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Create and use a Dockerized Aruba Cloud server - CloudConf 2017


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Create and use a Dockerized Aruba Cloud server - CloudConf 2017

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Create and use a Dockerized Aruba Cloud server - CloudConf 2017

  1. 1. CREATE AND USE A DOCKERIZED ARUBA CLOUD SERVER 16th March 2017 Turin, Cloud Conference 2017 #cloudconf2017
  2. 2. Docker-machine: What Is It? • it is a tool to provision multiple Docker hosts • dockerize local or remote hosts • provision Swarm cluster • ArubaCloud is driver to manage dockerized servers on our platform
  3. 3. ArubaCloud Solutions • PRO Server (VMware, Hyper-V) • flexible configuration • cost per hour • Smart Server (VMware with SSD storage) • available in 4 sizes
  4. 4. New ArubaCloud Server (1/2) • ac_action: NewSmart/NewPro • Configuration parameters • ac_endpoint: dc1, dc2, …, dc6 • ac_template: Ubuntu, centOS, etc. • ac_size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  5. 5. New ArubaCloud Server (2/2) • Credential parameters • ac_username: Aruba Cloud username • ac_password: Aruba Cloud password • ac_admin_password: root password, required for recovery console • ac_ssh_key: Key Path (optional) • All parameters can be set as enviroment variables
  6. 6. What is ac_endpoint?
  7. 7. docker-machine create docker-machine create --driver arubacloud --ac_username "ARU-XXXX" --ac_password "xxxxxxx" --ac_endpoint "dc1" --ac_template "ubuntu1604_x64_1_0" --ac_size "Large" --ac_admin_password "yyyyyyyy" --ac_action "NewSmart" MyDockerHostName
  8. 8. Attach and Reset Server • Reset of Smart machines (ex. to change OS) • How to reset a dockerized smart server? • Attach Docker to preexisting machines
  9. 9. Attach and Reset Server docker-machine create --driver arubacloud --ac_username "ARU-XXXX" --ac_password "xxxxxxx" --ac_endpoint "dc1" --ac_action "Attach" --ac_ip "xx.xx.xx.xx" --ac_ssh_key "private_key_path" MyDockerExistingHostName
  10. 10. Supported Commands • Create • Start • Stop • Restart • Kill • Remove
  11. 11. Supported Commands docker-machine env MyDockerHostName export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY="1" export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://" export DOCKER_CERT_PATH="C:Usersmarco.barzaghi.dockermachinemachinesMy DockerHostName" export DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME="MyDockerHostName" export COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS="true" # Run this command to configure your shell: # eval $("C:Program FilesDockerDockerResourcesbindocker- machine.exe" env MyDockerHostName)
  12. 12. Supported Commands docker-machine stop MyDockerHostName Stopping "MyDockerHostName"... Machine "MyDockerHostName" was stopped. docker-machine start MyDockerHostName Starting " MyDockerHostName "... Machine " MyDockerHostName " was started. Waiting for SSH to be available... Detecting the provisioner... Started machines may have new IP addresses. You may need to re-run the `docker-machine env` command.
  13. 13. Verify Docker Engine (1/2) docker run -d -p 8000:80 --name webserver kitematic/hello-world-nginx Unable to find image 'kitematic/hello-world-nginx:latest' locally latest: Pulling from kitematic/hello-world-nginx a285d7f063ea: Pull complete 2d7baf27389b: Pull complete ... Digest: sha256:ec0ca6dcb034916784c988b4f2432716e2e92b995ac606e080c7a54b52b870 66 Status: Downloaded newer image for kitematic/hello-world- nginx:latest 942dfb4a0eaae75bf26c9785ade4ff47ceb2ec2a152be82b9d7960e8b5777e65
  14. 14. Verify Docker Engine (2/2) In a web browser, go to http://<IP>:8000 to bring up the webserver home page.
  15. 15. Notes • Command rm deletes the remote server • With Pro machines command rm does not delete ip address • don’t forget to remove the purchased IP address using the web dashboard if you don't need it anymore • With Pro machines it is possible to reuse an ip Address with argument ac_ip • --ac_ip=“xx.xx.xx.xx”
  16. 16. Aruba Cloud Platform {api} Docker machine Hypervisor ssh Aruba Cloud
  17. 17. How to Create an Account? • Go to • Get a free voucher at cloud-aruba.aspx • Top up your account • We’ll send your Aruba Cloud credentials via email
  18. 18. References • • machine-driver-arubacloud • •
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