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Prezentācija, kuru reiz rādīju saviem komunikācijas kolēģiem no Eiropas. Prezentācija tapusi ar stratēģisku Arta Krilova atbalstu un atspoguļo personīgo viedokli.

Who is this_latvian

  1. Who is this Latvian?
  2. From adistance, weall look thesame..in fact, weare not
  3. Latvia hasspent itsentire lifebetweenGermany andRussia
  4. Moreover - indifferenttimesSweden andPoland havereigned inLatvia too
  5. For a part ofLatvians theoccupationmuseum is amemory, notan exhibition
  6. Yet, during20 years ofour freedom,we haven’tagreed whichway to go
  7. Our socialintegrationhas failed
  8. There isenormousdifference innationalcompositionamongdifferentregions
  9. ..and there isa large partof society,who like tolook back
  10. In the sametime Latviahas its ownideas ofwhich waythe EUshould go
  11. UndoubtlyPSRS has lefta number ofimplicationsin Latviansociety..
  12. I. KGB havethought us tobe verycuriousabout otherpeople
  13. II. Latvianslove to giveflowers
  14. III. We areverypractical,thus we liketo buildinterestingthings
  15. IV. PSRS hasthought us toplay hockey...and it hasbecome apart ournationalidentity
  16. V. Duringoccupationwe haveestablished anumber ofour largestcompanies
  17. And yet, we have always managed to preserve our identity
  18. Doing it “theBaltic way”in 1989 - twomillionpeople, 4million hands
  19. Raisingmoney tobuildfreedommonument in1935
  20. Latvianshave aspecial wayto celebratewintersolstice
  21. ...andsummersolstice
  22. We are usedto live inmessuages
  23. And we havea keen senseof personalspace and wedont likewhensomeonecrosses theline
  24. Yet we loveto gather insong festival,where arealmost asmany singersas spectators
  25. Latviansbelieve youhave to lookdeeper tounderstandsomeaspects oflife
  26. We aretended tomake thesamemistakesover andover again
  27. We are stillstruggling tounderstandcapitalism
  28. Latviansthink they aregood drivers
  29. Latvianshave aspecialrelationshipswithmushrooms
  30. It is said thatLatvianwomen arethe mostbeautiful inworld
  31. But mostimportantly -we think wecan doanything
  32. And we can!
  33. Thanks to Māris Bišofs forthe excellent visualizations.