage _.to=this; _.onEnterFrame=function():void { trace('enter frame once manually'); delete _.onEnterFrame; } _.stage.onceMouseMove=function():void { trace('listen to mouse move only once'); } _.onMouseClick=function(e:MouseEvent):void { trace('listen to mouse click and get the event object'); }
  18. 18. FDOT Author: Ted Patrick Twitter: @__ted__ a collection of ActionScript 3 classes that make hard things easier. f.net.Load - Load text to binary with one method call and one callback. f.net.Message - Simple callback messaging for classes. f.data.ObjectStore - Simple object database for storing anything
  19. 19. //FDOT Usage //Load.text( url:String , callback:Function , params:Object=null ); //text //load text via post using this.load method as callback Load.text('test.txt', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}}); //json Load.json('test.json', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}}); //xml Load.xml('test.xml', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}}); //see a trend yet? //querystring Load.querystring('test.qs', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}}); //image Load.image('test.png', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}}); //swf Load.swf('test.swf', load, {method: 'post', data: {a: 1}});
  20. 20. Usage Modeling - Usage Example var foo:*=new UsageModel('f.model.Sample', 'f.model.Parent', 3, "abc", {}); foo.data={}; foo.loader={}; foo.percent=0.75; foo.bytesLoaded=[]; foo.bytesTotal=56; foo.bytesAvailable=56; foo.PROGRESS='f.events.LoadEvent.PROGRESS'; foo.error='woops'; foo.status='status 23'; foo.foo(1, 2, 3); foo.addEventListener("myEvent", function():void{}); UsageModel.print();
  21. 21. Usage Modeling - Generated Class package f.model { import f.model.Parent; [Event(name="myEvent", type="flash.events.Event")] public class Sample extends Parent { public static const PROGRESS:String = "f.events.LoadEvent.PROGRESS"; public var bytesAvailable:int = 56; public var bytesLoaded:Array = []; public var bytesTotal:int = 56; public var data:Object = {}; public var error:String = "woops"; public var loader:Object = {}; public var percent:Number = 0.75; public var status:String = "status 23"; public function Sample(param1:int=3, param2:String="abc", param3:Object=null){ //TODO: implement method } public function foo(param1:int=1, param2:int=2, param3:int=3):void{ //TODO: implement method } } }
  22. 22. as3Query Author: Nitoyon Twitter: @nitoyon Inspired by jQuery. Ported from jQuery 1.2.1 Brings lambda chain decorating to AS3 Supports CSS Selectors Supports creating instance, and setting its properties in one line Enables simple Event Listeners Has addTween method to play with Tweener library
  23. 23. as3Query Author: Nitoyon Twitter: @nitoyon //as3Query // add enterFrame event handler $(stage).enterFrame(function(event:Event):void { $("RoundRect").attr("color", function(...args):uint { return Math.random() * 0xffffff; }); }); }
  24. 24. About Me Profile: http://bit.ly/_arul Twitter: @_arul Luracast Flexplorer ThumbSUB Restler
  25. 25. Q&A