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Mediakit2 (1)

  1. 1. STILLWATER DR. BANDSHELL DISTRICT Total Sales $ 9,031,982 CLEVELAND RD. NOREMAC AVE DAYTONIA RD. TOWN CENTER Total Sales $ 28,237,751 LA GORCE CIR ALLISON RD. NORMANDY Total Sales $ 26,542,863 COLLINS AVENUE W 59t h ST. W 59th ST. PROJECTED YEARLY SALE RETAIL OWN THE STREETS OF MI A M I B EACH Total Sales $ 29,302,135 $ 848,960,517 HOTEL ROOMS W 54th ST. $ 501,020,187 Food $ 477,842,233 W 51st ST. W 51 Terr. Alcohol $ 306,326,053 W 50th ST. W 49th ST. LAKE VIEW DR. 41ST STREET W 47th CT Total Sales $ 93,158,084 W 46th ST. VE AVE NA W 45th AVE ST. RSO IA N MS RID E EFF DA ME NJ NA AVE VE W 44 SE A th CT PALM HA R. NAUTILUS D NC YAL RO HIGHEST W 42nd ST. 39th St. 39th ST. MID HIGH TO AI MID LOW LOWEST COMING SOON DR. GO MIN FLA W 29th ST. ST. SUNSET DR. W 28th INGO DR. E DR. FLAM PINE TRE W 23rd ST. W 23 COLLINS PARK I CANDO rd ST. $ 57,642,739 Retail $ 240,135,808 Hotel Rooms SUNSET HARBOR $ 64,708,980 Food $ 35,509.282 Retail $ 53,497,282 Alcohol LINCOLN ROAD $ 191,073,123 Retail $ 87,724,326 Food $ 37,584,685 AlcoholALTON I WEST$ 40,520,738 Retail ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT $ 120,490,617 Retail $ 122,599,097 Hotel Rooms $ 115,807,030 Food SOUTH POINTE $ 84,969,199 Alcohol $ 40,520,738 Retail 2011 MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. APP BENEFITS • Nearest location of Decobike stationDECOBIKE has held millions of monthly impressions through a variety of • Current available bikesadvertising. This unique opportunity allows for your organization to be in • Local directory map showing notable front and center of attention throughout the City of Miami Beach. Increasing shops, restaurants,hotels, beaches andthe visibility, exposure and brand association to residents and visitors alike. other attractions • Provides Maps & Directions for station locationsAs well as, gaining goodwill for your brand by associating with a greenalternative and healthy venture. Our exclusive DECOBIKE iPhone and Blackberry App is available WHAT IS DECOBIKE? for free at the app store.DECOBIKE is the Official City of Miami Beach Bike Sharing & Rental Kiosk Directory & Recieptprogram, a new alternative mode of transportation for residents and DECOBIKE kiosks are the largest network of landmarks invisitors alike that offers a healthy, fast, and convenient for the everyday Miami Beach! Sponsor your business in our Directory Map Placements on individual kiosk gains a huge exposuretravels. At full operation, the Program features a network of 100 solar- and brand association to locals & tourist alike. As well as offering a guide to your business location. 100 of locationpowered bike rental & sharing stations with a fleet of 1,000 custom are available through out Miami Beach in high traffic andDECOBIKES accessible from dozens of locations 24/7. density areas. Directory Map Placements Ad size is 3x3.5 in. for $400 a month. Over 150,000 receipts have been printed since March 2011. An average of 1,000 receipts a day! This great opportunity allows to print coupons or advertising on our receipts to gain exposure and brand awareness to drive customers to your business. With the great possibility for you to select individual kiosks around Miami Beach. Deco Lifestyle is a magazine inspired by the way of life, culture, Receipts Ad size is 2.25in. Wide. nightlife and more of the world-renowned City of Miami Beach. This exclusive magazine created by DECOBIKE the public bike Highest Volume : $800/month per kiosk sharing system allows reader to get a full guide to DECOBIKE Mid High Volume : $600/month per kiosk programs maintaining a great DECOBIKE ride. In addition for Mid Low Volume : $500/month per kiosk Lowest Volume : $400/month per kiosk providing a complete knowledge of the DECOBIKE system the Deco Lifestyle magazine offers tourist and residents alike a wide Above 3 kiosks receive a 20% discount inside scoop of what’s new, trendy and fun to do, eat, drink, and experience from South Beach to North Beach. See map on back for all DECOBIKE stations, ratings and total yearly sales.