IMMEX: System of Annex 24-inventory control of foreign trade


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IMMEX: System of Annex 24-inventory control of foreign trade

  1. 1. Presents:Objectives:Developed to function as an essential tool to achieve an efficientmanagement of foreign trade inventory, beforehand complying with thecurrent obligations in the Mexican law agreement ; Customs Law, itsRegulations, the Miscellaneous Trade and the provisions of Annex 24.
  2. 2. Evolution:The continuouschanges in lawand advances intechnology havecaused anevolution of thesystemthroughout time.Its origin dates from 1996, since then we have maintained our companyvision to obtain a system which integrates a friendly to use interface andsupport from a data base that guarantees an agile process or information,thinking beforehand in the economic wllbeing of our clients.The development of our system doesn´t ever stop, on a daily bases ourteam of programmers update any occurring changes in law and implementstate of the art technology.Structural Base of the System: Data Catalogs Capture Controls Reports
  3. 3. 1.-Data Capture:2.-Controls:
  4. 4. 3.-Principal Reports: Stored part number, acumulated and broken down Non-related part numbers to products Products with subassemblies Alternative with products and original number Breakdown of missing part numbers Waste and percentages of proportion by motion Material to nationalize / regularization of Section A of the CTMs Material to nationalize / regularize to the annual adjustment Entry documents affected bye release documents List of releases from the entry document Legal Statemant ISR Annual Declaration A29 Declaration (suppliers)
  5. 5. 3.1 Characteristics in reports 100% of the information All reports can be stored fed to the system is in files, exported to excel printed. and other formats. Utilized filters can also be stored. Creating filters only Visualization (preview) of needed information can reports on screen before be printed. printing.Support Areas
  6. 6. Advantages 1. Presented in a friendly environment. 2. Capturing information in a quick and easy form. 3. Search and access information through the filters and sorting. 4. Optional Integration from Interface module to upload the information via flat file or Excel. 5. Control of the warehouse as requested by the Customs Act (discharge and specific PEPS). 6. Permanent knowledge of inventory value and inventory in units of each part number. 7. Full control of discharges in temporary documents, and national definitive. 8. Implementation of natural waste and quality. 9. Discharge Elimination preserving document capture of PEPS. 10. Knowledge of expiration, dates of temporary import permits, thus avoiding tax / legal problems. 11. Feasibility of keeping up to date foreign trade operations, a prerequisite in determining taxes NAFTA operations, FTA and TLCAELC. 12. Versions are available for single user and networked environment. 13. Control of users with access codes (security levels: capture, maintenance, printing, consultations). 14. With no license SQL Server can work with the database manager that provides free Microsoft.
  7. 7. Required hardware: Ideal requirements º Pentium Intel Core Duo or equivalent. º 1 GB in RAM o higher. º 10 GB free hard disck space or higher. º Network card. º CD ROM drive. º Internet connection (Optional). Minimum requirements º Pentium 4 or equivalent. º 512 MB RAM. º 1 GB in hard disk. º Network card. º CD ROM drive. º Internet connection (Optional).
  8. 8. Software requirements: Microsoft Office 97 or higher. Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher FTO Connection (Optional). Service Pack 5 or higher (Only Windows NT). Windows 98 or higher. Configuration that Windows® must have for the proper functioning of the system:These requirements are essential for the proper functioning of the system. Itis important to note that the database system is developed in SQL Server,for those companies that do not have a license for SQL Server we can offerthe manager free database provided by Microsoft, SQL Express.* If you’re going to work on network, all machines must havecommunication with each other and should have access to the system servermachine.
  9. 9. Minimum resolution: 800 x 600 pixels Regional Setting: Spanish (Mexico) Symbol decimal point (.) Symbol for separating thousands: Coma (,) Currency symbol: Pesos ($) Short Date Format: dd / mm / yyyy Separator Date: Diagonal / Have the following network protocols: Client for Networks MicrosoftTCP / IP NetBEUI (Windows 95 and 98).If your not yet convinced, we invite you to visitour web site, to see some testimonials from ourclients besides viewing our demo which willfamiliarize you with our friendly to use Rufino Tamayo No. 7 - 301 * Col. Pueblo Nuevo * C. P. 76900 * Corregidora, Qro. * Tels. (01442) 2259104 Fax: ext. 112