Fourier photonics public presentation 2013 eng


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Development of FT UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer

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Fourier photonics public presentation 2013 eng

  1. 1. Development of prototype of Fourier Transform spectrophotometer for UV-Vis-NIR range 2013
  2. 2. Project aimDevelop fast compact high-presicion Fourier Transform spectrometerwith working range from ultraviolet through visible to infraredwavelengths Featuring • Spectral resolution 5 cm-1 constant in working range (wavelength resolution of 0.05 nm in UV range) • Active anti-vibration system • Automatic calibration • Compact design for daily lab use • Compatible with standard spectroscopy accessories • Modern software package with user-friendly interface
  3. 3. Project Status• Complex problem of application of Fourier Transform method to UV-Vis spectrophotometer has been solved• We have developed experimental prototype Fourier Transform spectrophotometer for UV-Vis-NIR rangeFirst in the world desktop Fourier Transform spectrophotometerfor UV-Vis-NIR range Key characteristics:  Working wavelengths range from 300 to 2500 nm  Spectral resolution 10 cm-1  Signal to noise ratio 100 dB  Spectrum registration speed – 40 spectra per second  Key FTS element – Michelson interferometer with single moving mirror
  4. 4. Distinctive featuresIn our FT UV-Vis-IR spectrometer, we have successfullyapplied new building approach instead of the classic principlethat is widely used in FT IR spectrometers:• High signal-to-noise ratio• Large aperture and high light throughput• High accuracy of wavenumbers determination• High frequency resolution constant along the working spectral range• Wide working spectral range• Absence of errors caused by diffusive and diffractive elements• Fast speed
  5. 5. Solved problem description All the UV-Vis spectrophotometers on the market are based on dispersive method of operationExisting FT spectrometers are used only in NIR and IR spectral ranges Drawbacks of Advantages of FT spectrometers: dispersive 1. High signal-to-noise ratio (Fellgett’s advantage or multiplex spectrometers: factor)  Small aperture (low 2. Large aperture and high light throughput (Jacquinots advantage). light) 3. High accuracy of wavenumbers determination (Single  Slow speed wavelength, e.g., laser line, is enough to calibrate the device in the  Large errors and entire working spectral range) limited dynamic range 4. High frequency resolution constant along the working spectral due to diffusion on the range diffractive grating 5. Wide working spectral range  Complex design 6. Absence of errors caused by diffusive and diffractive elements  Errors caused by higher orders of 7. Fast speed (by 100-1000 times faster than dispersive diffraction spectrometers based on scanning monochromator). In this project for the first time in the world we shall develop compact FT spectrophotometer for UV-Vis-NIR spectral range
  6. 6. ProductPerspective product Plan Project product – FT spectrophotometer  Development of method for interferogram registrationprototype possessing following technical from interferometer with two moving mirrorsspecifications:  Development of active anti-vibration system Working wavelength range 200-2500 nm  Development of compact design of desktop laboratory Spectral resolution 5 cm-1 FT spectrophotometer Detectors: Si and InGaAs Milestones Light source: halogen-deuterium lamp 1. Development of design documents set for FTS / SNR 120 dB Development of active anti-vibration system Spectrum registration speed – 40 per 2. Manufacturing of FTS prototype / Software development second (92000 nm/s) / patent applications filing Key element – Michelson interferometer 3. Optimization of FTS construction / finalization of design with two moving mirrors documents set / software optimization and debugging Active anti-vibration system 4. Prototype testing / certification Deliverables Planned project start – Q1’2013 1. Demo FTS prototype (with all the specifications planned) Planned project completion – Q1’2015 2. Software for FTS operation 3. Patent applications (at least 2)
  7. 7. Product marketThe market of analytical equipment advances at moderate yet constant rates. Due to overallgrowth of hi-tech products manufacturing the demand for relevant metrological support isgrowing. The average growth of world spectroscopy market is around 5-10% per year.Market segments for project productGeography: Russia and CIS, EU, USA, Japan, Korea, China, TaiwanSpectroscopy market segments: 10,3 B$ • Molecular spectroscopy : • NIR • UV-Vis • Colorimetry 3.91 B$ • The development of new products for application in atomic-adsorption spectroscopy, fluorescent and Raman FT spectroscopy would expand the potential market volume by 30% Market volume for the product is estimated 1.5 billions USD (2012)* * Lawrence S. Schmid. The Spectroscopy Market Hits Its Stride. Spectroscopy 26 (3), March (2011). 0311_v2/index.php#/38
  8. 8. Competitive products High speed, sensitivity and precision of new FT spectrophotometer along with wide spectral range and large dynamic range at price 4 times smaller than the best-performance device on the market – Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometer – makes a favorable atmosphere for selling the project product Agilent Cary 5000Comparison of technical specs Working Spectrum registration Price,Product name Stage Spectral resolution Dynamic range (SNR) wavelengths range speed USD 0,048 nm (UV-Vis)Spectrophotometer 2000 nm/s (UV-Vis) On the market 190-3300 nm 0,2 nm (NIR) 30 dB 100 000Agilent Cary 5000* 8000 nm/s (NIR)FT 0,25 cm-1Spectrophotometer On the market 1000-2500 nm equiv. 80 dB 60000 nm/s 30 000Thorlabs OSA203** 0,1 nm (@2000 nm) 5 см-1FT Under equiv.Spectrophotometer 200-2500 nm 120 dB 92000 nm/s 26 000 development 0,02 nm (@200 nm)Fourier Photonics 2 nm (@2000 nm) References: * **
  9. 9. Application areas  Material science  Molecular spectroscopy  Colorimetry  Optical measurements  Light analysisIndustries  QC Printing industry  R&D Chemical industry Oil and petrol Food and beverages Automotive Pharmaceutics Cosmetology Paint and varnish Electronics Medicine Packaging Paper industry Polymer industry
  10. 10. Investor Fourier Photonics LLC